Ross touched Rachel's arm. "We should get back together," he said, sipping his coffee in Central Perk, the gang's favourite hangout. They could often be found there, talking and gossiping and ordering drinks. Phoebe's little fling – Hums-While-He-Pees – was there usually all the time, trying to catch a glimpse of her. She hated this attention.
"No, Ross," Rachel spat.
Joey spotted a fit young woman, with brown curls – who looked like one of the bridesmaids he had kissed once – and scooted over to her with his drink in one hand and he spilled it all over himself and still managed to look cool and she smiled at him. "How you doin'?" Joey asked.
"Just fine," the woman answered. "My name's Rachel," she added – and looked at Rachel Green, the one who Ross was trying to persuade to get together with him again. She extended her hand. "I work at a t-shirt office," she said. "Rachel, Rachel Green."
Joey gasped and then fainted.