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Chapter 27: 'On Broadway'

By Glitnir-Gebo

Day 36:

Outside the sun was beginning to set, casting the yard into long shadows, and turning the horizon a vibrant orange colour, dissolving into a rich purple and finally into a star-speckled darkness on the opposite horizon. Lightness and darkness united in the cycle of life, while endlessly at war – fighting for the sky.

Inside the Big Brother house a similar war was being waged.

"Get your hands off me, pharaoh!"

"Come on Bakura! You know that it's the right thing to do!" Yugi insisted, his eyes turned to maximum cuteness.

"Forget it aibou. Sweet talk isn't going to get you anywhere. Bakura's always liked it rough." Yami stood behind him, his arms wrapped around the thief's wait, pinning his arms to his side.

Bakura lashed out with his feet, trying his best to escape from Yami's grip. "Urusei! How dare you man-handle me like this!"

Yugi tilted his head to one side and seemed to think for a moment. "Then perhaps if we all work together we might have our way with him." he suggested.

"Gang up on him you mean?" Yami replied, dodging Bakura's kicks. "That might work."

"Ra-damn it! Don't just stand there Ryou! Help me!"

Ryou shuffled further away from the confrontation, giving his yami a weak smile and opening his arms in a shrug as if to apologise.

Yugi went over to where Malik and Marik still sat on the lounges, a bowl of popcorn on the seat between them. "Would you like to help us wrestle Bakura?" he asked them innocently.

Marik laughed and slapped his knee, a piece of popcorn flying out of his mouth. Malik suppressed a chuckle and replied, "I believe what my darker half is trying to say is that as tempting as that's defiantly funnier watching from the side lines. A lot funnier."

Yami looked over at them quizzically. Bakura had managed to get one arm free and was waving it around wildly, trying to catch hold of the pharaoh's hair. "What did they say?" he called out over Bakura's shouts and cursing.

Yugi shook his head at him, then turned to look at the Kaiba brothers. They too sat on one of the lounges, and although Mokuba kept shooting worried glances at the squabble, Seto seemed completely oblivious to the drama unfolding in front of him.

"Unhand me pharaoh or so help me I'll cry rape!"

Not even batting an eyelid, Kaiba just lay his head back and stared at the ceiling, the picture of boredom.

"Yoo-hoo! Kaiba?" Yugi waved a hand in front of Kaiba's face. "Are you paying attention? We need your help with Bakura."

Kaiba sighed and continued to stare at the roof.

With a shrug, Yugi turned around and returned to where his yami was standing. "Looks like we're on our own, mou hitori no boku."

"Indeed aibou. I don't suppose you know where any rope is?" Yami replied.

"Rope?! How dare you pharaoh! I will not be restrained like this!" Bakura continued straining to escape from Yami's grip. "Ryou! Send him to the Shadow Realm!"

Jumping at the sound of his name, Ryou shuffled even further away from the confrontation.

Yugi smiled at the tormented yami. "Just relax, Bakura. It's not that bad."

"NOT THAT BAD?!" Bakura shrieked. "I thought you were meant to be innocent? But this! This is just plain evil! EVIL!"

"Enough Bakura." Yami cut in sternly. "My hikari is not evil."

"You're making a big deal out of nothing. Please Bakura?" Yugi tilted his head and blinked innocently at Bakura. "Will you help us?"

Bakura looked at Yugi, a rather frightened look on his face. "Oh Ra save me! The cuteness! No! Noooo!"

"Just agree to help us Bakura," Yami demanded, "and I will call him off."

Bakura bit his lip, visibly torn between his honour as an evil spirit and the 'horror' of Yugi's puppy dog eyes. "All right!" he exclaimed finally, "I'll do it! Just make it quick pharaoh...and gentle."

The previous day... the diary room...

"Your fourth task is as follows: You are to write and perform a musical. It must involve a minimum of three actors, and one character must be female. Costumes must be worn. You must perform your musical tomorrow night."

"And it can be about anything we want?" Yugi asked enthusiastically.

"That is correct." Big Brother replied in his booming monotone voice.

"Absolutely anything at all?" Yami asked again.

"That is correct." Big Brother replied again.

Yugi and Yami exchanged grins.

"Do we have to?" Malik groaned. "It's" he struggled for the right word.

"Undignified?" Kaiba offered.


"Not all housemates need participate in the final product, but everyone needs to do their part to create the piece."

Malik sat back in his chair, relaxing at Big Brother's words. "I can handle that."

Bakura hit his head against the wall. "I am not doing this."

"Oh cheer up! It will be fun!" Ryou said, not looking like he believed his own words.

"We could divide up the jobs." Mokuba chirped in.

"Good idea Mokuba! Yami and I will be the actors!" Yugi said. "Will you and Seto write the script for us?"

Kaiba stood up and towered over Yugi. "No Kaiba has ever written a musical and we will not start now!"

"Sure thing!" Mokuba answered, ducking around his brother's jacket.

Kaiba took a step back, startled. "Mokuba!"

"Bakura's good at ordering people around." Ryou added, glancing sideways at his yami. "He could direct it."

"Hold on a moment!" Marik cut in. "What will Malik and I do then."

Yugi, Yami, Mokuba, Ryou, and – much to everyone's surprise – Bakura turned to the pair and said in unison "Costumes."

That night...

"It is now time for the fourth eviction." Mai announced. "It's time to go...Rebecca."

"You have twenty seconds to leave the Big Brother house... Nineteen..." Big Brother began his countdown.


Bakura gave his hikari a confused look. "Who's Rebecca."


Marik leaned over and whispered something into Bakura's ear.


Bakura cackled. "Oh, that Rebecca."


"Umm, Big Brother?" Yugi piped up.


"Rebecca left as soon as you said her name."

"...that is all."

Back to Day 36...

"Stupid girl." Bakura muttered. "Had to get evicted, didn't she? Couldn't have waited until next week. No, Ra damnit!"

"It's not Rebecca's fault." Yugi insisted. "Big Brother was the one who decided that one character had to be female."

"Then they conspired together! If she hadn't been evicted she would have played the one in the skirt!"

"Give it up, Bakura." Yami said, taking a deep breath to calm himself. "You're playing the woman no matter what you say."

"But why the fuck did it have to be me?! Ryou's the one who looks like a girl!" Bakura pointed one finger and glared at his hikari.

"I have weak ankles." Ryou replied, a little too quickly. "And used to wear a skirt in Egypt."

Bakura glared and said simply, "I'm going to kill you all."

That night...

"Because we're Duuuuuel Monsters!" Yugi and Yami sang, wearing matching Dark Magician costumes.

"Duel Monsters." Bakura echoed without enthusiasm. He picked at the skirt of a Dark Magician Girl costume made much too small for him.

"We're DANCING Duel Monsters!" Yugi and Yami sang, still dancing around.

"Dancing Duel Monsters." Bakura echoed bleakly again, earning him a glare from Yami.

"We're Duuuuuel Monsters!"

"Duel Monsters."

"Saving the world from evil!"

"From evil." Bakura's eyebrow twitched.

"Saving the WHOLE world from evil!" Yami nudged Bakura's stiff form with his elbow.

"So evil."

"We're Duuuuuel Monsters!"

"Duel Monsters."

"We're Duel Monsters!"

"Duel Monsters."

"On Broooooadway!" Yugi and Yami raised their hands in air, mirror images of each other – albeit, one a smaller mirror.

Bakura huffed and flopped down on one of the chairs, tearing his headpiece off. "I am so embarrassed."

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