Chapter Sixteen :: Fond Farewells

Raven sat alone in her room. The others had long since gone to bed. She pulled out a backpack and a duffle bag from her closet and began to stuff them with her meditation tools and clothing. Once they were full, she put her money in the pocket of the jeans she was wearing. She pulled a legal pad and an ink pen from her bedside table and composed four letters. She put the letters in four separate envelopes, and marked four different names on the outside of those envelopes.

She picked up her bags and took them to the living area and then walked down the hall to the bedrooms of her friends, sticking an envelope halfway under each door respectively.

She walked back to the living area, took a final look around, and with a sigh, flew out of a window, her bags in tow.

The next morning the Teen Titans awoke as they normally would. Beast Boy crawled out of bed, cursing the sun for rising so soon. Cyborg stood up, stretched, and unplugged his batteries. Starfire jumped from her bed and dressed with a smile. Robin woke up, on time, as usual, and went to the restroom for a shower. He took his time getting dressed. He was whistling as he had been in past months, when he and Raven were closer, but she had forgiven him. He didn't have a reason to be sad any longer.

The four teenagers stepped out towards the hall, and each found themselves looking at a letter on the floor with their name on the front of it.

They opened their letters, read them, dropped them to the floor, and rushed to each other only to see they had all received similar letters.

Dear Beast Boy,

I am sorry, but I must leave you all. I need to use all this pain and suffering to my advantage and try to get my emotions under control. I feel bad just taking off, but I can't stand to have to explain things to your faces. You are all going to think that you could help me with this, but it just isn't so. You can't help me with what needs done. I will try to remain in touch until I come back, but I beg you all to not come looking for me.

Please take care of Starfire. She will need you the most now, she won't understand this. She will need love and protection. You seem willing to give her that. So please take good care of her.

Until we meet again my friend.


Dear Starfire,

Please do not be upset, but I must leave the team. Not forever, hopefully not for long. But for now I must do it. Please take care of yourself, and look after the others. Don't let them fight a whole lot. You're in charge of keeping the peace now.

Please do not think this is your fault. It isn't. I just need to go and learn to control my powers. I will try to keep in touch. You are all going to think that you can help me with this, but believe me, none of you can help me do what needs done. Please Star, don't come looking for me.

Until we see each other again dear friend.


Dear Cyborg,

I hate to think what you would be doing now if I were to tell you this in person. You'd probably be yelling and upset. I am leaving the team for a while. I need to get my powers under control. I love you Cyborg. I hope you know that. You have been there for me since I met you, and you are truly one of my dearest friends. I know you and the others will think that you could've done something to help me. But it just couldn't happen... There is nothing any of you could've done. I need to sort things through and make them happen by myself.

Please take care of the team. Don't let anything happen to them. Be there for them as you have always been there for me. And please Cy... keep an eye on Robin for me. I love him. I don't want him to be gone when I return. I will keep in touch. Just please, don't come looking for me.

I love you Cy.


Dearest Richard,

I am leaving for a while. All that has happened has awoken emotions within me, and I need to go to work them out. I am leaving to get my powers under control, for the good of us all, for the good of the world, for the good of our future. I don't know how long it will be, but I will be back. If your marriage proposal is still open then, maybe you can offer it to me again. I might be ready to accept it then, if you choose you still wish to be with me by then that is.

Don't think there was anything you could've done to help, or change my mind... because there isn't anything. I have to do this alone. But it will be the best for all of us.

I love you Richard. I love you more than anything. That love scares me. Just another emotion I need to control. Please look after everyone, be the leader you are.

For now, I bid you adieu.

I love you Richard.


There was no way around it. Raven was gone.

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