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12:14 a.m. – High Security Prison

Lady Dragon (from season 1's "Game Girls") stood around in her prison after being freed from the game Jerry trapped her in. "I have to get revenge on those spies!" She said in anger.

She snuck out of prison underground unnoticed 15 minutes later, made her way to Beverly Hills, and apparently zapped Clover and Alex into an old video game with her camera she used to kidnap all the other athletes in "Game Girls."

7:48 a.m. – Sam's House – Beverly Hills

It was a Saturday morning and I was hanging out at Sam's house for the day.

"Let's watch some TV, Mathew," Sam suggested. She was wearing a short blue shirt and a pair of black capripants. (A/n: That was the first outfit she wore in season 2's "Fashion Faux Pas.")

I wore a blue motocross T-shirt with some sponsors on the front and Matthieu Lalloz's last name on the back as well as a 47 under the last name. "Sure. What do you want to watch, game shows, cartoons, Geor—what's this?" I said after seeing a small piece of paper taped to Sam's TV screen.

"It's a note, 'If you want to find your friends, they are not at any of their hangouts, they are in an old video game from the late 80's called Super Mario Bros. 3. If you want to see them again, you must find a way into the game and win it all. Good luck, you'll need it. Signed, Lady Dragon'" Sam read after taking it off. "Oh no, looks like I'm gonna need help," She said shortly after that.

"Hey, I dominated that game when I was about 4 or so." I snapped.

Sam took out her compowder, pressed a button, then we heard a sound, and we fell down one of the WOOHP tunnels and we screamed, "AAAAHHHHHHH! WHOAAAAAA!" and landed on a comfort. Sam and I landed on top of each other. I landed on my chest on the comfort and Sam landed on my back. Sam rolled off and I sat up. I lent out a hand to help Sam back up.

"Hello, Sam and Mathew." Jerry greeted in a calm mood.

"Hi, Jerry," we both said.

"Jerry, you're not gonna believe this," Sam said in stress and almost standing up.

"Alex and Clover have been kidnapped." Jerry said.

"Wait just a second! How do you know this?" I asked.

Jerry pressed a button on a remote control and Lady Dragon's picture of her in a gray jail uniform came on the screen. "It appears one of our former villains Lady Dragon has escaped from prison and apparently downloaded Alex and Clover into one of the very old video games, Super Mario Bros. 3. So far, Alex and Clover have only been downloaded, and everyone else she's left alone."

"Well what're we sitting on our rears for, equip us, Jerr." I said in excitement.

"Of course. Today, you'll be taking the breathe-easy-go-anywhere masks, jet pack backpacks, and clothes storers to keep your spysuits and gadgets nice and dry." Jerry explained. "Now, do you remember Brittney?" He asked.

"Sure. Let us guess, she's coming along on another mission with us?" Sam asked in excitement.

"That's right." Jerry said.

Brittney stepped in wearing high-heeled sandals, long brown pants and a blue tanktop. (A/n: That is somewhat relevant to what she was wearing in season 2's "Alex Quits.") "Hi you 2. Remember me?" She said. "Well, my team gave us some time off, and WOOHP gave me another call to ask me if I wanted to go on another mission and I said 'sure.'"

"Sure we remember-"we were just about to say, then all of a sudden, we were WOOHPed down another tunnel.

"Good luck, spies," Jerry said after we were gone.

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