Disclaimer: I wish I owned Dance Dance Revolution, but sadly I don't.

Note: This is just a poem-like short story I decided to write for the Creative Writing Club in my senior year of high school for fun. Enjoy

The Life of a DDR Addict

Inspired by my friend, Shaolin. (Yes, that's his real name, people! Isn't he lucky?)

Curiosity brought you to it

As a friend introduced you to it

Continuous experimentation later proceeded

In no time flat, you've become hooked

Time and time again, you return for another hit

Wanting, craving another fix

It's a potent drug that won't release you

Over and over, you've tried to quit

Over and over, you've tried to let go of it

But the withdrawal symptoms are too unbearable

And you find yourself needing a periodic dose

Just to keep yourself straight

24-7, it's all you think about

24-7, it's all you desire

You hear that voice beckoning you once again

Like a devoted slave you obey and return for another hit

You are under its spell

You experience an incredible high

And when you finally do it the right way

You're above all others

You pay no attention to your admirers

Though the females provide you with invitations to get to know them better

And you get the impression that you the man!

You care only for another hit

For one more high

It has now become impossible to quit

You are powerless against the conqueror

And so you continue

It will leave you drained and burned-out

But as soon as you recover

The whole thing repeats itself

And so you continue

And please the crowd that encourages you on