by Eternal SailorM

I do not own Sakuma Ryuichi, Shindou Shuichi, or anything else Gravitation. They are the property of Murakami Maki and all other copyright holders. I do, however, own the plot, so steal and I will beat you with a meat tenderizer and put what's left in a ziplock baggie to rot. Vague disclaimers are no one's friend.

I'd like to dedicate this one to Ryoko Crawford, for pushing me into finally writing one of my favorite Gravitation pairings. Also, this needs to go out to Usa-chan, for standing by me in the face of flying idiots.

The inspiration for this fic comes from the Guns 'N' Roses song "November Rain". I had a playlist of Gravitation songs going while I was writing, especially the Nittle Grasper songs. So the title is from a Iceman (the group that did Nittle Grasper's songs) song. Also, this takes place at the end of the second OVA.

Yeah, it's a pretty song. That doesn't mean I have to like singing it, not now that I know about what went on behind the scenes with making it. I don't like to see my Shu-chan cry, and even across the audience, I can tell he's about to do it again. Tohma says I shouldn't be so concerned with Shu-chan since Bad Luck is our rivals. Shu-chan shines too pretty for me to give up though. He's my Shu-chan, and I don't want to share him, especially not with that Yuki guy Tohma likes so much. He's mean to my Shu-chan!

If Shu-chan was all mine, I wouldn't make him cry. I wouldn't let him be sad. I've tried so many times to make him realize this. Does he think I share Kuma-chan with just anyone? Does he think I go out of my way to be nice to just anyone? He probably does. It wouldn't be my Shu-chan if he weren't so innocent.

I just wish I could make him see past that Yuki guy. I know his band mates want the same thing. That Yuki guy's no good for him. Even I can see it. I've seen Shu-chan go into slump after slump because of what that Yuki has put him through. I've seen him come into NG with tears in his eyes more times than I care to count. And every time I've seen Shu-chan go back to that guy, worship in his eyes. He has worship in his eyes when he looks at me too, but it's such a different kind. His world will not rise and set on me, the way it does for that Yuki guy. I'm just his idol... and maybe his friend.

I let my eyes go over the crowd again, automatically searching out Shuichi's. They're starting to water; he's going to cry! No way I can let that! But he's way over there. What can I do?

My mouth is moving before it has a chance to talk to my head. "Shuichi!" I yell. "Shuichi!" I guess I'll be sharing my stage with him now. Well, I can't think of anyone else I'd rather share it with, anyway. "Shuichi, you've got to come sing with me!"

Next thing I know, he's tearing through the crowd, heading for the stage, an ecstatic grin plastered all over his face. I guess I'll be letting him take over the song that Yuki wrote about him now. No, we'll make a duet of it. I'll have to see what he decides to do.

He's so happy. That's thanks to me, not that Yuki creep. I made him happy. It wasn't that Yuki jerk that managed to get him here tonight, either. That was me too. My Shu-chan.

I offer a hand down and pull him up on the stage, dragging him over to the microphone. I know I won't be blamed for holding on to him a little longer than might be acceptable otherwise, but I have to take my moments where I can get them. And when this song is over, I'll go back to being your idol - and loving you from afar.

And, I swear, the next song I sing to you will be my own words. It will be... our Predilection.

23 July 2004

Waiiiiiii!!! Ryuichi!!! Ryuichi-sama! fangirl squeal I'm so glad Ryoko challenged me to write a Ryuichi/Shuichi fic. I'm not sure this is what she had in mind, but.... I'm good at the angst. I need to get back to writing happy endings. Saa... Maybe I'll write another Ryu/Shu fic with a happy ending - and even manage to do it in series!

Anyway, that's it for me for now! Later!