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Win A Date With Seto Kaiba!

Chapter One

Téa reached under her desk and pulled out her bag. School had ended just over half an hour ago, but she was behind in her Maths work, so she had to stay behind and finish it. Everything was rushed though, because she had a dancing lesson to get to.

Finally Téa finished, and she crammed everything back into her bag, practically running as she left the school. She had her dancer's uniform on under her clothes, so she was running the risk of getting very tired very quickly, but she'd rather be tired than late.

As she ran through the streets of Domino City, her brown hair flowing out behind her, she passed a few suites waiting outside a café. They were looking around with their usual sour expressions, and they glared at Téa as she ran past them. They were obviously waiting for someone of high status.

They might be waiting for Kaiba... Téa thought as she continued running to her destination. He's practically the only rich, snobby person that lives in this city. But I'm surprised he'd actually have his little meeting outside – he rarely leaves his little tower!

Téa forgot about them as she left them behind, concentrating on where she was going. The dance studio was just ahead, and she stopped at the road when a bus went past. Because she was concentrating on the bus and not the rest of the traffic, she stepped out onto the road and a car ran over her foot.

Téa instantly jumped back and held her foot in pain as the car screeched to a stop and the passenger window rolled down. "Watch where you're walking, Gardner!"

Téa looked up when she heard an unmistakable voice that was angry and cold. Seto Kaiba's irritated blue eyes met hers, and she glared right back at him.

"You better hurry off Kaiba, I saw some corporate suits that are missing you at a meeting!" she snapped at him, and smiled cockily. The window rolled up and the car drove away, turning the corner and heading towards the café where she had seen the men.

She cursed Kaiba as she headed to the dance studio, her foot almost feeling numb. As she pushed the door open, her friend Elise ran up to her, already in her uniform. The blonde smiled at her friend.

"You were almost late, Téa!"

"I had to stay back at school to finish some work." She mumbled as she changed out of her school uniform. As she finished, the door opened and two of her friends walked in: Joey and Yugi. She smiled and went over to them.

"Hey Téa!" Yugi said, smiling.

"Guys! What are you doing here?" Téa asked, shifting her weight off her injured foot.

"We had nothin' to do, and Tristan was busy, so we thought we'd come here and check out ya moves!" Joey said, just as lively as usual.

"Thanks for the support, but you'll make me nervous!" Téa had to stop talking because at that moment her instructor entered, and she had to start.

She managed to dance for half an hour before her minor injury affected her moves. In one move she had tried to equal the weight so she could support her foot, but she slipped and landed hard. Everyone gasped and ran to her, and Yugi was one of the first to get to her.

"Are you okay Téa?" he asked, and she held her ankle in pain. "Someone get an ice pack!"

"What happened? Why'd you fall?" Elise asked as she kneeled at her friend's side.

"I... had a little accident on the way here. It's alright, really!" Téa said, trying to get to her feet, but they pushed her down.

"What happened?" Yugi asked, and Teá looked at him.

"I was on my way here, and my foot got sort of... run over by Kaiba's car." She explained, wondering why she was being so careful in explaining it. It wasn't like she cared about Kaiba!

"Kaiba! That jerk! I swear I'm gonna get him so bad!" Joey shouted, and he ran out of the dance studio.

Oh great, now I've got Joey out for revenge. Jeez, why'd I have to bring Kaiba up? I could've made something up! I'm such an idiot! Téa thought as she sighed in exhaustion and pain.

Yugi watched her face, kneeling beside her, holding her hand every second of her downtime. He bound the ice pack to her ankle, and he blushed when she smiled and thanked him for his help. Téa was totally unaware of his crush on her, as Yami was of her crush on him.

But in some way, it didn't matter, because he'd never get up the nerve to tell her how he felt about her.

Seto was late for his meeting, but he didn't care. Since when did his partners care? Hell, a group of them had planned his downfall previously, and ever since then he'd had sour feelings towards every single one of them.

"Mr. Kaiba sir? Your car is waiting." Seto's assistant said from the doorway, and with a sigh Seto stood, closing the laptop before him and placing it in his briefcase. He took it with him as he left KaibaCorp, sitting in the passenger seat of his sleek, deep blue Porsche.

He had some idea of what his partners wanted to talk about; Seto had plans for a new virtual reality device that would aid beginner duelists, a device that would help them become better in all aspects of the game.

Of course, Seto didn't design it himself; oh no, he couldn't give a damn about new duelists. The inventor had come to Seto with the idea, and, after realizing it was a goldmine, he agreed to produce the new gadget. That just proved how cold hearted he could be sometimes.

Seto and his partners were to meet at a café in the heart of Domino, where they'd discuss the company's progress. They were only about a hundred meters from the café when there was a sudden bump, and Seto growled in anger. The window rolled down, and he stared in shock at who was sitting on the footpath. It was that annoying cheerleader, Téa.

"Watch where you're walking, Gardner!" he said, his annoyance in both his blue eyes and his cold voice. Téa looked up at him, anger appearing on her features.

"You better hurry off Kaiba, I saw some corporate suits that are missing you at a meeting!" Téa snapped at him, and he couldn't help but smile arrogantly. Annoying people was a favourite pastime of his, and it was extra special fun when he could taunt one of Yugi's friends. With that he rolled up the window and they drove on to the meeting place, which was conveniently just around the corner.

As soon as Seto got out of the car, some of the waitresses squealed in excitement and ran into the café, totally forgetting about the clients they were meant to be serving. Seto just rolled his eyes and approached his partners, who offered him a seat.

"This had better be quick." Seto muttered angrily as he sat down, his glare focusing on one of the two partners.

"Mr. Kaiba, although KaibaCorporation is one of the most successful companies in the world, if we are to become more successful, we need you to present a better image." One said.

"What do you mean?" Seto asked, his eyes narrowing in suspicion.

"You may be popular with the women, but you are portrayed as being "cold and heartless", as one reporter said. We need you to take part in a publicity act that will boost your image."

"Publicity act? Haven't you realized I don't care about how I'm received? Is this what you dragged me out here for?"

"Mr. Kaiba, it may not be as important to you, but it's for the good of the company. If people can see you in a different light..."

Seto cut him off, standing and slamming his fist on the table. "I don't care what people think!"

"Mr. Kaiba, everyone agrees it's in the best interest of the company, so could you please just here out the offer?"

Seto sighed in anger and sat down. Why the hell am I still here? I should be upturning the table, firing them and storming back to my limo! What the hell's wrong with me? He thought, tapping his fingers against the glass table top.

"We propose an act raising money for charity. Perhaps the Domino City Orphanage, since that seems to tie in with your childhood. One suggestion that caught our attention; a competition, and whoever is chosen gets to go on a date with you."

Seto looked dumbstruck for a moment, before he began laughing out loud uncontrollably. A few people around him looked over in his direction, but he didn't notice. When he finished laughing, he was completely out of breath. "That was a good one."

"We were serious, Mr. Kaiba."

Seto looked at them, a grin still on his face. "Fine, do what you want. I really couldn't care." With that, Seto stood and left his partners. He hopped in his limo and was soon heading back to the KaibaCorp building, where his secretary informed him that his cook, and housekeeper, had quit.

Seto sighed and got back to work. He'd have to find another employee now. That was just perfect. He'd have them all lined up at his door, trying to seduce him into letting them work for him by wearing revealing clothing. Sheesh, some women...

He pressed a button, and the secretary's voice came up on the intercom. "Yes, Mr. Kaiba?"

"Put an ad out that I need a cook and housekeeper A.S.A.P." Seto said, and then he got back to his work. That stupid meeting had eaten up most of his work time; it was going to be a long day indeed.

Téa's foot seemed to have gotten slightly better since her accident, so she stayed the night at Elise's house. Elise, like pretty much all of the other girls in Domino, had an obsession with Seto Kaiba. She was a part of his internet fan club, and quite proud of the fact as well.

Téa had spent the rest of her dance lesson sitting on the sidelines with Yugi there with her. While sitting there, she had gotten a call from Joey, saying that he had gathered Duke and Tristan as well, and were planning revenge on Kaiba. He didn't give exact details on the form the revenge would be like, but she could hear Tristan and Duke sniggering in the background.

It was insane; Téa had always hated Kaiba, why did she suddenly want to protect him from the wrath of her friends? Yes, he might've been above standards for many of the girls, but Téa had never thought of him in that way. In her eyes, he was a selfish, cold hearted bastard that didn't care about anyone but himself.

That's not true, and you know it, a voice in the back of her head said. He cares deeply for Mokuba – he risked his own life for him. He cares for him more than anything else in the world. More than his titles, more than his company, more than anything.

Téa ignored the little voice in her head and turned her attention to what Elise was doing. She had gone onto the official Seto Kaiba Fan-club website, and was clicking a box that said "Competitions". The page loaded quickly, since she had cable net, and when all the pictures loaded fully Elise screamed out loud, scaring Téa half to hell.

"What's wrong?" she asked, looking at her friend.

"Oh... My... God..." Elise murmured, still staring at the screen. She was trembling with excitement.

"What? What is it Elise?"

"It's... a new competition and the prize... Listen and you'll figure it out: "Win a Date with Seto Kaiba!""

"No way," Téa said, looking at the screen carefully, as if believing she was seeing things. "No way would Kaiba allow himself to do something like this!"

"You print out a registration form, fill it in and send it off with one dollar enclosed in the envelope. A winner will be picked at random, and all proceeds raised will go to the Domino City Orphanage fund. Aw, how sweet!"

"Ha. I almost thought Kaiba was out of money, and he had to resort to ripping off his fans to pay for all that junk he has." Téa spat, regretting the words as soon as they came out of her mouth. She didn't want to sound that rude.

"That's harsh Téa. He may not be the nicest person in the world, but he has a heart, and he wouldn't do something like that." Elise said, deadly serious. Téa stood and headed for the bathroom, wishing she could believe her friend.

"Don't be so sure, Elise." She murmured under her breath, before leaving the room. Elise waited until Téa had shut and locked the door before she printed out a copy of the form and looked over it, an evil grin on her face. She'd do this as a way of getting back at Téa for saying all those mean things about her precious Seto.

Participants name? She read in her head. Ha. The participant's name is Téa Gardner.

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