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Chapter 40: Finally Home

"My, he really looks like hell, doesn't he?"

"It's not funny, Agunimon. That forced transfer could have killed him!"

Kouichi groaned softly, opening his eyes to blink up at the dark, smooth red of the Rose Morning Star castle. His head was pounding savagely, and his limbs felt vaguely like lead, but otherwise he seemed to be mostly in one piece.

Agunimon and Kazemon were hovering nearby, in the middle of a rather entertaining argument. Lowemon was knelling next to him, smiling down behind his mask. "Well now." The lion-like Digimon whispered softly. "Looks like you're doing better."

Kouichi rubbed his eye sleepily. "Lowe…mon?"

"That's right." Lowemon gently helped the boy sit up, allowing him to lean against him. "It's good that you're conscious. We were worried about you."

Kouichi groaned slightly and held his head, trying to make sense of everything that had happened to him. "Lowemon…That Digimon. The one at the school. What…what happened?"

"Don't you worry." The Warrior of Darkness soothed. "Everything's just fine."

"Yeah." Agunimon winked merrily as he and Kazemon instantly forgot their little snit. "The others took care of 'em for yeh. Even Potter and Dumbledore helped out. It was a blast."

Kouichi blinked at him groggily, somewhat placated, but lines of worry still wreathed his face. "But…what was it? That creature…How did it…"

"Easy, easy." Kazemon soothed, silencing and cooling him at the same time with a gentle gust of wind that blew his bangs away from his eyes. "Don't overwork yourself. You still don't have a lot of energy left."

Kouichi shifted, allowing himself to be supported by Lowemon's arms, holding him steady as the Digimon explained everything that had happened. They explained about the nameless, unholy creature that Voldemort had created by tapping in through Kouichi's Digivice. They explained about the virus that the Dark Lord's technicians had installed in said D-Tector, causing Kouichi's connection with the Digital World to short-circuit and bring the creature into the Real World.

"It wasn't your fault." Kazemon added quickly, noticing the sudden guilty gaze on the boy's face. "There wasn't anything you could do to help it. The energy was just too much."

"No joke." Agunimon shook his head as though trying to clear his mind. "It nearly killed you anyway, all that energy. If it wasn't for Lowemon here, you'd be dead by now."

Kouichi snapped his head up, blinking at the black-armored figure, who coughed slightly and glanced away. Kazemon, on the other hand, didn't even bother trying to conceal the wide smile that crossed her face. "Yep! He's been right here all week, wouldn't even budge. Lobomon tried to get him away at one point, but that sure didn't work. He's barely moved."

Lowemon coughed slightly, as though telling the others to shut up. Kouichi, however, had already given his dear friend a soft smile of thanks, and suddenly jumped to another subject. "All week?"

The group glanced at each other awkwardly. "Uh…Yeah. About that." Agunimon laughed softly.

Lowemon cut him off with a gentle voice. "You've been unconscious over a week now. The others have been worried."

"A week?" Kouichi nearly jolted straight up, but his aching bones hindered that to a small jerk and a groan. "Oh…I can't stay…The others…"

"Easy, easy." Lowemon soothed, tenderly lying his charge back, brushing his hair out from his eyes. "Just relax…Nothing's going to happen, nothing's wrong…Just close your eyes…"

Kouichi, however tired he was, didn't want to relax just yet. "What about…Voldemort?"

"Don't worry." Agunimon winked as the darkness started to cloud the boy's vision and hearing again. "Angewomon and the others are making sure that nobody around here has to worry about him again…"

( - ) ( - ) ( - )

"…So you see, Professor, we can't let the information about the Digital World leak out. The Digimon are depending on us."

Izumi's voice echoed around his head painfully, and the bright lights shining through his eyelids was almost unbearable. He groaned slightly, squeezing his eyes a bit more closed, then risked opening them to look up at the unfortunately familiar white marble ceiling of the Hospital Wing.

"I understand, Miss Orimoto." Dumbledore's soft voice echoed gently. "But do understand that some precautions will be taken, outside of the public eye. We can't risk something like this again."

He heard the words, but for some reason he didn't quite understand. A single thought formed itself in his mind, so he acted on it, pulling himself into a sitting position and blinking at the white curtains around him.


The teen looked blurrily around. The voice had come from Takuya, sitting on the edge of the bed across from him, where Harry was with bandages freshly removed from his shoulder. Ron and Hermione were on either side of their friend, while Izumi was on Kouichi's right, talking to Dumbledore from her place on the bed. The Headmaster was pacing slowly up and down the middle aisle between the beds, Tomoki and Junpei wandering along either side.

Kouji, who had been in the bed to Kouichi's left, suddenly tossed the covers off and jumped up, scrambling to his brother's side. "Nii-san."

Kouichi smiled, finally recognizing what someone had said to him. "…Ohayoo, minna-san." He mumbled in a gentle, bright tone.

The group was suddenly active as the five other Legendary Warriors swarmed around him with various hugs, tears and 'thank-the-lord's. Amongst all the commotion, Junpei managed to have enough sense to grab Kouichi's translation charm off the bedside and hand it to the patient, letting him reinsert it into his right ear.

Dumbledore chuckled softly, coming up to the bedside as the crowd dissipated, all but Kouji, who remained firmly attached to his brother's arm as though afraid he would disappear if released.

"Well, Mr. Kimura." The Headmaster said with a warm, kind smile. "I see you have decided to return to the land of the conscious."

For a moment, Kouichi thought of Lowemon and the others and he smiled. Dumbledore nodded before continuing. "Though I'm sure you will be thrilled to learn that you have managed to sleep through your final exams."

"Oops." Kouichi laughed awkwardly.

"Indeed." Dumbledore sat at the end of the boy's bed, nodding to Kouji kindly. "And I'm certain your friends are happy to see you well, but there is a slight matter at hand. Miss Orimoto and Mr. Kanbara were just explaining to me about the creatures which appeared outside the school the night of your rescue…"

"The Digimon." Kouichi interrupted softly. "Please don't called them 'creatures', Professor. They're not pets, they're friends."

"Yeah, the best!" Takuya chimed in, accompanied by frantic nods from the other Transfers. Even Harry found himself agreeing, though he couldn't have had enough experience to know.

Dumbledore raised a hand and a smile to placate them. "All right, then. Your friends here were just telling me about these…Digimon, and of your connection with their world."

Kouichi shifted slightly, and looked down at his hands slightly nervously. Kouji patted his arm comfortingly.

"I'm not accusing you of anything, Kouichi." Dumbledore said softly. "You or your friends. If it weren't for your being here, we would not know what to do during Voldemort's assault. However…we can't deny that the Digital World is potentially a threat."

Harry couldn't keep quiet any more. "No it's not!" He exclaimed, sitting up suddenly. "Professor, I don't think the Digital World's a threat at all!"

"Yeah!" Hermione added, straightening herself. "And that thing that appeared wasn't even a real Digimon, was it? You guys said it yourselves, you've never seen anything like it!"

"It was V-Voldemort's fault, the whole bloody thing!" Ron insisted, nodding feverishly. "As long as another nut case doesn't get at 'em, they're not bothering anybody!"

Dumbledore motioned with his hands again, calming them all down ever so slightly. "Enough, enough. I do understand, and agree. The Digimon and Digital World are, indeed, not a threat…As long as they are kept a secret. Good knowledge in the wrong hands can do much damage."

Shining blue eyes turned coolly to Harry, Hermione and Ron each in turn. "As Miss Orimoto said, it must be kept a secret, for everyone's sake. Do you understand?"

"No duh!" Ron nearly shouted, earning him a 'shush' from Madam Pomfrey.

"We wouldn't tell a soul!" Hermione agreed shrilly.

Kouji narrowed his eyes at Harry, the deep sense of distrust radiating from them as strongly as the day they had met. Kouichi glanced at him in concern, mostly likely sensing his brother's untrusting nature stronger than ever. "Kouji…" The elder whispered anxiously, his voice rising almost to a whine.

Harry pulled the covers off of himself, standing shakily to cross and match Kouji glare for glare. Harry's gaze, however, was one of invitation, trying to gain what trust the boy might be holding back.

"We won't tell anyone. We promise." Harry said softly, his shoulder moving into a tiny bow almost on automatic. "You can trust us. Don't worry."

Kouji glared at him a moment longer, then snapped his head away with a stubborn 'hn'. Kouichi, on the other hand, smiled warmly.

"Then it's settled." Dumbledore said softly, standing. "All mention of the Digital World shall not leave this room. The Ministry is, of course, looking in to these occurrences, but that should be easy enough to deal with."

He turned to leave, then paused a moment at the large door entering into the Hospital Wing. He turned and smiled. "Get some rest, all of you. I trust you're looking forward to going home in a few days."

( - ) ( - ) ( - )

The train ride home was considerably more rambunctious than the one to school. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny and the Transfers had somehow managed to organize themselves into two compartments directly across from each other. The Gryffindors were celebrating their sixth-straight win of the House Cup, even Takuya, though the transfers, quite frankly, didn't get the point. The others were simply putting up with it.

Ginny had her arm looped around Tomoki's, making both Ron and the youngest Transfer alternate through various shades of red. Izumi was teaching Hermione one of the funnier charms of the Eastern world, one to semi-animate origami figures. Currently, she had several purple and blue butterflies fluttering around their heads.

Quite suddenly, a certain blonde, seaming almost small without his usual flunkies, appeared in the hall. He stopped between the two compartments, glaring with icy blue eyes. Harry and Ron returned those glares, both starting to stand. "Malfoy." Ron growled low in his throat.

"What the hell do you want?" Harry practically snarled.

Draco lowered his glare at them both, then turned his head to the other compartment. Kouichi locked eyes with him a moment, then a soft smile spread over his lips. "Konichiwa, Draco-kun." He bowed quietly. "How have you been?"

Draco sighed, closing his eyes a moment, then removed a piece of parchment from his robe and held it out to the transfer. "…Here."

Kouichi took it curiously. "What is it?"

"Address. For the Malfoy summer home." Draco glanced at Harry with a sour gaze. "We're staying there for a while, as the manor needs to be…renovated."

Kouichi opened the page, scanning his eyes over the paper momentarily. Draco shrugged his shoulders, stalking off down the corridor. "…I'll keep in touch."

"I'll keep that in mind." Kouichi smiled and tucked the parchment away, leaning back into his seat with a content air. His housemate disappeared out the end of the car.

Harry, Hermione and Ron were livid. "You still trust that creep?" Ron exclaimed.

"After what he did?" Hermione added.

"They've got a point, Ichi-kin." Takuya mentioned, grinning slightly at both twins' disgusted faces at the odd nickname. "That's the guy that turned you over. He's a dirty little slime ball. How can you trust somebody like that?"

"…I don't know." Kouichi smiled again, this time almost cryptically. "I rather like him."

Nobody really knew what to say to that.

The train let out a loud whistle. Izumi, the nearest to the window, pressed her hand against the glass to look out. "We're almost there. Look, there's platform and…"

She stopped suddenly with a sudden gasp. The group, still somewhat on edge after the stressful end to the year, was instantly on alert. "What is it?" Junpei insisted, his body tense.

"It's…our parents!" Izumi practically shrieked, clapping her hands together happily. "Papa and everyone! Kenkyo-sensei brought our parents!"

The Transfers were immediately on their feet, rushing over to crowd around the window with various exclamations of shock and joy. Once again, Harry had the interesting sensation of empathy in an area he shouldn't know anything about. Japan was thousands of miles away, and eight months was a long time to be away from loving family. He didn't blame them for being homesick.

When the train pulled to a stop, Izumi was the first one off, right into the arms of her waiting father with a joyously accented cry of "Papa!" The tall, blonde man swept her up into his arms and spun her around, chattering happily in Italian.

"Onii-san!" A slightly high-pitched voice rang out as Takuya jumped off the train. A smaller brown-haired boy collided with the goggle-head's chest, hugging him tightly around the waist.

"Hey, Shinya!" Takuya drew in a sharp breath as the air was knocked from his lungs, then laughed and wrapped his arms around his brother, a few moments before Mrs. Kanbara bustled over and enveloped them both in a crushing hug.

Harry jumped off the train with his friends, surveying the scene with curious, almost jealous eyes. Junpei's parents fussed over him constantly, his father mentioning off-hand that he seamed to have lost a healthy amount of weight. Tomoki was introducing Ginny to his parents, blushing hotly as he did, his cheeks erupting into flame when the red-haired girl planted a light kiss on his cheek.

"Boys!" Harry turned slightly as an older woman with slightly graying bluish-black hair raced forward.



The simultaneous gasps were barely heard as Ms. Kimura took a twin in each arm, pulling them close with a deep, exuberated breath. "Oh, boys, I've missed you so much…" The woman sighed happily, nuzzling into Kouichi's hair before letting go. "My goodness, you've both gotten so tall! And Kouichi, what have you been doing to your hair? It's so long, I can hardly tell you apart any more!"

And despite himself, Harry smiled.

"Hey, Harry!"

He turned away from the touching scene to find a crowd of familiar faces waiting for him. His smile widened as Mrs. Weasley greeted him with a hug and a big, warm smile. Fred and George thumped him on the back at the same time, nearly knocking him over, and Mr. Weasley was there with a hearty, welcoming handshake and a small whisper. "Your friends don't have to worry about the Ministry. Dumbledore worked them over good."

Harry's grin got even wider, even as a sinking feeling appeared in the pit of his stomach as the Weasley twins began dragging his trunk back towards the platform entrance. Another 'interesting summer' at Number 4, Privet Drive…


He turned. Kouji had broken away from his mother and brother and had come up to him, hands slipped unemotionally into his pocket. Harry turned to face him, dimming his smile out of manners. "Yeah?"

"…Thanks." Kouji muttered, shifting his gaze away and shuffling his feet as though unused to this. "For…your help back there."

Harry grinned again, showing his teeth this time. "Any time."

"Oi, Potaa!"

Harry looked around Kouji at Takuya's untranslated, heavily accented voice. The brunette was waving, still partially hidden in his mother's hug, though the inactive Translation Charm was still in his ear. "Ja, mata ne!"

Harry raised an eyebrow, looking at Kouji. "What did he say?"

"'See you around.'" Kouji smirked, shaking his head and extending his hand somewhat hesitantly.

Harry's grin stretched almost to its breaking point as he gripped the transfer's hand. "Yeah. I guess we will."

The End

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