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Harry and Ron both looked at the one dot that was Draco Malfoy and Virginia Weasley on the Marauders map, mouths open, hearts racing, utterly nonplussed. Both of them had the same utter hatred running through their heads. The two seventeen year olds continued looking on at the piece of aging parchment for minutes more, until neither could bear to see it anymore. They sat there on the Gryffindor Common Room couch, now staring into the fire, the two best friends beside each other.

"Harry...you saw that too right? I'm not imaging this right?" Ron asked looking briefly up at Harry for conformation.

"Y-yes" Harry muttered

"What is she doing with Malfoy!"

"I dunno...mischief managed"

Just then Hermione and Ginny's best friend Phoenix Herrera walked down the stairs to find Harry and Ron sitting there on the couch looking distraught.

"What's wrong guys? Ron you look like the Chuddley Cannons came second" Phoenix said, flashing her waist-length honey brown hair over her shoulder so every inch of her perfectly framed face was visible. Right now she was only wearing a big 'Ireland' tee since it was around midnight and she swung her silky soft legs over the armrest of the couch and sat down on it. Hermione rested her head on Phoenix's shoulder and stared at her two best friends.

"Nix is right...what's up you two?"

"Nothing" Harry said hastily, stuffing the Marauders map into his pants pocket

"No...nothing" Ron added his voice hoarse and croaky, trying to muster a faint smile to convince them he was all right and failing miserably.

"Riiiiight" Phoenix said rolling her eyes unconcernedly and sliding down so she was on his lap "Ron...really what's up?"

Ron immediately forgot all about Ginny and his thoughts wandered onto how Phoenix was sitting on him. He knew or at least thought that she didn't like him, though he liked her and soon there was a tightness in his pants between his legs and he began praying that she didn't notice. She slung an arm around his neck.

"Go on Ron...you can tell me" she said mischievously, winking at him

"Really...nothing's wrong"

"Fine...be like that" Hermione said "I don't care...I know something's up...I've known you almost seven years now but fine...don't tell me"

"But there's nothing" Harry said In his most convincing tone, hoping this would end the discussion. Hermione seemed to have bought it.

"Ok...are you guys going to bed anytime soon?"

"Yeah..." Ron said, lifting Phoenix up and putting her down on the couch again once he was standing "Off to bed Harry?"

"Yeah" Harry replied, jumping up also he leaned over and kissed Hermione on the lips lightly "Night Herm...Night Phoenix"

Ron walked over to Hermione and gave her a quick kiss on the lips also and playfully rubbed Phoenix on the head "Night Mione...Night Nix"

Hermione smiled "Night guys"

Phoenix looked up and nodded "Yeah night you two"

As the boys got up and left, Hermione came and sat down beside Phoenix on the couch. When the thud of the boy's shoes going up the stairs faded Phoenix spoke again "Hey Hermione...where do you think Ginny is? I haven't seen her since I left her at the Lounge"

Hermione knew what she was referring to. The Lounge was like a Common Room for all the houses in the school, where everyone hung out most of the time.

"Hmm...I don't know...I haven't seen her either...Ah well...she's probably off swimming in the lake"

Phoenix wouldn't put swimming in the lake past her best friend, she had known he all of five years and counting and Ginny wasn't afraid to try something knew. Since their fifth year, she had gained quite a bit of popularity with all the male members of the school, and was known for not only being wild and unpredictable, but also an unimaginable flirt. How she had managed to stay single and a virgin all this time was completely beyond her.

"Hey...I'm just going to go in..." Hermione said, stifling a yawn "Bon Sour"

"Wait...I'm coming Herm..." Phoenix said, jumping up

Meanwhile in the Dungeons

Ginny sat Straddling Draco's waistline as she moaned his name loudly, she was now placing kisses all over his chest between thrusts. Both Draco and Ginny alike couldn't believe they were doing this with each other, if their families were to find out surely they would be disowned.

Draco ran his hands down her stomach, her satin, milky white skin melted away at his touch. He looked at the beautiful creature in front of him that was his, she looked like an angel.

Ginny lowered her head to his, and through loudly voiced screams she kissed his lips tenderly, locking them against her own. Yes she knew that she shouldn't be doing this, especially with her brother's enemy, but she couldn't help it. Ever since the beginning of this year, she knew she wanted him...and he wanted her.

=/= Flash Back =/=

Ginny took a seat in one of the backmost compartments of the Hogwarts Express. She sat there alone, her head in her hands and was completely beat. She couldn't muster up the strength to go and find Phoenix now, she was just too tired. She had to deal with all her brothers with her at the Burrow last summer. The twins were well, the twins...Bill and Charlie were big men now but she was sure they still had the intelligence of five year olds, she wasn't afraid to admit it even though she loved them with all her heart. Ron had gotten so intrusive! Always asking questions and poking and prodding in what really didn't concern him and boy did that get annoying.

So she had 5 boys to deal with, as far as she was concerned, Percy wasn't her brother anymore.

Her head was pounding, and she only found solace with her head in her hands and her hair in her face, blocking all the sunlight from outside her compartment window. Suddenly she jolted up at hearing the compartment door slowly creeping open. She looked up to see who was coming to bother her now, she really wasn't in the mood.

"What do you want Malfoy"

"Little Miss Virgin-ia...is that any way to talk to your new Head boy?" Draco said in his usual bored tone, taking a seat beside her, despite her constant hateful looks.

"HEAD BOY? YOU? WHAT THE FUCKING HELL? WHY DIDN'T THEY MAKE HARRY HEAD BOY? OR EVEN...RON FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!" Ginny shouted angrily standing up, how anyone could put Draco in charge of a school was completely baffling her, all this time she had managed not to look him straight in the eye, she didn't exactly know why so she decided to chance it. Then it all became apparent. When she looked into those Grey eyes, she just melted away, soon she found herself slumped in her seat once more, her flaming red hair in her face, trying desperately to cover her profuse blushing.

Draco was feeling the exact same way she was, though he seemed to do a much better job controlling his emotions at that point. As he looked into her chocolate brown eyes his heart began racing, did he have feelings for her?

Yes, he would say to himself. But suddenly another voice that was not his would shout back. NO! YOU DO NOT HAVE FEELINGS FOR THIS MUGGLE LOVING PIECE OF SHIT!

Draco looked across at her, her loose hair was hanging in wild and untamed curls tumbling down her shoulders, concealing that beautiful face of hers. That face he had so longed to make his own.

Ginny looked up, she could feel him staring at her, his eyes taking in every bit of her body. Yes, little Virginia had changed over this last summer. The old girl who was constantly drooling over the great Harry Potter was gone, she had come into her own and with her emotional transformation came a physical one too, though this one I don't think had anything to do with her changed feelings towards Harry. Ginny sat there in her faded blue jeans that fit her like a second skin and just a plain red tank top. But Draco couldn't think of one unpleasant remark to make about it, he thought...well, that she was hot, her jeans hugged her body in a way that put both Pansy and Clarissa to shame. Yes, little Miss Virginia had grown up.

"What are you staring at" Ginny stated, trying to sound angry and completely failing, she was finding it impossible to hate this guy sitting in front of her. Of course he had made her first 5 years of Hogwarts a living hell, but she felt like she saw deeper into him, a side that no one else knew about, a Draco that actually cared about people and she desperately wanted to get to know that Draco.

"You" Draco said simply, the trademark drawl of his leaving his voice. His blonde hair was hanging in his face, tousled and rugged, looks that both suited him perfectly. Ginny got up and leaned against the window, in the dying light outside her hair seemed as though it was on fire.

"Well don't," She said, looking away from him.

Draco got up and stood in front her of, she was pinned between him and the walls of the train. She turned her head and looked up at him, 90% of herself wanted him to just kiss her right then and there, she knew she wanted it, but the remaining 10% of herself was holding back and wanted to push him off.

Draco saw that her eyes were filled with a faint longing, he knew that she wanted him just as bad as he wanted her. He lowered his head to hers as he was taller and kissed her with a gentle and soft kiss. This completely surprised Ginny, it seemed so uncharacteristic of him, she knew he was holding back from her as she was doing with him.

He licked her lips and gained an easy entry to her mouth, as she wanted this too, she wanted this with all of her very soul. The kiss between them was growing in intensity with every passing second, and Ginny found herself pushing him away and pulling him closer all at the same time. Finally after minutes of kissing Ginny found the will power to detach herself from him.

"Draco we cant" she said, sitting down and not looking at him

"Why the fuck not" Draco replied angrily, sitting down also "I want you and you want me...what more is there to it"

"Do you really want me?" Ginny asked before she could stop herself "Or is this like how you 'wanted' Clarissa and you 'wanted' Pansy"

"I never 'wanted' Clarissa or Pansy for your information" Draco retorted, his temper rising as he stared out the window, but when he looked into her eyes again his anger melted away once more "I want you"

=/= End of Flashback =/=

Ginny let out a loud scream of pleasure as she collapsed onto Draco's body, she lay there for a moment savoring every second of what she had just done and then she rolled off of him and lay panting on the bed.

Draco looked up into the ceiling.

"I love you," he said softly, turning onto his side and looking at her.

Ginny was completely silent for a moment, was he for real? Draco Malfoy? Capable of loving someone other that himself?

Ginny bolted up and looked at him, her long red hair was tumbling down her shoulders and covering most of her naked body. She stared at him for a minute.

Draco began to wonder if he had said the wrong thing, he could have sworn that she had felt the same way, his face suddenly felt hot. His eyes rested on her face and she was smiling

"I love you too!" she shouted, leaning down and hugging him tight, she swung a leg over him and sat straddling him once again. She rested her head against his bare chest and kissed him lightly. He ran a hand through her hair, and held her close as she closed her eyes and began to drift off to sleep.

Draco lay there under her thinking. Yes, he had really meant what he said and he did love her, he loved her with all his heart no matter what anyone said. Yes Malfoy's don't love, but he was no Malfoy, he was a Black and there was no rule that said Black's cannot love.

And he didn't care who found out about what he was doing with the young Weaslette, with this last thought he fell asleep.

= = =

Ginny woke up beside Draco in his dungeon room, his arm wrapped lovingly around her shoulder. This was the third time this week she had woken up in the Slytherin dungeons, but this morning was different, Draco had told her he loved her not even a full night before and she felt great, at least she knew that her feelings were being reciprocated and she wasn't just some easy fuck.

She gently pulled herself from under Draco's arm and leaned over to the bedside table, she picked up Draco's small silver watch that was laying there and read the time. "10:30" she said softly, it hadn't registered what time it was. She slumped back down into bed for a moment then sat upright with a jerk again "10:30!" she shouted across the room, her voice bouncing off the walls, she leaned over to Draco "Baby wake up! Shit! Draco!" she shook him awake "Draco it's 10:30...I should be in Potions!"

Draco bolted upright also, but groggily slumped back into the bed moments later. He raised a finger to Ginny's lips as he pulled her down with him.

"Just go back to sleep," he said drowsily, wrapping an arm around her to prevent her from moving. How wonderful her soft skin felt rubbing his own.

"Draco are you hearing me?" Ginny asked, trying to get up and failing miserably

"Mmhmm" Draco replied simply, closing his eyes "something about notions"

"No! Potions! I should be in Potions!"

Draco's eyes shot open in an instant "Potions?! Not even History of Magic?"

"No!" Ginny said, pulling herself from Draco's grip and getting out of the bed, she began frantically scrambling around the room for clothes.

Draco sat up and looked at her, her hair was tangled and her faced was flushed from all this movement but she still looked utterly beautiful. As she pulled her shirt over her head and pulled a brush out of her skirt pocket and began hurriedly pulling it through her hair Draco's thoughts began to wander.

=/= Flashback =/=

Draco pulled Ginny closer to him under the shaded tree beside the lake, everywhere around them was on fire in the sunset light. Ginny wasn't really sure why she agreed to come and stay here with him but she was here, she couldn't keep herself from him. From the moment of their very first kiss she was intoxicated and she was constantly longing for more of his sweet touches.

If her brother were to find out she was seeing Malfoy like this he was sure to freak, but she really couldn't refrain, she wanted him so badly.

Draco looked down at his fiery haired companion, longing to know what she was so deep in thought about. He knew what he was, he wanted her with every ounce of his being, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this girl and no one else, he knew this wasn't like himself, but he didn't feel like the same person anymore. Not when he was around her. When he was around her he wanted to be a better person, he would go to the ends of the Earth if that's what he had to do.

Ginny looked up at him, and all doubts about this melting away into shear nothingness.

"Are you ok?" she asked feebly

Draco looked her straight in the eye, all malice he had towards the rest of her family, towards the rest of the world, towards his father...towards everyone was gone, all he could think about was her.

"Yeah...I was just thinking"

"About what" Ginny asked, pulling herself closer to him as the sun was ready to make its final appearance for the night and was disappearing.

Draco lay back, pulling Ginny with him, he kept his arm around her, she rested her head against his body.

"About us"

=/= End of Flashback =/=

Ginny looked at Draco impatiently, she was half smiling though.

"Hello? Anybody in there? I really don't get a goodbye kiss?" Ginny said, placing a hand on her hip, she had her schoolbag slung casually over her shoulder and her top button was undone.

Draco shook himself out of his stupor and moved across and off the bed into a standing position, completely naked. Ginny looked him up and down, admiring every feature of his body. She raised an eyebrow and smiled suspiciously.

"You get more that a kiss" he said, moving towards her and picking her up, she wrapped her legs around his waist tight and he kissed her fervently on her lips. Draco was on the verge of pulling her uniform off again but refrained when she began to worm away from him. She jumped off and looked at him, she was laughing.

"Draco I have class now! I'm late enough as it is...you should get ready now too you know"

"I'm supposed to be in Mythology...besides I'm head boy so no one cares what I do...I'll go at the beginning of the next period" Draco replied, flopping down onto the bed.

"Ok" Ginny said, turning to leave his room, she picked up the invisibility cloak she borrowed from Draco, that lay across a chair and pulling it over herself.

"Hey Gin?" Draco called back at the door

From the middle of the empty doorway he heard Ginny's voice "Yeah Draco?"

"I love you"

"I love you too" she replied, she was secretly blushing under the cloak.

"See you later"


Ginny made her way silently out of the empty Slytherin Common Room, but even though it was empty she wasn't going to take any chances with anyone catching her. Of course it must have looked a bit suspicious with the door's opening when seemingly no one was there, but hey...Ginny was happy with what she could get. When out of the dangerous territory she pulled off her cloak and put it in her bag before bolting down the corridor with immense speed to the Potions Dungeon.

She stepped into the icy dungeon, mentally bracing herself for whatever Snape was going to do. She walked up between the two rows of desks, cauldrons bubbling on each and stood in front of Snape's desk. Snape looked at the young Weasley, his cold eyes were filled with a lust that he hid so well from everyone else. How he wanted the young redhead.

"Late Miss Weasley" he said, his voice glittering with malice

"Yes Professor...so sorry...I...I got lost" Ginny said quietly, she knew that that was possibly the stupidest lie she had ever come up with, she wanted to just disappear into nothingness suffering defeat.

"30 points from Gryffindor and a Zero for today's potion...take a seat beside Miss Herrera and observe what you are missing" Snape replied simply, Ginny began walking down the corridor realizing she had gotten of so easily. Snape watched her ass sway from side to side as she moved down the corridor and took a seat beside her best friend.

The potion's master quickly snapped out of it and began pacing the rows of his class and criticizing everyone's potions with utter disdain. While he wasn't paying attention Phoenix looked up at her friend.

"Well?" She asked simply, stirring her cauldron

"Well what" Ginny replied confused

"Where have you been? Who've you been shagging? I was worried about you last night..."

"I'm not shagging anyone...Merlin Nix...I just fell asleep...In the lounge"

"Oh?" Phoenix asked, eyeing her friend but taking this as an acceptable story "Ok"

"Yeah" Ginny replied, letting out a sigh of relief. Of course she hated lying to her best friend, because they shared practically everything but she just couldn't tell her about this.

"You're potions should now be orange now...if you have properly brewed it that is...so please start corking a sample of each" Snape said coldly, from behind Ginny, his deathly voice sent shivers down her spine.

Then the bell rang and there was a general rush of sixth years moving up to the table to put down their samples and heading straight for the door.

Ginny sat waiting for Phoenix as she walked lazily up to the desk and put down a sample of her potion. She went back to the desk and took up her bag, and as the pair were going to head out of the un-welcoming dungeons, Snape's voice cut through the atmosphere like butter and they froze in their tracks.

"Miss Weasley" he said venomously "A moment if you may"

Ginny closed her eyes and cursed silently, Phoenix looked at her with utmost pity and spoke in soft tones.

"I'll wait for you outside the door"

"OK" Ginny replied nodding. She turned to face the Potions Master who was sitting at this desk on the other end of the room. For a brief moment Ginny considered running for it but she thought better. She made her way up the isle between the desks and stood up in front of her most hated teacher.

"Yes sir?" Ginny asked, trying her best to sound respectful, but the very sight of this teacher made her want to grab the nearest knife and sink it straight into him "Is something wrong?"

"I would kindly like an explanation for your absence" he snapped at her

"I told you sir...I got lost"

"You have been at Hogwarts five years...Miss Weasley unless you are implying that I am thick headed I do not think that you're answer is completely truthful"

"But it is" Ginny replied simply

"Detention...please come to me tonight at 5 to serve your detention" Snape said coldly, not looking up at her, every time he did this he felt himself getting excited. "Good day"

Ginny looked at her teacher, her eyes filled with a quite obvious hate and dislike "Good day" she said through gritted teeth, and with that she turned and stormed out of the icy dungeon.

As she closed the door, she looked at her best friend.

"I have detention" she mumbled "Tonight... with Snape"

"Urgh" Phoenix replied simply, she was apparently at a loss of what to say

"That's it?"


Ginny shook her head and took Phoenix's hand "C'mon...we have Transfiguration now...McGonagall would be so pissed if we were late"

"Yeah" Phoenix said "Ok let's go"

The two girls walked hand in hand up to their transfiguration class and to Ginny's complete surprise, McGonagall was not standing at the head of the class, instead she was replaced by Harry. She took a seat beside Phoenix and watched him intently, hoping to catch his eye. When she did she sent a happy smile in his direction.

"What are you doing here?!" She mouthed at him

"Teaching! McGonagall came down ill" Harry replied, mouthing his words also, he faintly noticed how cute Ginny looked with her hair hanging in loose curly tendrils around her head, her smile was so warm and welcoming, how come had hadn't noticed any of this before?

"Hey everyone...McGonagall is out ill today so I'll be watching over Transfiguration...you're notes" Harry said, tapping his wand on the board behind him "Are on the board"

A few students in the class started clapping while Harry did a mock bow "Thank you, thank you!" he said loudly. A few others began laughing as they started copying down the notes.

Harry made his way down the isle to where Ginny was sitting, she had just turned to her bag to take some parchment and a quill and she turned back to find Harry sitting on the desk in front of her.

"Well hello professor!" Ginny said, suppressing a giggle

Harry merely stared at Ginny long and hard until she began to fidget under his gaze.

"What?" She asked, pulling a piece of parchment to cover her face, Harry's stare was making her so uncomfortable, his eyes were wide and watchful, as if staring into her soul

"Harry don't look at me like that!"

Harry tried his best to keep his cool and not draw her attention too much to his behaviour, but was failing terribly, he bit his tongue for a second then coldly spoke

"Where were you last night"

"I fell asleep in the Lounge" Ginny replied coolly, looking him straight in the eye "Why"

Harry raised an eyebrow, his temper rising "Oh nothing" he said through gritted teeth.

There was a moment's silence between the two, then Ginny spoke. "Harry, if you don't breath soon your gonna pass out" Ginny looked at the rapidly purpling Harry.

Harry took in a deep breath and spun on his heels and walked back up to the front of the class, leaving Ginny sitting there completely dumbfounded.

"What the hell was that about" Ginny asked Phoenix, who had been watching intently, angrily

"I dunno" Phoenix replied simply, watching Harry make his way back up to the front and flop into his seat angrily, his face set "But I'm guessing someone's a bit grouchy today"

"Got that right" Ginny said, grabbing up her quill as she began to scribble down her notes. Phoenix looked at her friend and shrugged as she too began copying down her notes. After minutes of only the noises of quills scratching against parchment, Ginny couldn't help her mind wandering about the first time she had ever done anything...with Draco...with anyone...

=/= Flashback =/=

Draco led Ginny under the invisibility cloak through the Slytherin Common Room and into his private dorm, as soon as they entered the room decked in Silver and Green Draco tossed the cloak off of them and turned to look at her. What a beautiful girl she was.

Ginny looked around the room, it had a certain eloquence to it even though it was covered it her most hated colours, she walked over to the bed and took a seat on the silk sheets as she pulled her hair out of a ponytail so it hung loosely around her face. Her gaze moved up to Draco's and she smiled. She pulled her shirt over her head and rested it on the floor.

Draco moved slowly closer to her, unbuttoning his shirt as he did so.

"Have you ever done anything like this before?" he asked softly

Ginny shook her head slowly, her stomach was back flipping, what was she doing! Yes she wanted this with every ounce of herself but what would her family say if they found out? What would happen if she came home with Draco's child?

"N-no" she said stuttering her heart was now in her throat. Draco moved right in front of her and gently moved her further up on the bed, Ginny lay herself down and looked into his eyes.

By now Draco had taken off his pants and was in nothing but CK boxers, he ran a hand along her stomach, her skin melting away at his touch, Ginny soon felt shivers going up and down her spine as he touched her. She pulled him closer but as soon as he was on top of her she began to push him off again.

"Wait...Draco...I don't know if I'm ready for this" she said softly, her cheeks a rosy red

Draco pulled back smiling "It's alright...if you don't want to then we don't have to do this now"

But Ginny had changed her mind "No...wait...I want you now"

Draco laughed softly as he came closer to Ginny once more, the reluctance she had earlier seemed to decrease and she was completely willing to do anything.

Draco lowered his head to hers and kissed her, licking her lips to gain entry and for the next few minutes were spent with Draco placing kisses on her lips, chin, and down her neck. He slid her school skirt down her legs and tossed it behind him.

Draco leaned up once more and slowly pulled down his boxers, once fully off, Ginny's eyes widened greatly as she looked him up and down.

She let out a soft shrill as she breathed a soft "wow"

Draco began pulling her own underwear slowly down her legs, and Ginny couldn't help but feel self-conscious. Her mind was darting back and forth now. Before Ginny knew it, she looked down and saw herself completely naked.

"Draco, what if my family finds out...what if you're family finds out"

"They won't...this is my business...I promise they won't"

Ginny nodded slowly and closed her eyes, what felt like hours which was probably only a few minutes she lay there completely still and silent.

When she opened her eyes, they were glistening with tears. She sniffed softly, but had no idea why she was crying.

"Ginny? Please don't cry...we don't have to do this"

"It's-it's not that!" she said, the tears were flowing more freely now, and her sobbing was a little louder

"Then what is it?"

"I w-want to do-o this!" she said, crying "That's the problem"

Draco was silent "How is that a problem?"

"I'm- supposed- to- hate- you" she said through sobs "And- I – don't"

"But you don't have to hate me"

Ginny shut up immediately and her tears ceased for the most part "No, I don't...Draco...take me now"

"What? What about the problem" Draco asked confused, what was this girl playing at?

"Draco, forget the problem...take me now" Ginny said, the tears were gone and she was pulling him closer

"Are you sure...because we-"Draco began

Ginny put a finger to his lips, and looked into his eyes "Draco...I want you"

Draco entered her right then and there, without being able to restrain himself. Ginny cried out in utter agony with a strangled scream and tears were running down her face once more.

Draco truly couldn't believe that she had been a virgin all this time. She radiated sex wherever she went, with what ever she did and said. He tried his best to make her even slightly more comfortable as she adjusted but it was no use. His thrusts slowed down and he looked down at her. Her beautiful face was wet with tears that were continuously streaming down.

"Ginny are you alright?" He asked softly

"Mmhmm" Ginny said, clenching her teeth

Draco noticed she was clearly not having a good time, he pulled out of her immediately. He was quite horrorstricken

"Ginny I'm sorry...it really does get better...but I-"

Ginny placed a hand over his mouth and pulled him closer to her. Draco was restraining himself with great difficulty and Ginny knew it.

"I know...don't speak..." she muttered, pulling him back into her, her face screwed up again but released within a few seconds, she let out a sigh of relief as they began building up a rhythm, and ever so often she would let a soft moan escape her lips with she had been biting so furiously moments before.

=/= End of Flashback =/=

Harry had been watching her from across the class for a few minutes now, his eyes attached to her perfect body, his own filling with such a longing and such hatred all at once.

He noticed as soon as she had gotten that far away look on her face, she must have been thinking about him. How it sickened Harry to his stomach about how she could be doing this...with Malfoy.

"November 29th" Ginny muttered absentmindedly

Ginny came back to reality once more, shaking herself to wake up properly, she could feel Harry's eyes looking at her from across the class again, he had been acting so odd. What was up with him? What did he know that she didn't? And on top of it all, she had a detention with Snape later on that night.

= = =

Ron couldn't help but finding his thoughts wandering onto his little sister and Malfoy once more. He was sitting in Care Of Magical Creature's class beside Hermione, who was incoherently babbling away about what animals she saw when she went skiing with her family over the holidays to Hagrid who seemed to be the only person remotely interested.

A far away look came across Ron's face.

=/= Flashback =/=

"Harry...you saw that too right? I'm not imaging this right?" Ron asked looking briefly up at Harry for conformation.

"Y-yes" Harry muttered

"What is she doing with Malfoy!"

=/= End of Flashback =/=

Ron turned a pale shade of green as he puked all down his neighbour Neville Longbottom's front. A vivid image came into his mind of his youngest and only sister with that great big git Malfoy.

"Ron!" Neville shouted looking down his front "Scourgify" he muttered, glaring angrily at Ron, who merely got up and walked out of the classroom.

Hermione looked up from Hagrid her eyes filled with concern.

"Um, Hagrid? Should I go follow Ron?" she asked unsuredly, looking at Ron walking slowly away from his Care of Magical Creatures class.

"I reckon you should" Hagrid replied, look over at Ron "You're excused Hermione...don't worry"

"Oh thanks Hagrid" Hermione said breathlessly, she was mentally preparing for whatever was going on with Ron, she had never seen him walk out of Hagrid's class before. She set off running towards him and as she got there she placed an arm around his shoulder.



Now Hermione firmly braced Ron into one position by grabbing his shoulders, he had been absentmindedly walking away as she was talking

"Ron what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing..." Ron replied, turning a pale shade of green once more and puking again all down Hermione's front

Hermione's face screwed up in discontent as she looked down "Oh gee thanks Ronny...I just wanted Stilton blue cheese all down my front"

"Sorry, sorry" Ron muttered

"Scourgify" Hermione said, pulling out her wand "Ron...really, something has been up with you since last night...you and Harry, what? And don't give me any crap Ron..."

Ron sat down right there in the middle of the lawn. Hermione looked around vaguely and took a seat in front of him.

"Ah Ron?" Hermione looked at Ron, he looked so feebly and sickly as he sat there, his eyes were dull and glazed over "Go on...tell me"

"Ginnynmalfoy" he muttered in one long slur



"Ron...I don't speak stupid"

"My little sister!" he shouted "And Malfoy" he added, at quite a lower tone, his face going all green again and he puked beside him

"What?" Hermione asked stupidly, she acted as though she hadn't heard him

"You heard me...don't make me say if again...if I do...if I even think about it I'll-"Ron puked once more beside him

"Ginny and MALFOY?" Hermione asked, glaring at Ron


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