Chapter 2: Thoughts and Feelings.


Dawn Summers had become a well known woman. She was a powerful leader and fearless as her sister had been. She had grown up a lot from what she use to be. She was tall, dark and mysterious. She always laughed when someone described her like that. But that was just what she had become. Growing up almost to soon she was an old woman with a body of a teenager. She had finally grown into her body and it showed. She moved with grace as she practically skimmed the ground. Her face had harden into a warrior and she wasn't the innocent little girl she had once been. Her hair was cut short. And her eyes sharp. She looked at what had once been her house as the two evil creatures raced into the building. She looked over at her company. Andrew. She smirked. Something that never happened any more. Her eyes narrowed as she took in the changes that he had gone threw. He was no longer chubby he was all muscles and determination. He also had been changed by years of the war, many others had been lost. These two were half of the team. Other's long gone. Some by other forces. But most by the two creatures that just ran into that house. Dawn's eyes narrowed. She would end it...And soon.


The morning dragged on as Willow sat on the couch all alone. Buffy was still up in her room. She didn't know what to think. Buffy wasn't the kind of person to do this.

'She must be really tired from work yesterday' She told herself. 'Yeah, that's it.' She smiled at herself and grabbed the television remote and flicked through the channels. After not finding anything good on she sighed and licked her lips. She looked at the clock. It was almost five in the evening. Buffy had to get up soon for patrol.

Willow sighed and pulled herself up and walked back up the stairs. Dawn had gone over to a friends.

"No STOP!" Willow heard her friends squeal. She froze. Buffy had a guy in her room? She was shocked and hurt. Deep laughter came from behind the closed door. "Spike I'm w-"

"You what Slayer? What are you gonna do?" He asked. Willow's jaw dropped. Buffy was with Spike. What was going on? She closed her eyes and knocked on the door.

"Buffy?" She asked timidly. "Are you all right?" She heard a muffled groan and a lot of movement in the room. Then the door was pulled open.

"Willow!" Her best friend stated. She was flush and out of breath. "Hey."

"Hey," She replied. "You have go out for patrol in half an hour...Is ummm....Spike in there with you?" She asked. Buffy's eyes widen in surprise.

"Why would you say that?" She asked.

"'Cuz I heard him." Willow stated. Buffy bit her lip.

"It's not what you think." Buffy said in a rush as Spike came up behind her.

"'Ullo Red, how are you?" Willow tried to smile but failed.

"Fine, and yourself?"

"Marvellous...Bloody fantastic." he grinned ear to ear.

"Buffy you didn't..." Willow stuttered. Buffy shook her head quickly.

"No, no, no...He's just trying to be funny..." Buffy reassured her friends. "And not doing so" She said as she ran her hands in his hair causing it to curl more then it was.

"'Ey!" He cried in protest. Willow watched the couple more amused then anything else.

"So, you guys are in the same room...."

"Sleeping." Spike filled in. "That is what one does in the bedroom...." He quirked an eyebrow at Buffy. "Most of the time." She grunted in displeasure and slapped him lightly against the chest. All three of them noticed that her hand lingered longer then need be. Spike was the first to break the silence. "I think I should go and catch a shower." He growled.

"Yeah, that's a good idea." Buffy said looking at the floor.

"Care to join me Luv?" He asked. She blushed at his comment. But didn't reply. She turned on one foot and walked back into her room as Willow followed her. Spike grinned and walked towards the bathroom. When he finally disappeared into the bathroom Willow spoke up.

"So SPILL?" She cried excitedly. "Are you two like a couple now?" She asked as she watched Buffy back into her room. She followed.

"I don't know Will, I like him and all it's just a little weird,"

Spike grinned as he listen to the private conversation going on in the room next to him. Gotta love vampire hearing. He quickly got undressed and turned the water on. So the slayer liked him. He grinned and tried to find soap that didn't smell like flowers. After not finding anything that he could use, he grabbed Buffy's vanilla body wash. Grumbling about become a Nancy boy. He quickly finished showering and stepped out wrapping a towel around him. He picked up his clothes and walked back into Buffy's room.

"Sorry girls but can you please tell me where I can get some clean clothes?" He asked. Willow smiled as she saw her friend almost drooling on the vampire.

"I think Xander left some clothes around her somewhere. I'll go and check." Willow said as she walked by Spike. Smiling and mouthing the words. 'Go for it.' He grinned as the redhead left the two alone in the small room. Buffy's eyes were darting around everywhere trying hard to not look at the man in front of her. She licked her lips.

"Think you can patrol with me tonight?" She asked softly as she went over and began to make her bed.

"I think I might be able to help you." He said with a smiled, "Just like I could help you now." He whispered into her ear. She shivered.

"What do you mean?" She moaned. He grinned and reached around her grabbing the sheets.

"I can help you make the bed." She bit her lip and laughed softly.

"That it?" She asked with a sly smile. He grinned.

"For the moment that's all that is needed."


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