Chapter One :: A Restless Night

It was a beautiful autumn morning in Jump City. The leaves were beginning to fall, the air was beginning to grow colder, and the crime rate was low.

At Titan Tower however, things were boring. Crime was low, and the team had little to do. Cyborg had waxed and shined the T-mobile so many times you couldn't go to the garage without being blinded by its shine. Beast Boy had played every trick he could think of, and cooked every tofu-induced meal he could concoct. Robin had followed up on every lead he could find that might take him to putting Slade behind bars for good. Starfire had "discovered" everything in the tower and had moved on to improving her not-so-wonderful cooking skills. Every movie had been watched, every video game played, and they had all trained to the point that the training course needed higher levels because it had become too easy for the team. The only Titan who seemed to have not run out of things to do was Raven.

The little gothic girl had read and re-read most of the books in the local library, but she enjoyed it. She always found something new each time she re-opened a book she had read. Today she was rather fond of reading about Merlin and King Arthur and was engulfed in a book called "The Dragon and the Unicorn" by an author by the name of A. A. Attanasio. It was holding her interest fairly well.

Robin found himself looking over at Raven. He wasn't sure what had moved his eyes to her. He seemed to be looking at her more and more these days. He awoke from his trance and glanced around. Cy and BB were fighting over which character they would each play, Starfire was in the kitchen, cooking up something she was calling "Boredom of the Pudding", an interesting creation that looked like something MacGyver would make a bomb out of. As for Robin himself, he was standing next to the stereo half listen to a Switchfoot song that was on the CD he had left in the CD player the day before.

Let me know that you hear me

Let me know your touch

Let me know that you love me

And let that be enough

'A love song... Perfect.' Robin thought sarcastically and then, mid-thought, stopped himself. 'Why is it bothering me? A love song shouldn't get on my nerves...'

He shook it out of his mind at the sound of BB yelling to be released. "Hey! Let me go! It's not my fault you can't handle my mad gaming skills!" BB yelled out. Hearing this Cyborg only tightened the grip of the headlock he had BB in. Raven looked up from her book and rolled her eyes, Robin gave them a smug smile and Star was flying around begging them to stop their fighting and telling them that the Boredom of the Pudding would be the perfect thing for them to solve their dispute. After about 20 minutes the fighting stopped and they decided to go out for pizza.

Later that night after everyone had gone to bed, Robin found himself tossing in his bed. Normally he could sleep through anything, and nothing ever kept him awake at night, not even thoughts of Slade. Tonight was different. Tonight his mind kept replaying various love songs he had been hearing in the past week. Songs be many groups, most of which he himself had placed in the CD player though he wasn't certain why. He couldn't keep his thoughts straight. He needed a walk. He decided he would go up to the roof and let the stars help him think. It was a clear night and he didn't star-gaze nearly enough.

When he got to the roof however, his heart skipped a beat. He looked over to find a small figure draped in a long cloak floating just a few feet above the ground. 'My heart is beating fast' Robin thought as he put his hand on his chest. He wasn't sure what had made him do it... it was either to keep it from jumping out of his chest, or as a way to hopefully calm it down. Why was he feeling like this. It was just her... Why was she doing this to him? He tried his best to regain his composure.

"Hi Raven." He said simply.

She flashed her eyes open and gently floated downwards and then looked behind her.

"Robin? Why aren't you asleep?" She asked him curiously, a light sound of annoyance in her voice.

"I could ask you the same thing." He began to gently walk towards her, feeling more confident and like himself than he had a few moments before.

She glanced away, blushing lightly and looking up towards the stars, a hollowness filled her eyes, and as he came to rest next to her he saw she had what seemed to be worry on her face.

"I couldn't sleep. Wanted to meditate on something I had been thinking of today." She responded, not looking away from the star she had chosen to stare at.

"Anything I can help with?" He asked, hoping to be allowed into her life more.

She looked over at him, into his eyes. 'He's looking at me like that again... with those eyes. He keeps looking at me like that.. How am I supposed to contain myself?' she thought to herself. She smiled gently. "No Robin. Thank you though." She stood up to return to her room and called out behind her to the boy wonder standing staring at her as she left; "Don't stay out too late. It will be colder later on." before descending the stairs back into the tower.

He let out the breath had had been holding since she was looking into his eyes. He couldn't keep feeling this way. It was driving him mad. Raven was just his friend... wasn't she?

He let out a sigh and wandered silently back to his room, more awake now than ever. He fell into a light sleep about an hour later, he couldn't get Raven out of his mind, and he just didn't understand why.