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As had been decided, Alucard and Ginny made their way to The Burrow together to spread the news of their engagement to Ginny's parents. Alucard had visited The Burrow on precious few occasions before this. Ginny was at first faintly embarrassed of her quirky house, and didn't take him there at all and only did when Alucard finally insisted that she was being ridiculous and he finally spent Christmas Day. Before he had arrived Ginny simply could not picture him sitting in her cramped, homey living room, amongst all the oddments of her house, but upon his first arrival, as he stepped through the door she could see how perfectly he meshed in.

Ginny and Alucard both were smothered with kisses when Molly Weasley heard the news of their engagement.

"Just. Wait. Till. Your. Father. Hears!" Mrs. Weasley said through planting kisses all over every inch of her daughter's face. She instantly bustled away, muttering about flooing Arthur and baking something special.

Ginny now sat in the posh living room of her future mother and father-in law's house. She felt distinctively nervous; she had always felt vaguely nervous around them. They were lovely people, but they scared her, they were so well put together; she felt, unlike her own family.

"Gin" Alucard said

Ginny slowly turned to face her fiancée, biting her lip. He put a reassuring hand on her cheek and stroked it softly.

"Relax" He went on, leaning in and giving her a small kiss "Just relax" he breathed out against her lips

"Allie I can't," Ginny said nervously, she repeatedly ran her hands up and down her arms, feeling the Goosebumps she had "What if they don't approve?"

"Even if they don't approve" Alucard began, and Ginny's eyes widened with fright "Which they will" he added hastily "I love you, and that is all that matters, and I'm an adult, I can do what I want with my life…with our life"

He gave her a small smile, and Ginny returned it, she brought one hand up and ran it through his raven locks of hair, twining some between her fingers. She leaned in and rested her forehead against his face, and she felt his balmy lips connect with her nose as he kissed her.

At this moment, Alucard's mother stepped in

"Darlings" She said loudly, a wide grin on her face. She opened her arms and stood in front of the couch they were sitting on

Alucard got up, holding his hand out for Ginny to take it, and as she did, she felt him grip hers tightly. Somehow Ginny thought that he was just as nervous as she was.

Soon Ginny found herself locked in a tight embrace with Alucard's mother, she was gently swaying from side to side, making a high pitched crooning noise.

She then let out an "Ooh" as she released them, and patted Ginny's stomach; Ginny looked mildly confused, as inconspicuously as her body would allow, Ginny swung her head around to look at Alucard, and his bold smile let her know that he hadn't seen his mother's last gesture.

"Sit! Sit!" She said loudly, smiling widely at the two "Allie your father will be here soon, he's out in the gardens planting roses, you know how he loves his roses"

Alucard chuckled, "Indeed mum, Indeed. Er… have you been well?"

"Oh darling, I've been lovely" She exclaimed, throwing her hands up into the air "The proper question is how have you been! Both of you!"

Alucard gripped Ginny's hand tightly, and Ginny returned his strength with full force "We've been good mum" Alucard murmured softly "We've been really good. Gin got accepted at the Ministry"

"Gin!" She said smiling, turning her gaze on Ginny, she paused briefly and took in a breath "Gin, that is absolutely lovely, so your working! How's the apartment, still rooming with friends?"

"Oh" Ginny began, flustered at the fact that she was being addressed directly, "Yes, yes we're with 2 friends, it's working out quite nicely"

"How many rooms does it have?"

Alucard coughed as he said "Two"

Even Ginny's nerves couldn't prevent her small laugh at this.

"Pardon darling?"

He lowered his gaze to the floor "Two mum, it has two rooms"

Ginny watched her hopefully mother-in-law-to-be to gauge her reaction, his mother raised an eyebrow "So who are you sharing with then love?"

At that moment, Alucard's father appeared in the room, he raised a hand and used the back of it to wipe sweat from his forehead. His hands were covered with dirt that he soon wiped on his shirt. Ginny liked Alucard's father, he was so real and down to earth, unlike Alucard's mother who was floating in the clouds constantly. She seemingly had a very contorted view of how things were in everyone's life.

" 'Lucard" His father said, grinning and revealing several yellow teeth

Alucard smiled from the couch "Dad!" He said, releasing Ginny's hand and giving his father a large hug. Ginny had always known that Alucard had a great relationship with his father.

Alucard's father nodded in Ginny's direction, giving her the same toothy grin "Virginia" He muttered happily before taking a seat beside his wife on the couch opposite to the one Ginny and Alucard were sitting on.

"Vats up" He then asked, holding both arms out in front of him

"Well" Alucard began "Gin and I have news"

"Mm?" his eyebrows were then raised so high that they disappeared under his dirt covered beret and smiled at them "And vat news is this?"

Alucard paused briefly, stuttering over the first few letters "Well…" He paused, and for a fleeting second Ginny thought he wasn't going to say anything else at all. His face then erupted into a large grin and he said "Gin and Me…Gin and I, we're engaged, we're to be married"

Alucard's father threw his hands into the air "Ai! Amazing!" he shouted, grinning madly "Eh! Congratulations son…" he paused, his grin even wider now "and daughter!"

Throughout this, Alucard's mother had remained silent; she had a feeble grin on her face "Lovely" She then said simply "Lovely, darling"

Hermione sat on Ron's lap, with her legs crossed and a small baby girl cradled in her arms. Ron had his fingers running over the small tuft of ginger hair on the baby's head while the baby was attached to Hermione and sucking.

"You know…Ron wanted to name her Ginger" Hermione began, pulling the baby off and Ron aided her in fixing her shirt "He said that it wasn't fair that I always got to name the children" she chuckled

"Aww the childish side of ickle Ronnykins rears its head once again" Phoenix said jovially

Hermione nodded and Ron half scowled half laughed "Well it's true, I had no say what-so-ever with Nicolai and Adonis, can you blame me for wanting to name this one myself?"

Hermione got up and began bouncing around the room, she had moved the baby to her shoulder and was gently patting her on the back. Ron stayed sitting in the chair and almost immediately a little boy ran up and pounced into his lap.

Ron buried his face the thick locks of tawny hair on the boy's head

Ginny smiled over at the little boy and waved, and the little boy immediately got off of his father's lap and ran over to Ginny, pouncing into hers

"Nicolai" Ginny cooed, hugging the little boy tightly

Meanwhile, Nicolaievna was questioning Hermione "So how old are they?"

"Nicolai is 4, Adonis is 2 and a half and Maeve is almost 2 months"

"Maeve?" Nicolaievna asked incredulously "She would be better off as Ginger!"

"Maeve is a very pretty name" Hermione retorted haughtily "It's Irish." She then added, as though that settled the matter

"I agree" Alucard said to Hermione reassuringly "It is"

Hermione nodded in his direction, smiling widely "Well you certainly have an interesting taste in names Hermione" Nicolaievna then said, giggling "Poor Ron"

"Well I didn't lose completely" Ron began, shrugging "her name is Maeve Ginger, but I had no say with Nicolai William, and Adonis Brunei"


"Yes" Ron muttered "Brunei"

"Wait" Ginny suddenly said, Nicolai had long since run off and was probably destroying the bathroom with the help of his little brother, "Nicolai is 4, He was born in April, which means he was conceived in July, which means you got pregnant as soon as you left Hogwarts!" Ginny exclaimed

Hermione flushed, her cheeks glowing pink, she merely looked away from the group.

"Well certain and certain people were most obviously getting rid of the post exam depression with a little lovin'" Phoenix shrieked jovially, Hermione's cheeks getting deeper and deeper red. Ron's ears were glowing too, and he decided to interest himself with a baby bag he had resting at his feet.

"Who would have thought, eh?" Harry interjected "Hermione, the family girl"


Ginny sat in the crowded room on Alucard's lap, sitting on her champagne filled goblet. She looked around the room at all it's occupants, people she had known for years, and saw how the years had changed them. She shook herself from this stupor and rose from Alucard's lap. She held her goblet in the air and attempted to call everyone to attention.

"Now" she began, when everyone was silent "This is the part of the evening where Allie and I tell you why you're here"

Alucard was standing up behind her now, with one arm wrapped around Ginny's waist "Indeed it is" he added, nodding.

"Ok, so we're officially letting you all know about our engagement" Ginny said beaming with a toothy grin. Beatrice threw her hands up in the air and immediately launched at the pair, grabbing them into deathly tight hugs.

Once she released them, it was obvious to everyone she was glowing with excitement.

"This is bloody wicked you two!" she exclaimed

Ginny couldn't control the grin that was plastered across her face. As each of her friend's came up to say an encouraging word, beaming with approval and happiness, her grin only increased. She soon escaped, though, finding Alucard, and planting a soft kiss on his lips. Something about that moment, his scent filling her nose, made her go back to things long past


Ginny was walking through the lush grounds outside of a large Romanian mansion. Today was her birthday, and much to her mother's dismay, Ginny was not at home. She spent her 17th birthday in Romania with Beatrice's family, along with her friend Phoenix.

Ginny found herself amazed at how many cousins Beatrice had that were around her age, and they were all so cool. Ginny was having the time of her life, particularly spending her time talking to the very interesting Alucard Demetrius.

The sun was heading under the horizon, and dusky purple was sweeping across the sky, she made her way down to a glassy pond in the large garden, where cadwalls were sliding across the surface, leaving ripples in their wake.

She took a seat, pulling off her shoes and dipped her feet into the water, shivering upon finding out how cold it was; she lifted them into the air, examining her deep green nail polish. She sighed, content with their appearance.

"I walked across an empty land

I knew the pathway like the back of my hand

I felt the earth beneath my feet

Sat by the river and it made me complete

Oh simple thing, where have you gone?

I'm getting old and I need something to rely on

So tell me when you're gonna let me in

I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin"

She sang softly into the oncoming nighttime, gently bobbing her feet in and out of the water, she suddenly felt something hot on her neck, and something peppery filled her nose.

"You have a beautiful voice," A soft voice said

The voice sent chills down Ginny's spine, she almost jumped, feeling startled. She swung her head around for her chocolate gaze to meet with an inky blue one.

"I'm sorry if I scared you" he went on, backing away a little, before taking a seat beside her "And Happy Birthday" he went on

"How did you-" Ginny began, but did not finish, he was coming closer now, she could see his pupil getting bigger and bigger as it got darker and darker

"I know everything" he then said simply "I like you, you know that?"

Ginny felt her breath leave her body, it had caught her so much by surprise, he was so blunt "Why" she stammered out

"You're nice" he began "your nice to talk to, interesting, and I cannot help but smile around you" Ginny found herself smiling at hearing that "And that…" he paused, bringing a hand up to her cheek and rubbing it lightly "…that amazing smile…"

Before she had time to think of something clever and witty to reply, his lips caught hers in a chaste kiss.

End of Flashback.

"Grainne, just stay up here with Evie while the party is going on" Mercedes said as another lady zipped up the back of her elegant cocktail dress

Grainne nodded, Evie was already dozing off in her arms, but her eyes quickly shot open when Mercedes leaned over and planted a kiss on the small girl's cheek.

"Mummy…" she whined softly, but without conviction as she did it mid yawn "I want to come to the party"

Mercedes laughed "No darling, it'll be boring, lots of mummy and daddy's boring old friends!" Evie simply nodded, already falling asleep once again

Mercedes lowered her voice "You already know, if you need anything – the house elves are here, and I'm downstairs if something goes wrong"

"Yes Lady Malfoy" Grainne said, turning and walking down the hallway towards Evie's room.

Mercedes left the dressing room and walked towards the master bedroom, to find Draco choosing between a pair of ties that were levitating in front of the mirror.

"Draco, come on people are already arriving – we need to go down and greet people!" she murmured, walking up and taking the red one, which she then slipped around his neck.

"Red" he muttered darkly, giving her a small smile "I wasn't really choosing, you know! I was simply putting the red there to make it look like I was, I'd really rather wear the green"

"Well, I'm wearing red – so now we match!" She muttered, kissing him lightly as she tied

Draco cast an appraising eye down the front of her dress "No you're not, you're wearing black – Sweet mother of all things holy, she's going colour blind!"

Mercedes let out a soft laugh "Maybe what I'm wearing that's red can't be seen" she breathed, giving his tie one last look before deciding it was well done.

She made to pull away, but he held her there "I wonder what that could mean?"

Just then, a small house-elf scurried in "Sir and Lady Malfoy – your presence is needed downstairs, guests are arriving" she muttered in a squeaky voice

Draco sighed and Mercedes simply laughed, as she began walking, pulling him with her.

Ginny linked her arm with Alucard's proffered one as she stepped lightly out of the horse drawn carriage. They opted for this instead of apparating for the sake of half an hour alone together. She looked out now, the night was chilly for July and she shivered uncontrollably.

Alucard simply pulled her closer, his arm now tightly around her waist. Ahead of them was a black gate, an elegant M wove its way through the grillwork, the break between both sides of the gate acting as a line of symmetry for the letter.

The gate swung open slowly as they approached, and before them lay a long cobble stone path, fairy lights dotted either side at intervals, along with bushes of flowers illuminated by the twittering fairies that resided within them. Further still was a dark, stone cut mansion. Even in the night the elegant beauty was apparent, windows filled with golden, warm light were visible, and even at the distance they were at, tinkering laughs and music could be heard.

The main doors; thick dark wooden ones, were thrown open, and the light breeze gently wafted in. Outside a surly wizard stood, checking invitations while a large, ugly troll brandishing what looked like a giant beater's bat lurked somewhere to the side. Ginny pulled even closer to Alucard as they approached the steps and she saw various people walking inside the front foyer. She briefly considered running, but the surly wizard growling "Invitation?" broke this internal reverie.

Alucard's arm briefly slipped from around Ginny's waist, and she suddenly felt exposed, standing like the small child she was years ago on the steps in front of the looming great house of Malfoy.

The surly wizard let out a gruff chuckle as he realized whom he was asking for an invitation from "No, no Mister Demetrius, my deepest apologies" and with a sweeping hand gesture, he ushered them through the doors.

Ginny had managed to not see Draco so far, but felt as though her luck must run out soon – after all, it was an anniversary party; people always made sappy speeches at parties such as this. She was resting her head against Alucard's chest as they moved slowly to obscure music she'd never heard one arm slung across his back, the other holding a glass of red wine. Though Ginny didn't like red wine, she drank it tonight just to give herself something to do. She looked around; Blaise stood by one of the walls, having an animated conversation with Beatrice.

When the music quieted, Ginny knew what was coming next, and went slowly, almost grudgingly with Alucard as he walked towards the crowd near the podium in the room.

Ginny looked up from the rapidly quieting crowd to see Draco Malfoy, standing still, and exquisite in his dark suit, beside him, Mercedes smiled as she slipped a hand around his waist.

"Lest you all forget why you're here!" Draco started; small laughs came from the crowd

"To five years, an amazing woman –Mercedes Rhysenn Malfoy, and to an amazing daughter – Evelyn Virginia Malfoy" he went on, holding his glass of red wine in the air, the crowd doing the same.

Cheers erupted throughout the room, clapping and whistles, Alucard included, but Ginny's mouth simply hung open in shock. The core of her stomach was on fire, the spot right below her chest but just above her navel. Her glass of red wine slipped from her fingers and shattered, in the process covering her white dress with red. She cursed, but no one noticed this in all the excitement. Alucard felt her flail at his side and noticing her distress, bent down to help her but Ginny gave him a forced smile and said "Oh, don't worry about it, I'll just be right back"

And with that, scurried away, bumping into several distinguished dignitaries as she went. She ran through the open front doors, blindly moving and soon she found herself on a deserted terrace, with an ivy-covered banister and a tiny silver slipper on a moon in the distance, rising over hills.

She looked down at her dress; ruined red, and she cursed upon realizing she'd left her wand in her bag. Frustration boiled inside of her and she was about to scream out when the shuffling of feet behind her made her voice cut short.

She slowly turned around and found herself face to face with Draco.

His face was unreadable, his eyes shone in the dim moonlight, and Ginny immediately turned her back to him, facing the large expanse of land beyond the terrace.

"Malfoy" she began slowly, before going on tiredly "What do you want"

There was a pregnant pause, and for a second it was so still that Ginny was almost certain he went back inside, but these thoughts were soon proved wrong when she looked to her side, only to find Draco closer than he was before.

"What's wrong," He asked simply

"You have a right nerve" Ginny muttered "I…" she paused, biting her lips and gripping the banister "I cannot believe you"

"What is the problem" He then said, his eyes were transfixed, they traveled across her face, and he suppressed a sigh – his face remained unreadable.

"How dare you!" Ginny's temper was rising, but for fear of being heard her words were frantic, angry whispers "You break my heart, You desert me without so much as a backward glance" Draco opened his mouth, but his words were droned out by Ginny's continued rant

"…Then years later you name your child after me? Was this all a part of some elaborate scheme I was clearly left out of?" Ginny was staring at him now, her lips were set in a thin line, she was clearly livid, but what Draco saw flash her eyes next wasn't anger, it was sadness. Momentary weakness that allowed him to see the tears that were glistening in her eyes

"You were always the one who knew how to hurt me the most" she finished, before turning her gaze back to the land

"You were always the one…" Ginny muttered again, her anger was back and it could be seen by how her fingers tensed as they gripped the banister harder "and I despise you for it"

Draco wasn't listening anymore, he brusquely grabbed her face and pulled her closer, Ginny fought a little, if not lamely to get away, before their lips came crashing against each other.

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