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All Thangs Just Keep Getting Better For Erik

As Jai prepped everyone on the hot set, dull raps on the door. Erik dragged his eyes off Christine. Wondering what to do next, a poof poofed in Erik's mind as it registered what to do next. He heaved out of the chair his 'cute lil butt', as Carson observed while he checked out the pair of dark brown slacks Erik had on that day, out to get the door. He still wasn't used to visitors coming in and knocking politely.

Then again, he wasn't used to having five gay men wreck his house and do what's best for good ol' him anyway.

But he saw Kyan jog to the outer hall already, so he decided to sit quietly back down.

"Carson! Friendship's here!" yelled Kyan as he jogged back in the room.

"Good!" said Carson happily. He gave a few final instructions to everyone before trotting to where Kyan was.

It registered in Erik's mind. When talking about eminently modish, flamboyant gay men, friendship equals trouble. Then again, isn't it all the time?, pondered Erik. Realizing he had no time to ponder, he stood up and boomed, "What do you mean, by friendship?" he asked warily.

"Oh! You'll see." said Carson as he spun around. "Don't worry. This guy is like my first cousin, only so much more handsome." A chuckle then he left.

Erik sighed. That's all he did. He sighed.

A "WHAAAT?" surged through his ears, from the kitchen.

Erik decided to plant his 'cute lil butt' right on the seat, as his wandering around tended to lead him into another path into darkness deep as hell.

"Christine, Christine… Why? Why?" sobbed Erik melodramatically in his head.

The clang of a pan and the craaaaack of a porcelain plate sent Erik flying into the kitchen with a prayer to an unnamed god in his squinted eyes.

He sighed with relief when he saw that everything was in order. Ted was ranting aimlessly with one of their runners, who looked quite incensed and bored at the time.

"Don't you know that this," he said, pointing to the bags on top of the counter. "is an offense against my ten commandments and an insult to my… and his!" motioning to Erik. "Personal taste and style! Not to mention class. Did I mention class? Oh lord! Don't you dare get me started on the class o-"

The blonde teenager threw her hands in the air, sending one of her fake nails flying. "I'm not! I'm not! So hold your tongue for a moment, puhleeze!" Gasping a high-pitched breath, she sighed. Calmly, "Look, Mister Ted, sir, I just dragged this thing in. It was Sir K's friend." She giggled. "The ka-yoot one… Heeheeheeheehee…"

Ted raised his hands in the hair in a little surrender. "Well, he is a good looking chap…" Snapping back to his original state of mind, he recoiled. "But he can be quite, well, dim, at times."

"Ah, well, I always chose looks over books." Said the runner as she went out the room, sucking the glue off her finger.

"Indeed." Said Erik as he approached Ted. "Say, Ted, who is this man? Carson's friend…"

Ted smiled and clapped him on the shoulder. "Carson warned me about this beforehand. You'll meet him soon. The food in those bags – rather, the sad replacement of food in those bags, are what we're going to eat before we head out."

"Head out?"

"The fun begins."

"Did someone say 'fun'?" exclaimed Thom as he walked in the room. "I hear hap-… Oh…"

"I don't like the food either."

Thom made a face, but clapped his hands together and said, "Well, beggahs can't be choosahs, doll."


"Well, we finally got the first part done. Everyone did wonderfully, by the way. The managers even did a ditty from 'Guys & Dolls'."

"On the set?"

"Nah, in Erik's bathroom which Kyan adores."

"Oh…" said Ted with a gleam in his eye.

Both men laughed manically as they motioned Erik to follow them into his living room/studio/set.

Erik grunted. Whenever someone laughed manically, he was supposed to get his royalties. But never mind. He'll let it slide… Just this once

He turned at his heel and glided out the room in the Phantomy way.

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Jai grabbed the bags of food from the kitchen, passing Erik, Ted and Thom as they entered into the mayhem of the most wonderful kind. Wonderful, depending on one's on definition. Carson and Kyan were talking and making jokes with Christine, the managers, and everyone else. They walked in in the middle of a story.

"And we tried to get her down here, because from what I've heard, she's worked with our secret and strange angel…"

"Though they didn't have a very good working relationship…"

"Far from it. Erik blackmailed her, supposedly. At least that's the word…?"

"But anyway, we tried to get her to come give a testimonial here, but we just couldn't!"

"We used everything we could think of!"



"Primetime shows!"


"But to no avail…"

Both sighed dramatically.

"But that's okay! These two are good enough." Said Kyan, clapping Andre's shoulder.

"And our precious little ingénue!" said Carson, motioning to Christine, her face laughing, eyes dancing.

"And to our new guest!" said Christine as she raised her wine glass filled with sparkling water.

"Here here!" exclaimed Carson. Upon noticing the presence of The Phantom & Phriends, he said, "Come here! Here!"

They walked on over to Carson. Carson put his hand on Erik's shoulder and said, "Maybe it's time for the angel to meet my dear friend." Smiled Carson. He looked around. "He was here a moment ago…"

Jai's voice from the background popped in. "He's being his darling self and helping me sort these out in individual proportions."

Kyan turned around. "Remember what happened last time?" he aske laughingly.

Jai groaned. "Ugh, the revenge of the sewer rats and the elephant parade, don't remind me…"

Whispers flew from the crowd of behind-the-scenes men. A few giggles here, a nudge in the stomach there, a scowl. Erik didn't understand, nor did he care to.

"We're just about done here." Said Jai over the rustle-rustle of paper bags and plasticware. "You'll have your first cousin back soon enough."

"Stop right there!" demanded Carson. "He's my pretend first cousin. How else am I going to marry him when we grow up?"

"Oh shush!" said a voice, not Jai's. "I only have my beautiful eyes on one person."

Christine laughed as she took a sip from her drink.

Erik sat there and absorbed everything around him like a sponge. A few minutes talk-talk-rustle-gossip-crack-talk-gossip-squeal passed, and Jai once again spoke.


"Good job! Have a gold star!"


"Now, ladies and gentlemen, first we, well, dine."

Over the heads, Erik saw a table, long and narrow, with little paper bags all neatly lined up on it. It had a yellow "M" on the front. Erik wondered what it meant. He approached the food and wine connoisseur on the matter.

"What's this? Marseilles? Something from there? Or perhaps Monica's? That bistro near here?"

Ted hung his head. "No…"

Erik gulped and tried to stop beads of sweat from rolling down. "Me… Mexican?"


Erik breathed relief. No one could know about his delicate stomach. "Oh. So…?"

"I introduce to you McDonald's."

"Ah." Said Erik, who was really thinking more along the lines of 'Eh?'. But decided to hide it.

As people began to move out for food, Carson pulled Erik aside and said, "I'd like you to meet a good friend of mine. I brought him in because he's a fashionable, elegant man, with a good sense of what he likes, what women like. But he can be… A bit slow at times… But from time to time, who's not?"

Erik wanted to retort with a self-important snide but then he realized that not punjabbing anyone this deep into things was a stupidity in itself.

Maybe because Christine was there. He didn't want the woman of his love see the same hands that touch and caress and play her beautiful music, kill and murder, and mutilate.

Or maybe because he was a good person.

Erik chose the former, thank you very much. I am not losing my spark, he told himself firmly.

"Come over here!" said Carson waving. "And bring enough munchies for a threesome! There's someone here I want you to meet."

The voice from the crowd made its was nearer as he responded. "Oh. I'm afraid we've met before."

It was the moment where speech disappeared into silence, and not the way Erik wanted it to be.

There was no way to describe Erik's expression but with this  O.o

Holding three McDonald's bags in front of him stood Raoul.

And once again,  O.o

Raoul never got the chance to say another three words for at that moment, Carson found himself being dragged by the collar by an angered Phantom.

"What… The Hell… Is Going… On…"

Carson waved a nervous yet dismissive hand. "Stop talking like William Shatner."

"Not the point. I cannot believe… Does Christine know he's here?"

"She was glad she had someone to talk to while the managers were getting their acts straight as we filmed, although I must say, the hardl-"

"I cannot believe it. She betrayed me. You, even if I do not trust you in the least, betrayed me! Do you not know of the hatred that flows between us men?! I was scorned! Everything was supposed to be wonderful! Everything grand and majestic! For me and Christine… Had he not shown! I was close to killing that pretentious, arrogant, self-ob-"

"Whoa whoa whoa! Slow down!" said Carson, wiping imaginary sweat droplets off his brow. "First of all, I didn't know there was underlying sexual tension between the two of you…"

"You're missing my point." Erik said, in a voice mistakable for calm, but really, it was pure rage. Don't be fooled.

"Please. Just calm down, relax. Please be a gentleman, like you really are. Be civil. Christine enjoys his company. She has someone to hang with."

Erik's eyes were the eyes of a scorned lover. To Carson, they were the eyes of a little lamb lost in the woods, one who could always to be good, to one who'll watch over him… Crack-crackwent Carson's heart.

"If it makes you any better, they remind me of Kathryn and Sebastian… From 'Cruel Intentions'?"

Erik's eyes turned into slits. "I know the storyline of that, freak."

Blooper. Carson gave himself a time-out.


"But do it for Christine. She'd be thrilled to see you getting along, if not in a friendly manner, in a civil manner. You wouldn't want her to feel awkward when she's around both of you, right? You'd want her to have a good time, right? You want to win her heart, right? And get you some, right?"

Erik sighed. "If you put it that way… I'll be… gulp… Nice."

Carson smiled. "Now let's get back before the food gets all gone!"

They found Raoul leaning on a wall by himself; near the one they left him by, amidst the group of chattering people. Carson gave Erik a nudge, and Erik complied somewhat reluctantly.

Erik approached Raoul. "Hello, Vicomte. Fancy meeting you here, out of all circumstances, this." He said plainly.

Raoul nodded. "Monsieur."

Awkward pause.





Carson swept past the two of them, swiftly grabbing his meal out of Raoul's hands, while nudging Raoul on as well.

Raoul cleared his throat. "Well, um… This is awkward."




"For Christine's sake, please, let's not do anything that will make her fe-"

Erik raised a hand. "I know where you're getting at. I agree."




He sighed. "Yes, a truce. For Christine."

Raoul beamed. "Good. A handshake will do."

They shook hands.

Raoul handed Erik his bag. "I thought you might like this one in particular." He said with a smile.

As they moved to the empty part of the couch, Erik opened the bag. It contained a burger, a drink, and a little toy.

Raoul smiled. "Something told me that you wanted the Happy Meal."

Erik looked down, then around, then at Raoul. His eyes shone. "Gee… Thanks."

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