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Summary: Being a pirate is hard enough but when you're a woman and you're alone its even harder, this is her story………………

Author: Queen-Misfit-01

Rating: PG-13 (some violence and swearing).

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He stood there staring intently at her; her head was bowed in her lap. Her eyes closed. Huddled in a tight ball.

She was a feisty one, her brown eyes spitting sparks at anyone who dared to look.

She'd been aboard The Princess nearly a week, with little food and bad weather conditions, She was often seen in that position. He didn't believe she was sea sick, she just needed time to get used to the sea. And she couldn't do that down in the brig.

He had given her some broth a while ago, She hungrily ate it all but he looked at her again in the wrong way and she'd thrown the small pewter bowl at the door.

"JACK!" a voice yelled.

He looked up, "YE?"

"Cap'n wants ye to bring tha' slave girl on deck", Came McGee's clear voice.

Her head shot up, and Jack Sparrow looked at the dark skinned beauty.

"I know ye ain't no slave girl", He mimicked.

"Damn right!" She muttered.

"Come on", He opened the door and she stumbled out. Stretching her arms and legs; the brig was no place to sleep.

Jack grabbed her wrists, and she struggled slightly. He smiled, a golden tooth glinting.

"No Luv I know it's hard to resist a man of my structure, but please try!" He grinned.

She glared at him, "Ye wish!"

"Come on Luv we don't have to fight now", He said ushering her up the stairs.
"Your from Haiti?"

"Yes Sir", Ana answered Captain Owen, her hands seated in her lap.Lying through her teeth.

"And your family?"

"I have no family", She answered harshly.

"And your name is AnaMaria?"

Ana nodded, "Yes".

"Well AnaMaria we do not take kindly to stowaways aboard my ship, the only way in which you can rectify this is by being one of my crew members. The pay is little, the food is nasty. But its better than being thrown over board", He offered.

AnaMaria let out a very weak smile, "Thank you sir, I will not disappoint ye".

"Find Jim, he'll show you what to do", Captain Owen waved his hand dismissing her immediately.

She walked out onto the deck feeling the eyes of the crew immediately upon her.

"It be bad luck to have a woman on board, especially a slave girl", McGee commented to Jack as she walked by them.

Jim smiled warmly at her as she reached him, "Ignore 'em, ye can take my position on top".

AnaMaria looked at him confused, "On top?"

"The crow's nest, it ain't for those who have a fear of heights", Jim warned her.

She nodded, "Its above my head, where those ropes are?" She pointed to where the ropes were set in out in a ladder shape.

He nodded, and handed her a telescope. "You might need this, just be on the look out for other ships".

"Got it", and with that AnaMaria took a running leap at the ropes and quickly scaled the ladder to the top, the bewildered McGee glancing up from below. With ease she settled herself in the crow's nest gazing at the horizon a head of her.

And she sat and thought of her sister, the only person whom she truly missed and longed for.
"I don't know what happened".

Gulliver Chase looked at the man stood in front of him, "I think your lying Thomas".

"She was nothing but trouble", Thomas Cane seethed.

"Trouble who escaped, you need to keep a tighter rein on your slaves Thomas, or they'll all escape", Gulliver advised.

"I'll get you another slave girl, ten times better", Thomas offered.

Gulliver drank the brandy from the cup, "Free of charge?"

"Of course, anything for an old friend", Thomas nodded.
Jack stood at the helm, Jim by his side. The boy's eyes had never left the crow's nest, where AnaMaria was stationed.

"She ain't gonna fall", He told him.

Jim looked up startled that someone had noticed his staring, "I know tha', and I was jus' checkin'".

"She's ok, She don't need you checkin'. Hold my position", Jack ordered. Jim nodded, and Jack took off down below.

He knew that the Cap'n have given her the smallest cabin on the boat. Nowhere near his or the crew's own cabins. He didn't want anyone mixing with the slave girl.

It was only when Jack entered that he realised how small it really was, as soon as the door opened there was about six feet of space. In which a small hammock was hung, nothing else except a small satchel was in the room.

He went to sit in the hammock and just as he cocked a leg over, a cough interrupted him.

"What are ye doin'?"

He looked up, smiled at her.

"Luv, I was just seein' to ye cabin".

"I don't need ye seein' to my cabin", Ana answered.

He pulled some things from under his coat and threw them out her, "Here, I got ye some pants, and a shirt. Tha' dress yer wearin', ye don't want to give out ideas".

She held the clothes to her chest, "Thank ye".

"I'd get back on deck, before they know ye missin'", Jack ordered.

She nodded slowly placing the clothes down. Ana walked out, and Jack pulled his hat down, "I might have me a little kip", He slowly closed his eyes.
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