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o-nii-chan big brother

Chapter 8

After the two boys had tried their best in fishing, but were still unsuccessful, InuYasha decided to free them from their task. "All right, boys. You did fine and I think all the fishes are scared now by the two of you. Come out and let me try my best."

"But we haven't caught one yet." while saying that Inu-chan dashed into the water once more. His hands grabbed in the fluid substance and he felt something solid and slippery on one of his claws. He fast closed his hand, when he realised that this thing must have been his prey.

But as before the fish was fast enough to slip through the hanyou's little fingers. But this time Inu-chan looked up to his 'older brother' with a bright smile. "I felt the fish in my hand! I almost had it! Next time I'll catch it!"

InuYasha watched the boy and felt warmth engulf his heart when he saw that big happy smile on the child's face. Maybe Kagome was right and this boy wouldn't have to suffer like he had done. "That's great, ototo. Don't overdo! You're still injured."

"Hai, o-nii-chan." The small hanyou ran as fast as the water surrounding him allowed to the shore and let himself fell down on the golden-brown sand. The little kitsune followed the other boy's example and sat down next to him.

Meanwhile InuYasha stepped into the river, pulling up his long red sleeves. He waded through the refreshing cool water until it reached his stomach. Since he was taller than the children, he was now deeper in the river than the boys have been before. Much more and bigger fishes swam around him and he fixated the first big fish that came towards him. The hanyou dashed forward and gripped his prey firmly, digging his sharp claws in the animal's flesh. Only a second later he stood proudly in the water, holding the fish in the air.

InuYasha turned to the children and met Inu-chan's surprised and amazing looking face. The little hanyou's expression awaked a mixture of pride and self-confidence in the young man. "Boys, catch!" Before the children knew what would come, he threw the animal towards them.

Startled Shippou walked to the fish that had landed only few feet from him away and lifted it in the air. He brought it to the river and rinsed some water over it to wash away the sand that was now sticked to its flaky skin. "Inu-chan, fetch some of the long grass over there and bring it to me."

The half-demon was watching fascinated his older self catching more fishes, when the kitsune's voice brought him back to his senses. Immediately he obeyed and cut some blades with his small claws and carried everything to his new friend.

Shippou took the grass and tied it around its fin, when a second fish landed some meters behind them. Inu-chan ran giggling to the prey and washed it before he brought it to the other boy, who attached it to his grass-rope.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On their way back to their shelter InuYasha watched the two boys who walked some feet behind him. He carried seven fishes and grinned when he secretly overheard the conversation.

Shippou was still a little exhaust from the climbing on some high rocks that lay in the river. Inu-chan'd wanted to catch a fish on their own, so he'd convinced his new friend to climb on the big stones to be more near the place where InuYasha had caught their meal. But when the two boys arrived there they realised that the water was way too deep for them to try their fishing. So both started to throw stones in the river and competed with each other who could throw further. Now, some minutes later, they were on their way back, when Shippou looked up from the stone both boys were kicking. "Do you want sweets?"

Startled Inu-chan turned to his new friend and shot their 'ball' accidentally in the high grass. "Sweets?! What is this?"

"Those are things that taste really good and mostly have different intense colours." The kitsune stopped and slipped with his hand in his haori and retrieved his goodies-bag with all his favorite sweets.

Fascinated by the bright red color and the fact that he could see the so-called sweets through a bag Inu-chan saw some water drops on it. "Aren't they wet? You had them with you in the water."

"No. That's a special bag that doesn't let in water. You can even catch air with it."

"Really?! How can you catch air?" asked Inu-chan unbelieving and watched the other boy suspicious.

"Look." Shippou hold the plastic bag to his mouth and breathed out, inflating it.

When the bag was big enough he grasped the opening with one of his hands, so the air wouldn't leak. Inu-chan's eyes went wide when he saw that the kitsune hadn't lied and was now holding air in his hands. "Wow."

"Do you want some sweets?"

"Eh, hai." The hanyou stretched out his claws and Shippou gave him some goodies. The half-demon sniffed on the food and looked at it closely. "They look a bit like bears." Shippou only nodded, because his mouth was full with the candy. Inu-chan squeezed one red bear between his index-finger and thumb and was surprised that the soft material could be bent, but always got back to its original form. When he finally ate some he understood, why they were called 'sweets'; they really were sweet and the hanyou liked this taste. "They are really good. Where do you have these sweets from?"

"From Kagome." The kitsune answered simply.

"Do you think she would give some to me?" asked Inu-chan a bit shy.

"Of course."

"Shippou, Inu-chan, come!" Inuyasha was some hundred meters in front of the children and wanted them to continue their way to their comrades. When they heard his call, they looked up abruptly, stuffed all the sweets they had in their hands in their mouths and began running towards the young man.

- -

- -


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