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Well everyone, it was a lot of fun, but this is the final chapter of my first (and very successful) angst fic. I made a promise that you all would love it, and that's one promise I can actually guarantee! Because I love it! Thus, if I love it that much, then that means everyone else will!

"LuClipse85, I realize you're still studying for your Philosophy class, but just because you like it doesn't mean they will. The world doesn't revolve around you, y'know." Sango said.

"What? You're looking like I said something stupid."

You did.

One, in Philosophy, it doesn't matter if the subject is true or not, you go along with what's in the sentence!

Two, the world DOES revolve around me. It's been that way for the last nineteen years and it's gonna stay that way!

"Okay, explain that philosophy thing again."

Hey look, you wanna a philosophy class, go to Akida1-sama! I ain't got the time or the sanity to explain it! Oh yeah, Sango doesn't own InuYasha, (tauntingly) What a shame, she'd be loaded by now.

"Maybe, but at least I own Miroku!.....LuClipse85? LuClipse85?"

(on floor, clutching chest from seizure and heart attack, Sango glances at camera)

"Well you heard her, InuYasha is the sole property of Takahashi Rumiko-sama. Now I'm off to go the festival with MY Miroku!"

"I love it when you say that, MY Lady Sango!"


How Could You Hurt Me So Bad?

Chapter 5

The sound of birds singing was heard.

Sango opened her eyes, groggily and looked around. She was inside the room given to her in the headman's house.

And she felt horrible!

Sango groaned quietly from her hangover. Her head pounded relentlessly, she felt extremely nauseous, and she had to really adjust her eyes to see anything. Luckily, she was just about over it, but she still felt like hell.

"Ugh," Sango groaned, "I get myself drunk to ease my pain and now I'm suffering." She said outloud, almost inaudibly.

"Ironic." Came a quiet voice from nearby.

Sango heard it nonetheless. Her eyes searched the ceiling to see where it came from (her senses are still off a little) and just as she recognized it, they landed on the wall across from her left.

Miroku sat on the floor, legs crossed and arms folded, his staff leaning against the wall beside him.

Sango felt weariness take hold of her. She managed to narrow her eyes at him in a cold bitter glare before she passed out again.

Damn right it's ironic! And you have the nerve to say it all casually after what you did to me?! Breaking my heart like that and walking off with that woman! You oughta be arrested! (Where've we heard that one before?) (crying) I don't get it, Miroku. How could you lie to me? WHY did you lie to me? If nothing else, I thought you were at least my friend! If you really don't care about me, then tell me please! At least then, I can die at ease........

A tear escaped from Sango's closed eye as her thoughts drifted in her head.

She woke up again. Her headache had eased, her eyesight returned to normal, but she still felt too nauseous to get out of bed. Sango lay on her futon, staring up at the ceiling, trying to recall what had happened last night. From her leaving the tavern, everything after that was blank. Then she remembered waking up about a few minutes ago and seeing Miroku in the room with her.

Sango narrowed her eyes as a thought came to her.

The monk probably just stayed to see if I was alive, then went off womanizing. Sango caught herself. Miroku never left my side when I was injured, nor did he do that with any of the others. Not once. Her bitter visage had left at the realization, but then she was filled with disappointment.

I was drunk, not injured. Miroku's never left my side when I was PHYSICALLY hurt. To him it's a big difference.

Suddenly Sango's heart filled with longing.

Longing for Miroku.

She couldn't deny herself. Miroku may've lied to her, but she didn't hate him. She COULDN'T hate him.

She just couldn't. Sango cared about Miroku too much to hate him.

Sango just wanted to look at his face, to look into his eyes. It was strange, since yesterday, she missed him. She missed him very much.

Hesitantly, Sango brought her eyes over to the wall then turned her head.

Miroku was still there in the same position except his head was lowered, as if he were asleep. Sango blinked her narrowed eyes.

Did Miroku stay the whole time? Sango wondered.

She looked closer at the monk's face. He wasn't asleep, his eyes were narrowed and downcast at the floor. Miroku's face was darkened, worry all over it.

What's wrong with him? Sango thought, growing worried. "Miroku?" She called in an almost inaudible whisper.

Sango's soft voice immediately interrupted whatever thoughts he had and he sat up, looking attentative at her.

Sango stared at his face. Though his eyes were wide-open, Miroku looked tired, like he hadn't gotten much, if any, sleep. All on his face, she could see worry and sadness. Also a bandage on his left cheek.

"Sango! You're alright!" He exclaimed quietly, happily, and keeping his distance.

"Miroku....what happened to your face?

Miroku's fingers touched the bandage as he recalled how he got it. Sango blacked out on everything that happened after she first heard Naraku's voice, so Miroku filled her in on all of the details.

Sango's eyes widened in horror. SHE had done that to Miroku?! Let alone actually tried to kill him?!

Miroku spoke up, "It wasn't you who gave me this injury, Sango. It was that demon." He wanted to completely believe that, but he still questioned Sango's cursing him. Sango brought her eyes to the floor. She still felt bad, but it was more than just her stomach now. After a long silence, she decided to bring up a topic.

"It seems kinda bright in here." She said awkwardly, "It must be a beautiful morning outside."

"Morning?" Miroku questioned with a puzzled look. "It's the middle of the afternoon, Sango."

She rose an eyebrow, staring at Miroku in disbelief, she was asleep for a night and almost an entire day! Exactly how wasted was I? Sango exclaimed mentally.

Miroku had sensed she wanted to talk about something else so he went with it after she asked how his day had gone.

"Earlier while you were sleeping, I went to get some water for you, and I saw InuYasha in the hallways walking towards me. Against my better judgment, I greeted him. He just walked past like I wasn't there. Kagome only waved and went to make breakfast, Shippo followed her. Kirara was the only one to say hi, I guess. She allowed me to stroke her then accompanied me to the stream. As I walked through the village, I noticed everyone I passed was staring at me. And from what I heard, it seemed they were all talking about me!"

Sango was pretty surprised. She didn't think the people at the tavern were that distressed about her situation that they'd tell all of their friends and eventually the whole village!

Miroku continued, "I heard things like, 'There's that monk!', 'Look, it's the cold-hearted monk that hurt that poor demon slayer!', 'He's got a lot of nerve showing his face in public!', 'That liar! How dare he call himself a disciple of the Buddha!?' Kirara must've thought someone would attack me and she transformed. I told her to calm down and change back, but she refused. I continued on my way and heard more, but what remained with me was what these two women and a man shouting from the village tavern. 'You hurt Ms. Slayer so badly, you drove her to drink her pain away! And you didn't even come after her! Have you no shame?!' 'Honestly! To have broken a young woman's heart in such a way!' 'You heartless philanderer! You dare call yourself a man after hurting Ms. Demon Slayer like that!?'

"I was so confused because I didn't know what was going on, but they were obviously talking about me being responsible for your getting drunk, Sango. It seemed like an eternity when I got to the stream, and those words stuck in my head."

Miroku paused when he noticed Sango's expression. Her face had paled a little and she looked very troubled. Sango had just then remembered breaking down and then cursing Miroku out!

I can't believe I said all of that! Of course I was hurt and very angry by what he did, but I couldn't have been THAT angry with him! Those words....I...I sounded like....like...like I hated him.... Sango was horrified.

Miroku saw the horror on Sango's face. He was about to ask what was wrong, when he froze. What if she remembered what she said last night? What if those words were true? Miroku was paralyzed with fear at the thought.

"S-Sango?" Miroku managed, trying to keep his calm composure.

Sango's thoughts came to an abrupt stop; she met Miroku's eyes, "Yes, Miroku?"

Miroku paused, taking a few breaths. "Sango, I've been confused since last night. InuYasha gave me a summary of what had happened, but I've yet to get the whole story. The villagers called me a disgrace to Buddha for treating you the way I did, InuYasha's been very angry at me for that reason, and you slapped me nearly into oblivion and asked how I could've hurt you so bad."

Miroku gave Sango a solemn pleading visage, "Sango, what did you mean when you asked me how I could've hurt you so bad?"

Sango looked into his eyes. Miroku honestly didn't know what he had done. She hesitated, but then told him, "It goes back to yesterday when we all came to this village and you and I were by the stream. I was going to give you a bouquet of flowers I picked when I saw you with that young woman."

Miroku thought this whole scenario was because of that! But I always flirted with women, she and everyone else knows that! What's so different about this incident?

"I got a little closer to hear you two, and she thanked you for agreeing to give her company. She then asked about me, and you...you just said, 'Oh she won't mind. Shall we be off?'" Sango continued saddened, pausing as she tried to fight that lump that was forming in her throat.

Miroku had a shocked expression as he listened to Sango. Then he remembered.

"I said that?" He whispered to himself in disbelief.

"Y-you said, 'Oh she won't mind.' You said it like you didn't think much of me....you didn't even look back at me when you said it. You just blew me off like I wasn't important to you. At all."

Miroku stared at Sango, ridden with remorse for being so insensitive. He started to open his mouth to apologize when Sango continued, her eyes turned away from him.

"But I wish it was just that."

Miroku froze.

"The day before that, Miroku, after we defeated the coyote demon and freed the princess, you told me that you were happy that I worried about you. My concern for you meant more than that of any other woman...." That lump was getting worse, but Sango continued, her volume lowering to reduce the pain, "But based on your actions when you went off with that woman....I....I truly believed that you lied to me, Miroku. I felt that you lied to me when you said my concern was above another's.....like you didn't care about me. And it really hurt me. I felt....betrayed. In fact, what you did truly broke my heart."

Sango spoke very softly, trying to keep from crying again, but two tears ran down her face as she laid on her side in the futon. Her eyes still on the floor. Sango just couldn't understand WHY she felt the way she did.

Miroku's head was lowered, his hair covering his eyes. His body leaned against the wall, numb with shame and regret. The whole scene played again and all was clear to him. Miroku thoroughly thought about it and he had indeed betrayed Sango.

He felt life leave his body.

How could he do such a terrible thing to Sango, the woman who meant more than the world to him?

He was overcome with guilt.

Sango looked up when she realized Miroku was awfully quiet and fixed her eyes on him, and almost panicked when she found his body slumping forward.

"M-Miroku? Are you alright?"

No. His heart was overflowing with regret and guilt. On top of that, his heart was broken. Miroku was too afraid that Sango had actually meant her cursing him out, so he avoided the question. But it got answered anyway. He had betrayed Sango as well as disrespected her. Though she didn't show it, to Miroku it was obvious;

Sango hated him.

Of course, she meant what she said.

She meant every single word.

Miroku lifted his head and looked into her sad, worried eyes. The pain of his guilt grew and formed a painful lump in his throat, preventing him from speaking. He then felt tears start to form in his eyes as he lowered them to the floor.

Miroku felt a pain in his heart. It hurt terribly. He knew this was what Sango felt all that time because of him.

Miroku was so sorry for his crime, the word "remorse" wasn't fit to describe it. He wanted so badly to say how sorry he was, but if insignificant words could undo such a terrible deed, Japan would be at peace.

I can't just tell her, "I'm so sorry". I've already caused her such horrible suffering. I shouldn't add an insult......I don't deserve to be in the same room with her....I don't deserve to be near her......I don't deserve her......no, it's not I don't deserve her.....

I'm unworthy of her......I'm sorely unworthy of Sango.

Miroku closed his eyes at that last thought, unconsciously forcing out a small portion of his anguish in a tear, which Sango clearly saw.

Miroku must've heard everything I said last night. She thought. Oh dammit, Sango! Why did you curse him out and wish that he would die?! How could you say such horrible words to Miroku, the man who means more than the world to you?!

Sango was filled with heartache as she stared at him, tears forming in her eyes.

"M-Miro-" Sango tried to speak but that excruciating lump paralyzed her vocal chords, it hurt so much more when Miroku rose his head and looked at Sango, ashamed.

Such beautiful eyes shouldn't be tainted by such an eyesore as me.

Miroku slowly rose from his position and walked out of the room, venturing to a private place to relief his pain.

Sango laid on her side on the futon, silently crying. Her hangover was pleasant compared to how she felt for hurting Miroku. Despite his insensitivity, he didn't deserve a death wish!

Sango laid motionless in her bed for a long while, her face streaked with tears. She opened her eyes as she felt something licking her face.

It was Kirara, trying to give her mistress whatever comfort she could.

Sango sat up and took Kirara in her arms, hugging her tightly. Kirara mewed in sympathy, she sat before her after she was put down. The nekoyoukai mewed to get her mistress's attention, then glanced over at the door twice, mewing.

Sango looked at Kirara's gesture and it registered what she said. She looked down at the floor with a saddened face, wondering if she should take Kirara's advice after what had just happened. Miroku looked very hurt. Hell, Sango made him cry! She WANTED to apologize but if simple words could stop wars, InuYasha and Kagome would be at peace!

Kirara sensed Sango felt very sorrowful. She placed her tiny paw on her mistress's hand and looked up in her eyes, mewing.

Woman, what're you waiting for? Go after him and end this! Kirara said inaudibly to Sango, encouragingly. Miroku's an idiot, but he's worth keeping! He's obviously sorry about everything, and that says a lot about him! Hayaku! Ikimasu! Hurry and go after him, Sango!......Man, I wish I could talk.

Sango sat quietly, looking at Kirara, deciphering her actions and expression. And as if she had indeed read her cat's mind, she smiled and hugged Kirara.

"Thank you, Kirara." Sango whispered with a grateful smile, then left the headman's house.

Kirara walked out of the room and went to find the others.

(chuckle) It's so obvious that she really likes that monk. I don't know what the outcome will be, but I couldn't stand to see them in pain; I'm glad I did what I did. Hmm.. perhaps I could help InuYasha and Kagome work out their problem...






InuYasha froze when he saw the furious look on Kagome's face. Frightened, he said it was true, then begged her not to sit him.

Kagome smiled maliciously, "Don't worry, you're not getting 'sat'!" She picked up a long thick stick that was conveniently nearby and rose it like a sword. "YOU GETTIN' 'BEAT' DOG!!"

InuYasha ran all along the backyard yelling at Kagome who swung the stick fiercely, aiming for his head.

Kirara stared with a teardrop.

I'm a cat, not a miracle-worker.

Sango walked outside hurriedly in her yukata, looking for Miroku. She knew she was taking a chance asking the villagers if they'd seen him, but she was worried sick about him now. Sango started to fear that he might've committed suicide or something! A young child of a merchant said he had seen a man in black and purple robes walk up the hill to a Buddhist temple. The boy sympathetically stated the monk looked very sad, almost as if he had been crying.

If Sango had allowed that to get to her, she would've walked back to the headman's house. However, she didn't want to. Even if Miroku didn't forgive her, Sango had to give him an apology. She asked the boy's father for directions to the temple and ran up the hill.

The villagers saw Sango hurry and conversed in curiosity amongst themselves. The monk gave her such heartache and now here she is chasing after him? Is she still drunk?

The temple was set amongst lush forest. Behind it was a beautiful Zen garden with a large lake. That was mainly there to help the person seeking solace feel at peace. Not far from it was a waterfall. Under it in attempted meditation was Miroku, in his white yukata.

Miroku had been under the waterfall for about forty minutes in an attempt to purify himself and ask the gods' forgiveness. But no matter how many times he had tried, he just could not forgive himself for his atrocity toward Sango. Miroku sighed in defeat and lowered his head, still deeply ashamed of himself.

"I tried to ease my pain or at least put it behind me, but I can't. How can I? How can I ever forgive myself for betraying Sango's trust like I did? The thing that's torturing me so is.....even if she eventually decides to forgive me, Sango will never trust a word I say ever again. And it would kill me if I confessed my true feelings for her one day and she scoffs in disbelief."

Miroku paused his audible thoughts, still in lotus position, when the whole scenario from the previous afternoon to right now flashed back in his head and he imagined what he had put her through. Miroku was trying his best not to break down at that moment as his guilt would not release him. His anguish surfaced on his face.

"Sango, I didn't mean to lie to you. I don't understand why it took me so long to realize what I'd done. (Heavy sigh) You're right, I'm not at all reasonable when I'm around women. Nor do I have any common sense, as InuYasha said.......Sango..... I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry for everything I've put you through. I'm sorry for hurting you so badly, Sango. Please believe me."

"It would be very cruel if I didn't, especially when it's tearing you apart like this, Miroku."

Miroku's eyes flew open at the sound of that soft voice he knew so well. He looked and found Sango sitting on his left beside him.

"Sango....." Miroku uttered quietly. He found himself staring into her dark eyes, surprised to see her there; he saw extreme guilt and additional sadness. Miroku thought Sango had such beautiful eyes, he could always read her emotions just by looking in them.

"You shouldn't feel so horrible, Miroku. I'm at fault as well, for hurting you." Sango stated, regretfully.

Miroku was confused, "Hurting me? What-"

"Cursing you out the way I did last night and then.....wishing your wind tunnel would hurry up and kill you....."

Sango truly felt horrible for allowing those words to leave her mouth. She let her tears stream down her face, regretting ever setting foot inside the tavern and every drop of sake she drank.

Miroku gently took Sango's right hand in his; Sango looked up at him.

"Sango, your words are totally justified. After thoroughly thinking about it and realizing what I'd done to you, I wished my wind tunnel would've killed me too." Miroku's eyes were so narrowed with anguish, Sango could barely see them.

"You're being too harsh with yourself, Miroku. Regardless of how you feel that still doesn't excuse what I said." Sango paused as she saw Miroku's eyes widen a little bit as he listened. "I'm sorry, Miroku. I regret every ill word and curse I said. I was very angry with you, but I wasn't that angry that I meant those words. I'm truly very sorry, Miroku." Sango's eyes never left Miroku's. His eyes were half-lidded now. To know that Sango truly didn't mean her cursing lifted a great burden on his broken heart, allowing it to heal.

But there was still something Miroku had to get off of his chest:

The truth.

He had to tell Sango all that had happened while he was away with that woman. Although Miroku felt assured by Sango's apology, he was still uncertain if she would believe him.

"Miroku? What is it?" Sango asked him, concerned.

"I tried to come up with excuses to ease my pain, but despite my change of heart, that still doesn't excuse my actions." Miroku finally said quietly.

"Change of heart?" Sango questioned.

Miroku glanced back at Sango, afraid she wouldn't believe him though he had every intention of telling her the truth. Sango saw the fear in his eyes and her expression softened.

Miroku wants to tell me something, but it's really troubling him. Is he afraid that I won't believe him?

Sango took Miroku's hand and held it in hers.

Miroku looked at his hand inside hers, then looked up at her face into her soft eyes. He stared, his heart quickening.

Sango spoke to him with a soft tone, "Miroku, I don't want to put you through any more anguish. Please just tell me what's on your heart."

Miroku gazed into her eyes. Her soft and trusting eyes. He took a breath.


Miroku discovered the young woman he accompanied was the village courtesan. She was taking a day off from her work to enjoy the beautiful sunny afternoon.

Miroku walked and talked with her, and of course.....


His hand had landed on her butt. Who didn't see that coming?

"Oh pardon me! I haven't a clue how that got there!" Miroku said with a conniving smile. Suddenly, he yelled in pain. Wincing, Miroku rubbed his cheek.

A second after his hand went it's usual routine, his left cheek started stinging excruciatingly!

And the courtesan hadn't even touched him yet! Immediately, Miroku thought of Sango. She had slapped him for pawing her butt so many times, the pain had been embedded in his cheek and came out when he pawed the courtesan!

The courtesan then slapped him on his right cheek, playfully scolding him.

"My apologies." Miroku said as they continued walking.

He thought several things to himself,

How can a young woman so lovely have such a flat bottom? A dreamy sigh expelled from Miroku, I find Sango's luscious bottom SO much more preferable. He thought with a perverted smile. It has the loveliest round shape! And how can the young courtesan be so weak? How does she expect to slay demons with those weak arms? It's incomparable to Sango's strength. Such a powerful woman, I could be struck senseless for days! He marveled.

A pleasant smile spread across Miroku's face as he looked upward at the sky, thinking about his beautiful taijiya.

I can't explain why, but I find Sango's strength such a turn-on!

"Houshi-sama? Houshi-sama?"

The courtesan's soft voice snapped Miroku out of his daydream the second time she called him. She was ahead of him and his pace had slowed after she smacked him.

"Are you well, Houshi-sama?" She inquired curiously.

"Oh! Forgive me, Miss Courtesan. I seemed to have been preoccupied. I apologize. Shall we continue?" Miroku replied.

They continued. The courtesan began talking about various things. She told of her job as a courtesan, how demanding it seemed to her at times and joked about how her superior was such a slave driver. The courtesan even acted as something of a tour guide for Miroku, telling him about various parts of the village. Basically, since she had asked if he would grant her company, the courtesan was trying to be a good hostess and keep Miroku entertained. The subjects she talked about were indeed interesting.

Just not interesting enough to keep Miroku on Earth.

He stared at the courtesan's face as she spoke and walked. As he gazed at her, Miroku saw Sango's face and marveled at how beautiful she looked in that pastel yellow kimono decorated in painted flowers. He smiled. It was such a pleasant sight to gaze upon her, especially when she turned to him and smiled. Miroku was once again lost in a daydream as he continued to gaze, his heart fluttering.

"Houshi-sama! Ki o tsukete!" The courtesan warned.

There was a large rock in Miroku's path and he was heading right for it, lost in his daydream. The courtesan's voice snapped him out of it again, but by the time it registered in his ears, he had already tripped over the rock and fell face first on the ground! Several children and a few villagers laughed at the situation. They too saw the rock and wondered if he'd see it in time.

The courtesan helped Miroku to his feet. "Are you alright? You don't seem to be injured."

Miroku quickly regained his composure and was a bit dazed as a familiar memory played in his mind.

"Only someone as hard-headed as InuYasha could stand that on an hourly basis." Miroku muttered to himself.

The courtesan chuckled to herself. She had seen InuYasha and Kagome fighting about Shippo while she was walking up to the stream earlier and saw the hanyou's face slam into the ground when Kagome said 'sit!'.

After making sure Miroku was alright, the courtesan's expression turned firm.

"Are you certain you're alright, Houshi-sama? You don't seem so."

"Yes. Yes, I'm certain, Courtesan-san! I'm alright!" Miroku mused, lying. The symptoms are worsening this time. I'll walk off a cliff at the rate I'm going! Miroku thought.

The courtesan folded her arms and looked at Miroku with a raised eyebrow, her face reiterating her previous question. He grinned and assured her that she was fine.

The courtesan honestly doubted it, but decided to give him the benefit of a doubt. It might go away later, whatever's wrong with him, she thought. They continued their walk until they came to a part of the village where sakura trees grew.

The courtesan's face brightened, the sakura petals rained lightly from the branches blanketing the ground.

"Oh my!" She exclaimed, "It's so beautiful!"

Miroku admired the scenery as well, in a different manner. Now when he saw Sango's image on the courtesan's face in the radiant sunlight, Miroku was in a daze. He was fine as he admired the scenery of the sakura trees and their raining petals. But when the sweet, light scent entered his nostrils, forget it! Miroku immediately became lost to the world!

Sango was right before him sitting underneath one of the trees, looking up at the pink raining petals, and allowing them to fall on her palm.

Miroku stood there watching, gazing at her beauty. Sango saw him out of the corner of her eye and turned to face him. He smiled a greeting, she warmly smiled back. The very second his eyes lay witness to Sango's smile, Miroku's heart fluttered slowly, skipping several beats. He felt a gentle warmness flow from his head all throughout his body to his toes.

Sango sat underneath the sakura trees, the petals falling all around her, none seeming to touch her. The sunlight enhanced her lovely pale face, only adding to her radiance. Sango's dark brown hair swayed with the gentle breeze, her smile sparkled magnificently in the sunlight, and her eyes......

Sango's brown eyes lightened brilliantly when the sun's light touched them. Miroku was spellbound by what he saw. Inside those beautiful brown orbs that were her eyes, Miroku saw all that was Sango:

Her kind heart, her gentleness, her courage, her strong-will, her strengths, her inner beauty, everything.

Miroku couldn't explain it. Everytime he looked at Sango, EVERYTIME regardless of what was going on, he felt an indescribable feeling wash through him and erase whatever negativity that was in his body. To summarize it; to gaze at Sango was to be in heaven.

That divine countenance.....those exquisite brown eyes......that gorgeous smile......a body that would make a goddess jealous.....you're so beautiful, Sango.......so sublime. I'm in heaven each time I see you.....

There were rhythmic sounds of what sounded like snapping, adding to Sango's mystic beauty.

Houshi-sama......Houshi-sama......Sango gently whispered to Miroku.

Miroku simply stared back with a light smile, trying to think of the appropriate way to respond to a goddess.

Houshi-sama.....Sango whispered a little louder.

Miroku was in a deep trance when he suddenly felt a sharp pain shoot through his right foot!

Miroku yelled and clutched his inquired foot, hopping on his left. He opened his eyes and found only the sakura trees and their raining petals. His heavenly demon slayer was gone.

Miroku held his balance on his left leg as he looked at the trees, very disappointed. A hint of sadness apparent on his face. "How plain they look without her." He muttered.

The courtesan stood wide-eyed with her arms folded before Miroku, who still stood holding his foot and balancing himself on his left leg, wondering how long she had been there.

"Great Amaterasu, Houshi-sama! I never thought it was possible for one to fall into a coma while standing! I beg your pardon, but when snapping my fingers didn't work, I was forced to stomp on your foot to release you from whatever spell you were under!" The courtesan exclaimed in worry.

Miroku had been staring at the trees before him with such a peculiar and dreamy face, she had thought he was either under some kind of spell or he had gotten intoxicated by the sakura petal's fragrance!

"In addition, you were speaking aloud to yourself....no, to Sango-san in your spell, Houshi-sama." She added after calming down a little.

Miroku's eyes flew open and he stared, embarrassed. He had said all of that outloud!



"The whole time I spoke, I didn't think you were listening, but I gave you the benefit of a doubt that you were. And when I caught you spacing out on me, I was certain there was something you just couldn't erase from your mind. Your recent actions confirm it now."

The courtesan stood in front of Miroku, looking him in the eye, leaning on her hip and her arms crossed. But she wasn't angry that he kept zoning out on her. In fact, she was looking at him with sort of a teasing smirk. The courtesan had figured everything out and found it impossible to frown.

Miroku finally spoke up, "I apologize for my rudeness. I thought my preoccupation would've gone away a long while ago, but I can't seem to clear my mind of her."

The courtesan understood as she nodded with a smile.

"It's alright, Houshi-sama. I understand there are some things we can't set aside, no matter what we do. So, if you don't mind my curiosity, is Sango-san an acquaintance of yours?" She figured she should let Miroku have a turn to converse if he wanted since she had been doing all the talking.

"I would have to say much more that an acquaintance," Miroku mused enthusiastically, "Sango is a professional demon slayer who joined....our clan, so to speak after her village was annihilated by a sadistic demon named Naraku."

"Oh how horrible! The poor woman, my heart aches for her." The courtesan lamented.

Miroku continued, "Yes, she joined in our journey to find the shards of the sacred Shikon jewel to defeat him. Sango's a very reliable ally, in fact with her strength and skills, the rest of us would be in great trouble if we weren't on our side."

"So what is she like? I feel rather silly asking such a question, but I have never heard of a female demon slayer before."

Miroku looked at the courtesan incredulously. (Like if someone had asked you what's anime and why's it so great.) She didn't know what a female demon slayer is?! He had to enlighten her! Miroku went on for the next few hours telling the courtesan all about the great demon slayer named Sango, sparing no detail.

She was very impressed at Sango and how Miroku spoke so highly of her.

Miroku continued, telling her more and telling her of their many adventures together. He even went so far as to imitate Sango and use his staff as her hiraikotsu! The staff spun through the air and came to a halt on one of the villagers!



Miroku ran to retrieve his staff. "My bad! Please forgive me, elder!"

The elder village woman didn't return his staff before getting her revenge on Miroku. "Oh so now you literally hit on women, young monk! Well let's see you like gittin' hit on!" She yelled, proceeding to lay the smackdown!

"HELP!! ABUSE!!" Miroku cried out.

The courtesan had to laugh as the monk didn't really think that through. She smiled, thinking Miroku was such a sweet man to treat a female demon slayer with such high regard.

Miroku returned to the courtesan's side with his staff and a few minor bruises, smiling like nothing happened. She could clearly see that the monk was very much infatuated with the demon slayer.

However, when the courtesan thought about it, "infatuated" didn't seem to be the right word.....


Miroku sat on the rock, silently with a glowing red handprint on his face for his pervert moment. He was quite serious about telling Sango the truth, sparing no detail at all. Miroku really had to restrain from grinning in satisfaction. He had gone nearly two days without any physical contact with Sango and that slap greatly eased his withdrawal symptoms. Well, that slap from last night didn't count. The feeling behind it had warped the familiar feeling Miroku knew; this one felt SO much better. It calmed his nerves SO much to know his Sango had returned.

He went on saying that as he walked outside, the courtesan intercepted his path, looking very angry. She had heard of the news of what he did to Sango and scolded him severely for it. Then she got very upset as to why he hung out with her when he CLEARLY wanted to be with Sango. The courtesan calmed down and put the matter aside, saying he was obligated to see her and apologize. Too depressed to do so at the moment, Miroku said there was nothing he could say to rectify things. He had figured she didn't want to see his face ever again, no matter what. The courtesan was the only other one who saw how depressed Miroku was, and encouraged him to go the temple for a little while to ease his pain and then go to the demon slayer. She said that from what Miroku had told her, Sango wasn't so heartless that she wouldn't give him a chance to apologize.

Miroku glanced at Sango and titled his head in curiosity.

She was staring at him with a hint of a smile and a light blush on her face. Sango had listened intently to his daydream about her under the sakura trees, flattered and hopeful.

Miroku hid his eyes from Sango, slightly embarrassed only because he was so enchanted by Sango that he unconsciously spoke his feelings outloud.

Sango felt that shy, girly feeling she got at the stream yesterday return. She lowered her head, hiding her face from Miroku and playing with her hands in her lap. Miroku's mind raced, his main thought being what she thought of him. She seemed to always be able to tell when he was up to something, would she know that he was sincere? Or would Sango confirm that he was just a lying bastard?

"Miroku?" Sango asked shyly, keeping her girly position, her face a deep red.

He immediately turned to Sango, "Sango?" Miroku answered.

"Would you say that again, please?" She asked embarrassed.

Does she mean my sakura daydream? He thought. "D-Do you mean my daydream, Sango?"

Sango straightened up from her girly position, trying to be a woman about it. She knew her red face wasn't going anywhere, so with a calm and collected visage, Sango met Miroku's eyes and smiled warmly, making him want to tell her again.

"Yes. Y-Your daydream about me being a goddess in the sakura rain. I'd.....like to hear it again." You didn't sound strong enough, Sango! And why in the world did you say it like that?! Almost all poetic! ARGH! I want him to see me as a woman! Not some girl! Damn!

Her eyes never left Miroku's the whole time that mental scenario went on. Sango snapped out of it and realized Miroku was blushing a little too! He didn't expect her to want to hear his daydream again. Ironically, in fact, Miroku thought she might've ignored that part, thinking it was all nothing but empty words. But nonetheless, he did as Sango asked, letting his heart do all the talking.

".....I was spellbound by what I saw. Inside, those beautiful brown orbs that are your eyes, I saw all that was Sango; your kind heart, your gentleness, your strong-will and determination, your courage, your strengths, your inner beauty, everything.......

"Your divine countenance.....your exquisite brown eyes......your heavenly smile.....a body that could make a goddess jealous.....you're so beautiful, Sango.......so sublime. I'm in heaven each time I see you."

Miroku gazed deep into Sango's eyes the entire time as he spoke his true feelings to her.

Sango gazed back deeply into Miroku's sincere indigo eyes. She was completely speechless.

He means it.....Miroku means every word! She whispered in elation inside her head.

Sango felt tears start to form in her eyes, and fought to hold them back. Her expression remained as she came to a realization.

Miroku walked off with the courtesan and flirted like he always did, but....the whole time he was with her....Miroku couldn't function. All he could think about was me. And he finally confessed his true feelings about me....wait....does....does that mean that....does it mean that Miroku's...in love with me? All those times he flirted with other women, was it ME he really wanted?

Sango stepped out of her daze and looked into Miroku's eyes and, like he did with her, saw everything that was Miroku;

His gentleness, his kind heart, his determination, his sense of humor, how he always stayed by her side, his courage, his strengths, his sincerity, his obsession with her butt.....his obsession with HER, his inner handsomeness, everything.....

Sango remembered how when she lay in bed, she just wanted to see him. She didn't care about anything else, she just wanted to see his face again. Despite what Miroku had done, Sango just couldn't bring herself to hate him.

She just couldn't.

At that moment, right then and there as she gazed into Miroku's eyes, Sango realized.....

"I'm in love with you."

Miroku's eyes flew open when those five words entered his ears.

Sango had unconsciously proclaimed her love for Miroku!

She realized it when she heard the echo in her head. Sango held her composure, unembarrassed and continued to look into Miroku's surprised eyes. She only smiled, happy that she finally told him.

I'm in love with you....

Those five words echoed inside Miroku's mind as his other thoughts came to an abrupt stop. His heart accelerated, he prayed he wasn't dreaming.

"Wh...Di-Did did you say....did you say you're in love with me, Sango?" Miroku stuttered, completely surprised and hopeful.

Sango smiled at his expression, obviously it had surprised the both of them.

"Yes, I did, Miroku." Sango said confidently, the blush ebbing from her face, then returning as she continued, "You had made quite an impression on me when you told me that you understood how I felt after I had lost my family and village that day.....also when you stroked my legs." Sango said that half-jokingly.

Miroku chuckled and rubbed the back of his head as he recalled that memory.

Sango continued, "I guess it started out as infatuation, but it advanced into something stronger. Everytime I saw you flirt with other women.....in all honesty, it made me quite jealous because...I feel stupid saying this....I wanted you all to myself. But as time went on and I witnessed all the times you stayed by my side when I was injured or depressed and when you put your life on the line for me, that told me that you cared very deeply for me. I would feel safe and happy whenever I was around you, and I would be concerned and worried when you weren't. I...I felt confused about how I felt about you, Miroku. I didn't know if I just had very strong feelings for you, or if it was actually love." Sango smiled even more. "And when I looked into your eyes just now and saw everything that was Miroku, I realized it was just as I thought; I love you."

Miroku couldn't speak.

Sango's confession had paralyzed his body for the moment.

Outside Miroku could barely blink, but inside he was overjoyed! In fact, he was dancing around and singing! He felt his heart beat flutter again as the blood rushed from his head.

His senses managed to tell him that Sango had just waved her hand in front of his face. Miroku blinked twice and regained consciousness. He held his head in his palm, his eyes wide. Sango leaned forward and met his eyes, wondering what was wrong with him. Miroku looked up at her.

"Did I do something to you, Miroku? I thought you were gonna faint on me!" Sango said half-jokingly.

Miroku grinned and chuckled, raising his head up when he was sure enough blood had returned.

"I'm sorry about that, Sango." Miroku spoke softly, smiling. "I was so overjoyed I got lightheaded."

Now it was Sango's turn to be surprised. "Overjoyed?"

"If there's actually a word to describe how I feel, that was as close as I could get." Miroku looked down pausing. Sango turned her body toward him, inching closer, waiting for him to finish.

"I was so happy to hear you say, 'I love you' all of the blood rushed from my head." He said with a happy smile. Sango smiled, chuckling.

"I remember the day we first met each other. It was the happiest day of my life." Miroku continued, his eyes lowered.

"Really? Why is that, Miroku?" Sango asked.

Miroku lifted his eyes to hers, smiling sincerely. "I fell in love with you that day, Sango. I'd fallen in love with you when I first laid eyes on you. I thought you were the most beautiful woman in the world. As time went on and I learned more about you, my love for you deepened so much that it drove me crazy when you weren't near me. I'd be okay if I knew where you were, but if I didn't or if you stayed past the said time, I'd lose my mind worrying about you."

Sango smiled amused and then giggled.

"That's why InuYasha would be so happy to see me after I'd come back from my village!" Sango explained before Miroku asked. "Because you'd be getting on his last nerve!"

Miroku laughed with Sango, sharing a quick recollection of when she left to pay respects to her family and friends at her village and he kept asking InuYasha if Sango had come back yet.

"Finally he couldn't stand it anymore, 'SHUT THE HELL UP, MIROKU!! WHEN SANGO COMES BACK, I WILL LET YOU KNOW!! SO GET LOST, SHUT UP, AND WAIT!! KEH!!" They both cracked up at Miroku's accurate imitation of InuYasha. After he calmed down, Miroku resumed gazing in Sango's eyes, happy he had made her laugh.

They didn't realize how close they were to each other, let alone how close they were to each other's lips. Unconsciously, Miroku and Sango leaned closer and closer until their mouths embraced. Miroku wrapped his arms around Sango and gently pulled her into his lap. She wrapped her arms around him, embracing his shoulders and pulling him closer to her. Their kiss became more passionate, as they both were completely lost to the world.

After a brief eternity, Miroku broke the kiss and placed his forehead atop Sango's, gazing into her dark brown eyes as she ran her fingers through his hair. Sango moved in to resume their kiss, when something made her eyes turn to her left. Miroku's eyes followed her and stared.

The two priests of the temple were watching them with wide smiles! They had secretly checked on Miroku several times before to see if he had received solace for his dilemma.

Apparently, he had this time.

"Oh, don't mind us, young lovers! We were just leaving!" One of them spoke.

Several hours later, the Inu-tachi left the headman's house and set off to resume their hunt for the jewel shards. Before they left, the headman and his wife had a brief word with Miroku and Sango.

The headman bonked Miroku on the head with his wife's frying pan!

"As you go forth, you treat your lady with more respect, young lad!" He said, firmly but with a light smile.

"Yes, headman. I most certainly will." Miroku replied smiling, rubbing his head.

The headman's wife took the pan from her husband and did the same to Sango!

"As YOU go forth, be stronger! Should this or the similar occur, don't get yourself drunk, young demon slayer! It's most unbecoming for a young lady! A frying pan is much better recompense!" She stated kindly.

Sango grinned nervously and rubbed her sore head, "Thank you, headwoman, but I think my fists will do just fine. And if that doesn't work...." She tugged at her hiraikotsu, finishing her sentence.

Miroku grinned, trying to hide his fear.

Kagome giggled at the scene while InuYasha smirked slyly at seeing Sango put Miroku in check, praising her silently.

The headman and his wife bid the group farewell and let them go on their way. As they passed, the villagers waved good-bye, especially the two women from the tavern and the bartender. They wished Miroku and Sango good luck.

Damn! We've only been here almost two days and those two are already famous! Well, Sango's famous, Miroku almost got his ass kicked by a whole village! InuYasha thought. He hadn't a clue as how the two had "kissed and made-up" but he was just happy the whole thing was over.

They were a distance from the village when InuYasha suddenly stopped and turned behind him.

"What is it, InuYasha? What's the matter?" Shippo asked.

InuYasha looked behind him at Miroku, giving him a hard stare. At first the monk wondered what his problem was when he remember the hanyou was still pissed off at him. .

"InuYasha, Sango and I already talked and put the whole thing behind us. And I apologize to you too for getting you angry, I hope we can be on friendly terms like before." Miroku apologized with a bow.


InuYasha slammed his rock hard fist into Miroku's head, almost sending him into the ground!

"OW..!" Miroku complained.

"Will you quit actin' like an ass for once, Miroku?! I ain't like I hate your guts! I was just pissed off that you made Sango cry is all! But obviously you apologized, Sango forgave you and now everything's fine! So....you're forgiven." InuYasha said with his usual harsh tone. He then glared at Miroku, who managed to straighten his spine and stand back up. "But if happens again, I'll swear I'll break your neck, Miroku!"

Miroku smiled at InuYasha, "I assure you, it won't. After what we've been through, it will never happen again."

InuYasha rose an eyebrow at him. Something about Miroku's tone made him wonder what had happened between them. He took a quick whiff and could smell Sango's scent on him and his scent on Sango!

InuYasha's eyes widened when an idea came to him, then he turned hastily on his heel and lead his group onward. They followed wondering what went through his mind just now.

Kagome got a conversation between her and InuYasha started when she asked why he made that face. The conversation went back and forth as she tried to pry it out of him and he was too embarrassed to talk about it. Shippo just looked at them, wondering who'd win.

InuYasha said something loudly about Miroku, obviously wanting him to hear it. Miroku responded, bringing Sango into the conversation by playfully teasing her. Sango turned her eyes to the side, smirking in denial. Then she realized her mistake, as her face went blank.

She'd left her backside in the open as she felt Miroku's cursed hand on it, lightly squeezing.

Miroku's eyes looked up at the sky, an "innocent" look on his face, and a little smirk on his lips. His head was titled to the right a little bit, giving Sango room to knock him senseless as he removed his hand from her butt.

But the pain never came.

Miroku looked to see what the hold up was and discovered Sango was looking ahead like she hadn't noticed anything. He looked ahead in confusion.

O-kay! This is out of the ordinary. Normally she can't slap me fast enou-(yelp!)

Miroku was pondering as to why Sango didn't knock him into next week, when suddenly his eyes bugged out in surprise.

Sango's hand was on HIS butt! Squeezing it lightly!

Miroku's wide eyes slowly turned toward the perpetrator, who cut her eyes at him with a seductive smile. She whispered something to him with a matching tone of voice, "Everytime you tease me, this is what'll happen."

Miroku couldn't help it, an elated, perverted grin spread from ear to ear! HOT DAMN! The way she punishes me, we'll have our firstborn really soon!

Then Sango pinched his lower left cheek, causing Miroku to yelp quietly. But that grin never left his face.

Firstborn, yes. Our own tribe, hell yes!

She removed her hand and walked on as if nothing had happened, finding it difficult to erase her sly grin. Man, and he says MY butt's luscious!

Unknown to either of them, Shippo sat in the basket of Kagome's bike, watching the entire thing like TV!

And getting the wrong message.

Hmm. When someone teases you and you have a problem with it, you can punish them. So then, since InuYasha's always picking on me.....

Shippo thought that philosophy over and smiled impishly.

As if on cue, InuYasha spoke up, "Hey Shippo! Why don't you get out that basket and walk for once! As long as you've been doing that, it's wonder you haven't turned into a butterball by now! Ha! Then you'd be too fat to even waddle around! HAHA!"

Shippo's impish grin widened.

Shippo got wise and acted on his theory; he jumped out of the basket and with both hands, simultaneously pinched both sides of InuYasha's butt and then slapped it as hard as he could!

"WHAT THE HELL?!?!"InuYasha shrieked, scaring all the birds away. His golden eyes locked on the little kitsune rolling on the ground, laughing his head off. Instantly InuYasha bared his sharp fangs and roared, lunging at Shippo who took off like hell!

Kagome stared in total shock, her jaw dropped. "Where in the world did he get that from?"

Miroku and Sango's faces went blank as they glanced at each other, figuring Shippo must've seen Sango's punishment and got the wrong idea!

When Kagome looked back at them and asked, Sango and Miroku did the most practical thing they could think of.

"No idea!" Miroku said, smiling innocently.

"Yeah, not a clue, Kagome!" Sango chuckled, nervously.

She cocked a curious eyebrow at them then looked back at Shippo running for dear life.

"Good grief, InuYasha! I'm surprised you can still run with those saddlebags of yours! If that's where all that ramen goes, it's a wonder I got a good grip!" Shippo cockily teased.



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