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Chapter Twenty-Five: The Reason
Ron lay back contentedly on his bed, sighing at the silent peace that he knew would be disturbed in the morning. He looked at Justin who had been looking him over with a soft smile. With Pomfrey gone back to bed, Ron was free to take a good look at him.

There were a few scratches and cuts on his skin, and there were a few bruises near his bandaged knuckles which, the redhead figured, he got from punching too hard. He held his hand, caressing the knuckles gently. He reckoned he was just as bad off himself; there was a particular sting on his right shoulder where his evil twin's sword struck him.

"How long have I been out?" the redhead asked quietly. He was too awake to go back to sleep as the nurse instructed.

"Two days," Justin shrugged, trying to sound casual, "Atra hasn't woken up yet," he looked at the next bed with a pained expression, "I still can't believe she's back," his smile trembled.

Ron sat up and held him tightly. Justin started trembling, his head buried deep in the crook of his neck. They stayed like that for a while, too happy to be in each others arms again to let go. Everything that happened, Ron's clone, the vendredean war, Heaven and Hell, it felt like it was a nightmare they woke up from.

"You scared the crap out of me," Justin whimpered into Ron's neck, tears pouring out. He held Ron tighter, afraid that if he let go then Ron would disappear.

"You too," the vampire closed his eyes, releasing his tears.

It was so easy to cry now.

His mate sniffed and looked at him; his nose pink, his eyes red and puffy, and his lips trembling and pouty. He leaned in and kissed him deeply, as if he were letting out everything he was holding in that one kiss. Ron kissed back just as passionately; one hand sliding up to bury itself in the mess of golden hair, pulling him closer.

He felt a hand run smoothly up his arm and past the bandaged gash on his shoulder; he flinched when the sting worsened. Justin quickly pushed away. "Sorry!" he said hurriedly.

"S'alright," he pulled him closer and kissed him again, soothingly sliding his tongue in his mouth. Justin moaned softly, getting up from his chair and crawling over, sitting on his mates lap.

Good thing it was so late or Madam Pomfrey would have pulled him off by his ear, "no manhandling my patients!" she would say.

He moved his kisses down to Ron's neck, tasting the salty sweetness of him. He needed him so badly; the separation they went through was beginning to show. Ron seemed to feel it too.

"Hang on," he whispered breathily, reluctantly pushing away, "we need some privacy," he laughed quietly, grabbing the curtains and pulling them around the bed. Everyone may have been asleep but it didn't stop him from feeling that itch of being watched.

"Oh!" Justin blushed, realizing it too, "right," he leaned over to the night table and grabbed his wand, muttering a silencing spell while still blushing.

Ron smiled before pulling him over and kissing him again, this time sitting on his lap. It felt odd, almost dominating yet submissive when he thought about it, but he figured he might as well dominate since Justin's hands were injured. His hands…

He held them gently, running his thumbs gently over the bandaged knuckles. Justin gave a tiny whimper under the touch, Ron smoothly let them go and wrapped his arms around his lean torso, rocking his hips forward and gasping when his hardened self rubbed against another's. He continued grinding; breathing faster with each collision their members made. Justin wasn't far behind, groaning appreciatively as he sucked on a sensitive spot below his ear.

Slowly moving them down, gracefully placing himself in between Justin's legs, Ron began to ravish Justin's neck while pulling off his pajama shirt, playing with a nipple on the way. The blond Hufflepuff mewled and thrust his hips up, meeting in beat with Ron.

Slipping their pants and underwear off, Ron moved southwards, leaving a trail of cooling saliva on the way before he latched on another nipple, swirling his tongue around it until it hardened. He sank his teeth on it causing Justin's breathing to hitch. "Ngeh…!" was all he was able to say.

Ron smiled and went to the other neglected nipple, repeating the process. Justin bit his lip and bucked his hips up again, his erection twitched.

The redhead moved up again and took a second to admire the strong boy lying underneath him, writhing with need, quick pants escaping his parted lips. It made his member throb and spill pre-cum.

Leaning down and tracing a tongue on the red pouty lips, he moved down and licked Justin neck again, smiling at the whine his lover gave at not receiving a kiss.

Not wasting anymore time, he ran a hand slowly and firmly up a warm inner thigh, Justin groaned as the hand went closer to his erection. He whined again when it was barely touched; just a little brush that felt like a breeze, passing down from his tip to caressing his balls. He spread his legs when Ron's hand hovered over his entrance.

"Ah!" he arched his back when a finger entered him slowly, a thin sheet of sweat covering his body. He mewled softly as the finger went in and out; his hips fell into beat, momentarily halting when another finger joined the rhythm, and then another, stretching him until he was at the point of coming.

The fingers left and he felt empty. With his chest heaving for air he waited almost impatiently for Ron to enter him.

Breathing fast as well, Ron closed his eyes and kissed Justin softly, holding Justin's hips firmly and lowering himself into his entrance. The blond cried out in his mouth when his tip went in. Mindful of not hurting him, he carefully and slowly slid in fully, his pre-cum making it easier in the process. He waited for the slightly tense Justin to get used to him before he moved out and then got back in.

Justin bucked his hips up as Ron moved in, their rhythm picking up the pace. At one moment Ron hit his prostate making him break their kiss and throw his head back, screaming in pleasure, his lips shaping an O.

Ron moaned. It felt so good to be inside Justin, he loved the warmth surrounding him tightly. He continued to ram in his hips forward, hitting his lover's prostate every time so he could hear the Hufflepuff scream. He liked him screaming like that.

Finally he moved one hand to the neglected member, wrapping his hand around it. Justin gasped and made their beat go harder. He moved his hand up and down, spreading the pre-cum. He fingered the slit and felt the cock twitch in his hand as Justin groaned and held him closer, his nails digging into his slightly sore back, he winced, remembering he was still injured.

"…Ron…" Justin's voice trembled in warning. Said boy just smiled before kissing him, his hand did one more pump and his hips did one more thrust before they came hard, screaming at the mind blowing orgasm.

Huffing and puffing, feeling completely boneless, Ron pulled out of Justin and collapsed next to him, giving him a slobbering lazy kiss.

Justin held him close, their limbs tangled together. "I missed you," he whispered.

"Me too," the redhead said quietly before falling into peaceful sleep.

Poppy Pomfrey woke up, well slept and ready for the day.

Hopping into the shower and then dressing into her nurse uniform after, she walked briskly and cheerily out of her room and into her office, picking up a clipboard on the way out.

It wasn't until she found the infirmary full of patients that she realized how bad the day was going to be. "Wonderful," she murmured, looking around at the occupied beds. She raised an eyebrow at one bed that had its curtains pulled over.

Walking over, she pulled the curtains and quickly pulled them back, her face as red as a cherry.

Really! If Ron and Justin were sleeping naked after a shag it wouldn't hurt to put up a Do Not Disturb sign!

Wait a minute…

Turning back she pulled the curtains again and said in the most firm tone, "up! Mr. Weasley! Mr. Finch-Fletchley! Wake up and go to your proper separate beds before I have to do so by grabbing you by the ear!"

Jumping at her voice and then slumping sleepily, they peered up at her through bleary eyes before turning red and covering themselves with the crumpled sheets.

"M-Madam Pomfrey!" Justin yelped while Ron swore.

"Up! Mr. Finch-Fletchley this is not your designated bed, please go to your own bed for proper care! Now!" she snapped her fingers.

"Ugh, jeez," Justin rolled his eyes before facing the embarrassed Ron, "sorry," he gave him a chaste kiss before gingerly getting out of bed. Bad move. Every muscle in his body screamed bloody murder.

"Aha, see, if you had let yourself heal then you wouldn't be crawling in pain to your bed right now," Pomfrey put her hands on her hips scoldingly.

Justin sneered weakly before pouting and slipping into his bed.

"God, someone turn the volume down," groaned a voice. Hannah turned over and hugged her pillow close.

"Shut up!" Zacharias sat up, half of his face covered in messy blond hair; he flopped back down, fast asleep again.

Ron looked around the sun lit infirmary and smiled, then laughed. He laughed so hard that everyone minus Eiterthatarus and Atra woke up confused. He was so glad to be in the safe haven of Hogwarts that he didn't care that everyone was looking at him oddly.

"Er…Ron?" Ernie blinked the sleep from his eyes and frowned.

"Sorry," he choked, "sorry."

"So the world has woken up again I see," chuckled an old voice.

Everyone looked at the door and found Dumbledore, Ron and Justin's parents, Sally, Kali, the male nurse from Kingdom Hill Hospital and a young disheveled man who was looking at them in awe. He looked familiar but Ron couldn't place where.

The Finch-Fletchleys ran to Justin and the Weasleys ran to Ron, hugging them tightly.

"Oh Ron," Mrs. Weasley said, her voice shaking before she found her nerve, "if you ever worry my like that again so help me I'll…I'll do something!"

Ron stared at her blankly before laughing and hugging her tightly.

"They finally let you out of their prison eh?" Pomfrey huffed, looking pointedly at the male nurse.

"Well excuse me, I hadn't planned on getting caught," he pouted before walking up to her and giving her a hug, much to everyone's surprise, "nice to see you too."

"Same here," she ripped a page from her clipboard and handed it to him, "have fun."

"Wha…" Harry looked at everyone in confusion, Draco quickly jumped out of his bed and ran into his, hugging him tightly, "what happened? Did I get hurt?" His boyfriend gave him a teary glare before nuzzling into his neck. Not wanting to know just yet on how he suddenly became the patient, Harry looked at the male nurse questioningly until he finally answered.

"I'm a nurse; I used to be Pomfrey's student years ago."

"Centuries ago," Pomfrey said exaggeratedly, she was met with even more confusing stares, "I used to be a nurse teacher until I came here."

As soon as everyone understood, Dumbledore made himself heard again. "Everyone this is Larron Nial, he's a nurse in the vampire world," he waved at Larron who was now busy looking through a shelf full of potions, "he was recently released by the Vendredeans who captured him two days ago when he was on his way here, for some reason they decided to let him go," he twinkling eyes moved from Justin to Ron.

"They said something about finding the reason or something," Larron turned back to them, holding a few bottles of potions.

"Yes, well a friend and I came down here to talk about a different matter," Dumbledore turned to the young disheveled man, "this is Claude Steeple, the journal seller."

No one spoke for a few seconds. Ron stared at the nervous man and something clicked.

"It's like your best friend," he smiled.

"My best friend?"

"Yes…well sort of, I'm trying to create a way to make people write better, it should be good for kids who are starting to write."

"My best…friend…?"

"Yes, I know it sounds weird," he laughed.

"You're the sod who sold me the journal!" Ron yelled, ready to pounce on the man and punch the living shit out of him.

"Ronald!" Mrs. Weasley said warningly.

"He is!" he insisted.

"That was before I knew it was cursed," the man said, fiddling his fingers, "I found out about it a few days ago when apocalypse was starting."

"Yeah right."

"Claude has a brother, Ron," Kali spoke up calmly, though she sounded a little suspicious as she glanced at the man, "we haven't captured him but we know that he's mentally ill."

"What's his bloody brother got to do with anything?"

"Well you see it's kind of complicated to explain, my brother-"

"To put it in short, it's his brother's fault the apocalypse thing happened in the first place," Sally interjected.

Ron's eyebrow gave an involuntary twitch in his confusion, "I think I'd rather take the long explanation."

"My brother, Albert, suffers from different types of mental disorders," Claude said a bit quietly, "he has been for four years. It started when I was trying to think of a business that could help the community in some way and when I started with the writing enhancement idea he was still saner than he is now. I let him see the book so that it could help him take his mind off of his problems, he never wrote in it but when I got it back he told me to sell it, that it was a good idea. So I sold it," he looked at the floor guiltily, "to you."

"So during the time he had the book he must have done something to create that creepy twin of Ron's," Hannah said softly, the wheels in her head spinning at the idea, "was your brother obsessed with the bible or something?"

"A little, yeah, he wouldn't stop talking about messengers and angels, I found out what he meant about it when he gave me that phone call before that arrow hit me," his hand flew up to his chest, his face twisted to a grimace. At the mention of 'phone call' almost everyone looked at him confusedly, "I'm muggleborn."

"The note!" Hermione gasped, "you were writing down what he was telling you!"

"I never got to finish it," he shrugged.

Ron looked at him skeptically, not sure if he should believe him or not. What was this about a note?

"Do you really have a brother?" he asked slowly.

"Yes, uh…" he fumbled through his robes until he pulled out a photograph and walked over to the red haired vampire, "that's him," he pointed to a young man grinning at him. He was almost like Claude's twin except he looked older with more darker brown hair.

"I still don't get it…did you create the essence in the book or was it your brother?" Ron frowned, staring at the picture. It was kind of depressing to see a picture of a sane young man only to know that he was insane.

"I enchanted the book to have a spell that can inspire a person to write and get better at it; Albert must have manipulated it in some way to become an essence with its own mind but with his ideas."

"And you made a journal store to sell even more books with essences in them?"

"They don't have essences, just inspiration; Albert made it into an essence."

"Where's your brother now?" Susan asked curiously.

"I don't know, last time he called he said he was going away somewhere. I tried to stop him over the phone but that's when he told me the message and then hung up, I was afraid to forget it and wrote it down so that I could tell someone, but I never finished."

"What was it that you never got to finish writing," Hermione asked, "it said that hell's messenger would kill himself to save another, and one command to the G, what's G?"

"Guardians of Time, Space, Desire, and Resurrection, Albert said they exist when the Invisible War's corporeal."

"We only live when the war of Heaven and Hell becomes corporal."

"Oh," Justin murmured softly, remembering the creatures who helped him in the pillar room, "they don't have hearts do they?" he looked up at Claude.

"I don't know," he shrugged, "I only know what my brother told me…did the messenger from hell die?"

"Yeah," Justin glanced at Ron who perked up rather guiltily, "Hannah did too…before the going back in time thing."

"What?" Hannah jumped in her bed in surprise, "I did not die!"

"You did when Ron's twin shot you with your own bullet."

"That? I was lying down and waiting for the right time to strike…actually I was a bit knocked out so I guess I looked dead-which I wasn't!"

"But you were shot!"

"The suit I gave her was bullet proof," Sally answered simply, everyone's were."

"Oh…" his sudden excitement quickly deflated, "um…is there anything else?"

"I think that's almost everything," smiled Dumbledore, "the Weasleys and Finch-Fletchleys should be able to answer any questions you have," he opened the door and turned to Kali and Sally, "shall we?" And they left.

As soon as the doors closed Harry asked the itching question. "So…how'd I suddenly become a patient?"

"You were shot with a black arrow," Pomfrey answered, pulling Ron out of Mrs. Weasley's arms, "and turned to a black puddle," she put the back of her hand against Ron's forehead.


"Relax, you're fine now, that's all that matters."

Harry looked at Draco, feeling guilty that he worried him. In return, Draco kissed him, but not as much as he wanted since everyone was watching.

Confused but wanting to change the subject Ron turned to his mother, "so do you know why Justin's been saying these weird chants in some godforsaken language?"


"I've been saying them again?" Justin said in a whiny tone.

"That's probably his subconscious speaking," Mrs. Finch-Fletchley said softly, "Isarius's made up language, it's just a string of crude insults and made up spells, she was a bit weird."

"So I've been insulting Ron's clone? Brilliant!" Justin laughed.

For the second time the doors opened and in stepped Seamus, Dean and Neville, all three looking rather shy.

Before he could stop himself, Seamus pointed to the sleeping Eiterthatarus, "who's that?"

"A vendredean, boys what are you doing here so early it's not even visiting hour," Pomfrey straightened up and glared down at the three Gryffindors.

"Sprout told us to give this to Ron when he woke up-she would've done it herself but she's kind of busy with the letters from parents she's been getting, it's been coming in like a sto-" seeing that he was rambling (everyone was staring at him dully), Neville turned to Ron and held up a small journal, "she said you can do whatever you want with it."

Taking the book gingerly, he stared at it for a few seconds before smiling at the curious boys, "ok."

"So how'd you do it?" Susan asked, crawling to the edge of her bed, "I blacked out before I could see him die."

"Oh right I forgot about that!" Pansy and Hermione perked up.

"You killed someone?" Seamus jumped in excitement, shock, and horror.

Ron shrank slightly at all the eyes looking at him excitedly. "Um…he…he just melted into a puddle of ink."

"That can't be all," Hannah grinned, crawling to the edge her bed too.

Did they really want to know? Ron looked at his audience in surprise. "I just…stabbed him from behind…he said no one could kill him because he was an essence, I guess I had to kill him because I'm the one who made him er…corporeal?"

"That's true, we couldn't fight him off when he attacked us at home," Mr. Weasley murmered.

Ron stared at his lap sadly. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

'Where are you going to get rid of it?'

He looked up at Justin, startled. 'I-I don't know.'

'Do you think you'll start writing again?'


'Continue writing that story you made a few days ago.'

A few days ago…it felt like years.

"So that's everything?" Dumbledore said, looking at the picture Claude gave him.

"It should be," the young man nodded, "the most likely place he'd go to is somewhere in Russia."

"All right then," the headmaster smiled, "we'll call you if we find anything."

"Thank you, I'll be going then," he smiled shakily before turning to the fire place. Grabbing some floo powder, he tossed it in the flames, stepped in and said, "Writer's Block." He vanished in the green flames.

"Well," Dumbledore turned to Kali, "I'd better go to the Ministry of Magic, Fudge should be able to find this man…is there something troubling you?"

Kali was frowning at the photograph. "Something doesn't feel right…I can't see it clearly because there's something powerful behind it…I don't think we should trust Steeple."

"How long have you been feeling this?"

"When we first met him, he seems to have a weak aura…but it's like something's hiding it."

"Oh dear…"

Walking briskly through his office, stuffing his suitcase with books of alchemy, myths and bibles, Claude kept glancing at the window.

"Did they believe you?" a female voice questioned.

"Seems like it, but the seer kept giving me odd looks," he answered, closing his suitcase and pulling out a pair of black gloves. Putting them on, he ran his hand over the table as if cleaning it. Every finger print that he made on the table vanished.

"We'd better be leaving then," a young woman stepped out of the shadows and pulled out her own gloves, the only thing odd about her were her red catlike eyes, "I can't believe the vendredeans betrayed us."

"You owe me twenty bucks, I won the bet," grinned Claude. He blinked and his eyes became blue and catlike. He waved his hand across the store and the journals and stationary vanished leaving everything bare and abandoned. "D'you think he'd punish us for getting apocalypse out in the open like that?"

"Nah, he probably found it amusing," the woman shrugged, flexing her fingers so they fit comfortably in the gloves, she began to run her hands over the places she touched during her stay in the store, "if there had been more time in the war, he'd have made it to the surface."

"So would he," he sneered at the ceiling, "so what do you think, are you still too weak to make the journey down?"

"I'm fine you idiot!" she snapped, "I only put a little of my essence in that journal."

"I still think he's gonna punish us," he mumbled, opening a trapdoor on the floor revealing a strange green spinning vortex, "we did gamble with the vendredeans."

"Who cares, there's still more powerful creatures by his side-including us."

"Whatever," he jumped into the vortex, followed by the woman.

The trapdoor closed. At that same moment everything in the store dusted over, cobwebs filled corners, the wood began to rot, and rodents and bugs began to inhabit the small areas. There was no trace of the journal store that it used to be.

The sharp black tip of a brand new quill ran quickly across the surface of a fresh piece of parchment, the letters were small and elegant but also very easy to read, not one spelling mistake or scratch mark was on the parchment.

A soft warm breeze blew over the writer, interrupting his writing entrancement. He smiled and sighed as the breeze tickled his skin, teasingly making him want to take a nap.

Finished with his writing, Ron stretched his stiff back and stood up; the journal held loosely in one hand.

He stared at the last page of his last entry, reading over what he just wrote. Sure that it was the right spell, he pulled out his wand and threw the journal in he air. "Ver," he said, waving his wand at the journal still in mid air.

At soon as the spell hit the journal it triggered the words on the last page and made the journal glow blue before it shrank until it suddenly exploded in tiny little sparks.

"Simple, not messy, and it's gone!" Justin made swung his fist as if his team just won first place.

"It wasn't simple, do you even realize how long it took us to find the right words to that spell," Ron said indignantly.

"But it's gone!" he grabbed his mate and kissed him happily causing the redhead to chuckle.

"Ahem!" both vampires turned to Atra who was in a Hufflepuff uniform. She held Eiterthatarus's hand and took a deep breath, "may I announce…that we are engaged!"

"WHAT?" Justin exploded.

"In a few years!" she giggled.

"As will we," Ron's twin smirked at Ron.

Gasping, Ron took a few steps back, he looked around feverishly for Justin but he was gone.

"Calm down, I'm here, calm down!" a reassuring voice reached his ringing ears, "Pomfrey! Give it to him now!"

"Wha…" he realized he was panting for air, he felt cold, but he was frying inside and his head was pulsing painfully.

"Mr. Weasley, drink this," the voice of the nurse said firmly. His jaw was held and forced open, then a strange thick liquid slid through his mouth, burning his tongue and going down his throat at a freezing temperature.

The burning under his skin cooled off but he was still trembling. Opening he eyes he found himself in the hospital wing, Pomfrey and Justin looking down at him worriedly and expectantly.

It was another dream…

"It's alright, you won't be getting anymore nightmares with that clone of yours," Pomfrey capped the potion bottle and stood back, "you've been having nightmares with your 'twin' right?" Ron nodded shakily, "this is a dream potion, it makes nightmares go away, in your case, it erased the last remnants of the essence that infected you, you may still have a few nightmares, but at least they won't be like an alternate world, you were starting to slip in it too."

"Thanks…" was all he could say. He leaned onto Justin for support and looked around the infirmary. Everyone was gone except for Eiterthatarus, Atra, and Larron who were looking at him curiously, "great, how long was I here?"

"It was just a few hours," Justin said softly, "everyone went down to breakfast."

"I think it's time you destroyed the journal, just in case the remnants there start attacking you too," Atra said, nodding her head towards the journal on the night table.

"Oh…right," he grabbed the journal and made to get up but Larron and Pomfrey pushed him back.

"Not now, you've still got to heal your wounds," Larron said.

"I'll be back in a minute, besides, what if Atra's right? I need to get rid of it now."

"Oh for heavens sake!" Pomfrey shook her head, "you're my patient and I will not let you leave until you're fully well."

"I'm fine!"

"Just use that sword of yours," Eiterthatarus suggested.

"I don't know how to get it…out…" he looked at the hand that held the strange slim sword uneasily, "how do I get it out?" he asked Atra.

"I don't have a sword…maybe it'll only come out during fights; messengers only have one weapon."

"Then what's yours?"

"A bow and arrow," she said sarcastically, "it's an assortment of symbols, they take in objects or attacks and dissolve them to-" she stopped and rolled her eyes before getting up from her bed and march into Pomfrey's office. In the surprised silence everyone could hear the muffled voice of the young girl, "I'm an idiot."

Stepping out of the office with a piece of parchment, ink and quill, Atra sat on one of the beds and started sketching breezily on the parchment.

"So how come you yell at me and not at her?" Ron looked at Pomfrey who stood stunned.

"Her leg…" she said softly, "I thought she wouldn't be able to walk, it was beyond any hope of healing…"

Ron looked at Atra's legs, they seemed fine except for the faint bruises on them, he couldn't remember seeing her leg broken during the battle in the vendredean hide out. Maybe it broke after they made the corporeal war invisible again. He hated not remembering.

"Here," Atra stood up and rushed over to Ron, "just put the journal in there," she pointed to the circle within a number of ovals overlapping each other to create a kind of whirlpool. Confused but trusting her anyway, Ron put the edge of the journal in the circle. The lines glowed and sucked the journal like a vacuum.

Atra ripped the paper and crumpled it up; throwing it in the trash can nearby before turning back to Ron with a smile.

"I did the same thing on you guys except it was for bonding needs."

Not sure he wanted to know what she meant, Ron and Justin stayed silent.

Though he never told anyone, Ron wished he destroyed the journal more dramatically.

School ended faster than Ron would have liked. The year came out so strange that it affected the rest of the world.

After having a taste of apocalypse, everyone including the muggle world and vamperic world, had fallen into a silent peace era. There were still arguments, but quick apologies, like they felt that the person they fought with wouldn't be there the next day and they'd be alone. Hopefully the Peace Era would stick around for a long time.

With Atra's existence suddenly back again Justin didn't know what to do. He was happy she was back, but afraid he'd lose control like last time when he was nine; Atra never stopped forgiving him, even though it was starting to bug her. It was obvious that the brother and sister bond they used to have wasn't going to be the same again, especially since Atra didn't have time to mourn the loss of their older sister, Audwera. She never made it to heaven or hell, just stuck in Limbo.

Meanwhile, Ron and Justin spent most of their time in Devingston during the summer; the border against others that weren't vampires was even taken down so the small town soon became a tourist attraction, the border was only put up when the full moon arrived, it also revealed that the Hufflepuffs were vampires, which oddly got them a bit of respect even though they still refused not to play Quidditch up to their full extent, they said it wouldn't be fair…

Finally, things were starting to look up.

Justin set down his cup of cappuccino and smiled at Ron. "Should we move in?"

"Where?" Ron looked up from his writing before he understood what Justin meant, "oh! Where?"

Laughing, Justin looked around. "I don't know, I was thinking of getting a job here, after Hogwarts that is," he waved around at the café, "a small apartment would be a good start."

"And children?"

"Uh!" he blushed furiously and fingered the rim of his cup, "I-I don't know, are we even er…ready?"

Ron laughed at his mates' uneasiness, he was so cute when he was like that, "maybe not, we'll have to wait until-do we adopt or do we get pregnant?"

"Either way," he blushed more.

"Oh," he raised his eyebrows and blushed, "yeah, I think it would be nice to move in here. As long as it's not small and old looking that it'll look like it'll fall apart."

"Ok," he smiled before sipping his cappuccino, "maybe Atra can move in too…"

"On the floor below," Ron smirked, "she and Eiterthatarus haven't bonded yet and I don't want to walk in on them when they do."

"Good point," Justin turned green. He looked down at his newspaper, frowning, "Claude's brother still hasn't been caught, that's so weird, does he have an invisibility cloak or something?"

The third chair on their table was pulled back and Hannah plopped down on it happily. "Good day luvies!"

"Hi," both vampires said simultaneously.

Unable to hide her excitement, she was jumping on her chair, she squealed, "I'm getting married! HAHA!"

Ron coughed on his drink while Justin sat and stared unblinkingly.

"Michael and I agreed to do it after Hogwarts, Sally's gonna do my dress, my mom's gonna invite everyone-"

"You turned him already?" Justin gaped.

"I couldn't help it! He was right there, I told him everything and he said I could turn him as proof that he's my mate so…yeah-oh, he's going to get me an actual ring once he gets the money," she giggled.

"You turned him."

"Yes I did!"

"You have no patience do you?"


Ron smiled at his friend and lover as they continued talking. Thinking back to last year when he first became a vampire he realized this life was fit for him. He remembered when he found out how Justin waited six years for him…how the journal began, the troubles, the war…

He looked back down at his parchment and started the little poem he had baking in his head.

It started odd

And ended right

You helped me though

And saved my life

I've found my reason

I'm not alone

You gathered me

And recreated me

My reason is

My love for you.


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