You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down

by Luxx

Summary: After the big 'event' in OotP, Sirius finds a new type of life for himself, but is paradise big enough for Sirius and James? Because it really isn't interesting enough! When Gabriel's Horn is stolen from heaven, the two angelic maurauders return to Earth to retreive it asap. Problem is, Sirius isn't really ready to go back just yet... When the horn falls into the wrong hands however, Sirius and James find themselves under Voldemort's control, and not only is Hogwarts in danger, but so is Heaven and all it's souls including Lily!

Disclaimer: I'm only gonna do this just this one time, so read well and remember. Sirius Black is not mine. Neither is James Potter. If I owned either one of them, they'd be a lot healthier in that wonderous not being dead sort of way. I also do not own Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Draco, Dumbledore... you get the picture. they all belong to JK Rowling. Now, as far as the original plot idea comes from, It is based on and inspired by the animated movie All Dogs Go To Heaven 2. (Charlie reminds me of Sirius, and from there an idea was born...) Don't worry, I don't follow that plot to closely, just the idea about Gabriel's Horn yadda yadda... you'll see if you read on.

A/N: Wow, I'm really actually excited to write this story. I originally had this whole plotline for life without Sirius, but then I thought of this and they mesh together so well. I'm really proud of myself on this one I think. I've always wanted to do an action adventure, but it's always kind of intimidated me. If you can't tell this story is making me really really nervous, so your approval (or complete hatred) would really help me out. I'm open to comments, praise ;) and of course ideas! And for all those who just love to flame people... go ahead! I'll even accept a few death threats if it means that someone is reviewing me!


Sirius was feeling better than he had in so many years. It was hard to remember when he had felt so excited and pumped up and alive. It had been so long since he had felt so much like himself. He quickly dodged a curse that his wretched cousin Bellatrix sent flying at him with the ease and grace that he remembered from the old days. This was life again. Feeling charged, fighting the good fight. He felt laughter threatening to bubble up inside of him at the petulant pout that crossed Bella's face at her spectacular miss. Her temper was rising, he could tell. All Blacks were famous for their spectacularly short tempers, not even he was an exception to that rule. Her eyes were dark with hatred, and it seemed that there was a pause between them, or maybe that time had slowed down somehow just to allow him the priveledge of laughing in her ugly and spiteful face. It was just like christmas holidays when they were young. They had always managed to end the festive cheer with a fight, and a well timed duel that left one of them with bruised egos for weeks on end. Just like he had when they were children, he called out to taunt her, to add just that little bit of insult to injury.

"Come on, you can do better than that!" he called. There was, however, a flaw in his plan for it was not christmas holidays. This was not just a fight over whose house had the better quidditch captain, or what is the better profession to follow after Hogwarts. This was not his little cousin Bella who had been cunning, but never dangerous. This was not the same girl who would respond to his teasing with insults of her own in an attempt to throw him off. No, this wasted woman before him was a product of years in Azkaban, which had taught her how very little words meant. She did not rise to his baiting. Perhaps it was because she had forgotten how, or perhaps she did not want to remeber the good ole days, where they had fought so furiously over things so trivial, it was most likely however, that she, unlike Sirius had heard a voice call out that Dumbledore was in the room.

She saw her chance, and she acted.

"Stupefy!" she all but screamed, thrusting her wand towards him. Sirius had not been expecting this, he had wanted her to joke back with him, even as they fought to the death, or at least to one or the other's incarceration. He had wanted her to join in his game, to bring on that euphoric sense of self that he had been indulging in throughout the battle. It wasn't until a split second before the curse had hit him squarely in the chest, that he saw the magnificent form of Albus Dumbledore across the room. He fell with the knowledge that everything would surely go fine now that Dumbledore was here to bail them out. He never noticed the veil as his limp body passed through to the other side...

Chapter One: What is defeat?

What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first step to something better.
-Wendell Phillips (1811 - 1884)

Sirius groaned as the blackness that filled his mind began to recede, leaving a throbbing ache in it's place. He didn't dare open his eyes for fear of the dizziness it would cause. Bella has most definitley improved her stunning techniques.

"I think he's coming too!" A voice said, sounding very distant to Sirius' ears, although he knew that this was most likely a side effect of his concussion.

"It's about bloody time! I mean, I know we have eternity and all that rubbish, but I've been waiting for this for more than a decade now and this sad wanker can't even open his eyes to say, I dunno 'hey there Prongs, how's death been treating you?' or even better: 'Hey mate, here's the fifty pounds I've owed you since before the invention of the..." but the voice was suddenly cut off as Sirius let out a long, painfilled groan.

"Uurrrghhh! Shut up!" he moaned, and his observers gave him indignant glares that he couldn't see as he had just thrown an arm firmly over his eyes. This was like the worst hangover in the history of the world! No one should feel this pain. Assuming that he had been safely and lovingly dropped in a pile on the middle of the dirty floor of number twelve Grimmauld Place, he continued on as if it were a normal day.

"Kreacher! Get me a glass of scotch!" Clearly feeling that begging for booze meant that Sirius was once again functional, one of the onlookers lost her temper. She grabbed a handful of the front of Sirius' robes and gave him a good shake.

"That's enough of that you whiny prat. Open - Your - Eyes!" She gave him a firm smack to the chest for each word that she said.

"Ow! Ow ow ow! Bloody hell!" Sirius mumbled as he tried to swat away the offending hand that had been smacking him. The other onlookers had become almost panicked at the smacker's rise in temper and the reached forwards and grabbed her.

"That's enough Lils. He's waking up just fine, we don't need you bruising the poor delicate boy." Sirius shot upwards and opened his eyes. They were unfocussed, but he immediatley recognized the last onlooker to have spoken. He bent, down rubbing the heel of his hands into his eyes to clear them.

"Merlin's Beard Harry! I'm up okay! Who was that smacking me?"

"That'd be me!" a young, cheery voice exclaimed. Whose voice was that? Tonks maybe...? Sirius uncovered his eyes to get a better look, but all he got was bowled over for his efforts.

"Oh Padfoot!" the voice had cried before flying on top of him, knocking him on his back in a flash of red hair and kisses covering his cheeks. He hadn't had this kind of warm reception since.... he couldn't even remember. His fuzzy mind was trying to comprehend what was going on, when that someone else leaned over him and the girl. Harry? No, not Harry... but surely it wasn't...?

"James?" he forced out, half praying it was true, and half praying he was being crazy and that his mind would clear and he would see it was just Harry and they would all have some joke about it. James gave him a mock frown and crouched down next to him.

"Trying to steal my wife are you? First day here and he's already sniffing around the skirts." James said in mock dissappointment. The girl raised herself up from on top of him, and Sirius pushed himself up onto his elbows.

"He's such a dog." the girl said with a sly grin. This girl he realized, was in fact, Lily Potter. There was no mistaking the twinkle in her emerald green eyes, or the mischevious curl of her lips even though he had not seen her for fifteen years. And if this girl was in fact Lily Potter, then there was no mistake, the man beside her was not Harry, although they looked so much alike. He was not staring into the eyes of his godson, but rather into the ice blue orbs of his long dead best friend: James Potter.

"James." he said, voice hushed and mind racing. James and Lily's faces softened into welcoming smiles.

"Hey there Padfoot." James said in a gentle tone of voice. This, it seemed, was all that Sirius was able to take. He lept to his feet with a speed that defied his sore limbs and spinning head. Panic was beginning to set in. He looked all around him, everything was white and fluffy. This was definitely not home. James and Lily were sitting on the ground... cloud....whatever it was. James and Lily are dead! He began to make connections in his mind. James and Lily are dead, so that means... Before he could finish the thought, another person stepped up in front of him and Lily and James rose to their feet looking worried.

"Hello Sirius." Said the woman that he didn't know. She was tall and thin and graceful looking. She reminded him of a swan, with her white white hair and large clear eyes. She bowed her head to him. Sirius' eyes flicked back and forth from the woman to James and Lily, who were now standing hand in hand beside him.

"Welcome." The woman said, in a soft and calming tone of voice.

"Welcome where?" Sirius shot at the woman, but he never took his eyes off of the Potters.

"Welcome, my dear, to being dead." There was a long moment of silence, and James was sure he could almost see the wheels turning in his friend's head. Then, after awhile, the wheels stopped, and realization set in.

"DEAD?!" Sirius shouted, loud enough to cause an echo, even though there seemed to be no walls for his voice to bounce off of.

"Oh yes, quite dead I'm afraid."

"Stone cold." James piped up.

"Out of commission." Lily joined.

"End of the line."

"Six feet und..."

"No! No, no, no, no no, no, no, NO!" Sirius chanted and began to pace back and forth angrily. "This is a mistake! I can't be... dead? Can I?" James and Lily looked at him with pity in their eyes, and for just a moment he almost accepted it, until he realized how ludicrous this all was.

"No." He said firmly. "This isn't right! That stupid wretch couldn't have killed me! Dumbledore was right there! How could it be possible?!" It seemed he was talking more to himself than to the others. James looked stricken at his friend's vehement denial, but Lily tore herself away from her husband and came to Sirius, putting a comforting hand on his arm. Their eyes met, and Sirius' resolve crumbled. It was true. He was dead.

"It's not fair." He pleaded. Lily wrapped her arms around him and was murmuring comforting words that he didn't care to make out. "I just got back." Even he wasn't sure if he meant back from Azkaban, or back to himself. In his mind, he had been dead for twelve years before he found Harry again. He just got back to being someone, and now he was really, really dead? It wasn't right!

Slowly, Lily stepped aside to allow the strange woman to stand before him.

"See this clock?" she asked, a silver pocketwatch hovering inches above her hand. "This watch is your life. And it has stopped." Sirius took the watch into his hand and stared at it.

"Well, can't you just wind it back up or something?" he asked, even though he already knew the answer.

"We could." She said, and Sirius perked up a bit. "But if you were to go to earth again, you could never come back here." He would be a ghost, he knew instinctively, roaming around insubstatial and unimportant for the rest of time. He glanced at the watch.

"Padfoot, mate, don't do it." It was James who finally spoke this time. "If you go back there, you know it means forever don't you? And you'll be there long after everyone and everything that made going back worth it, has died and come here." Sirius met his best friend's eyes for the first time since he had first realized who it was looking back at him. He knew what he had to do. With a sigh, Sirius returned the pocketwatch to the strange woman.

"You've made the right decision Sirius." Lily said with her sweet, infallible smile.

"I know, it's just... what about Harry? He's had so much taken away... and we had just been starting to get close." James patted him on the back reassuringly.

"Don't worry mate. He'll have Moony to take care of him from now on, and someday, they'll end up here with us again." Lily had other things running through her head, however.

"What do you mean just starting to get close?" she asked in a worried tone.

"Well, you know, it's been hard really. It's not like I could just pop into the Dursley's kitchen for a chat." Lily and James both stiffened.

"The Dursleys? Who are they? What do they have to do with anything?" Sirius could feel his temper rise just a notch. Are they being daft on purpose?

"You know! The Dursleys! Harry's guardians? Don't you know?" But obviously they didn't know. It seemed that they didn't really know anything at all.

"You don't mean... Petunia and her husband do you? That can't be! We specifically appointed you as Harry's guardian!"

"WELL IT'S KINDA HARD TO BE THE KID'S GUARDIAN WHEN YOU'RE LOCKED UP IN AZKABAN NOW ISN'T IT?!" Sirius snarled at them, and they both looked taken aback. Lily gasped and put her hand to her mouth, while James looked on with wide eyes. Sirius felt his temper drop. "Do you... I mean, can't you see what...? Don't you know what has happened the last fourteen years?" He asked with a sinking feeling, and he just noticed that the strange woman had vanished.

"We can't... well we can't see anything from up here mate."

"You mean, you've never been able to look down on Harry? You've never seen him grow up at all?" Lily and James both shook their heads no. Sirius could barely wrap his mind around it. He began to pace again. James and Lily had never even seen Harry. They never watched him play quidditch, or saw him beat the dragon during the Triwizard Tournament. They had never seen him face Voldemort, and he, Sirius, would never see what would happen to his godson. He would never get to know if everything was alright down there. Everything about your loved ones being able to look down on you from Heaven was completely false.

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