Ross and Joey were sipping quietly and munching on cream buns. They had badly shocked expressions on their faces. Phoebe came in. Joey looked meekly at her. "Hi, guys," she said, oblivious to the trouble they were in. "Um...Ross, would you mind going after Monica to tell her that her easy- bake ovens will not fit her little cakes anymore? Since they're not really little, are they? And I think you should go and comfort Rachel, Joey, she looks..."
" another person," Joey finished, biting his nails.
Phoebe seemed distracted by all of this, and asked what was wrong. Joey shuddered. "Um, Rachel is not who we thought she was. She stole her name to pay someone back. To pay the real Rachel Green back."
Phoebe sat down on a stool in silence. "You mean she's an impostor – and the mirror she used to keep looking into isn't reflecting her real face? Well, yes – of course it is, but you know what I mean..." She was close to tears. Then again she had been Rach's best friend, so it was understandable.
"We don't know if she's lying or not," Ross whispered. "All we do know is that if she is indeed who she says she is, then she's not Rachel and it was damn hurtful that she told us a lie."
"As you said, we don't know," Joey repeated. "We don't know. I have trusted this...this Rachel all my life and I'm not about to stop now." He did stop then, because a chick with short blond spiked hair was leaning towards him and stroking his chin. Joey smiled, then ran his fingers along her chin. Phoebe and Ross stared at him.
They couldn't believe it!
Rachel had just deceived them in front of their own eyes, and he was on the point of chatting up women! Inside Phoebe, a flicker of hope glowed – hope that she was indeed lying and pretending nothing was wrong cause it wasn't. This Rachel, the one Phoebe had known since moving to New York, was the real one – she knew it!
She only hoped Rachel did too.