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Harry turned over in his small bed at Privet Drive. He couldn't sleep. Hedwig hooted softly from her spot on his dresser. Sirius. His head sighed. Harry got up and felt the cold from the floorboards seep into his body. He rested his head on the cool glass paneled window.

"Sirius, you were the closest thing I had to a father." He muttered angrily, for the thousandth time that summer. He was going back to school in a week, and Uncle Vernon was dropping his off at the Leaky Cauldron in a day. Harry looked up at the sky, where hazy, white clouds blocked his view. He had never felt so lonely as these past months since Sirius died. Hermione and Ron had been sending letters all summer, asking him to reply, to come visit, if he was okay. Hedwig was let out freely, but she never carried any letters with her. Harry's summer had been miserable. He hadn't told the Dursley's about Sirius's death, nor did he intend to. But it didn't stop them from dieting him, and making him to Dudley's chores too. Uncle Vernon had grown braver since last summer, and had even punished Harry for saying to Dudley 'You weren't so brave around those Dementors, were you, Dudders?' when Dudley teased him. Harry slid back under his covers. Hedwig flew down onto his bed with a soft rustle of feathers. Harry stroked her feathers gently, finally falling asleep.

"Sirius!" Harry was standing in front of the veil. It was fluttering gently, he could hear the voices. "SIRIUS!" He bellowed again. Luna came to stand at his side, gently slipping her hand into his.
"Mum!" She called.
"Sirius!" Harry yelled again, hearing a whisper of Sirius's voice suddenly. Neville put his hand in Harry's free hand.
"Grandpa!" He called.
"SIRIUS! MUM! DAD!" Harry shouted. He could hear them talking behind that veil. Cho slipped her hand into Neville's.
"Cedric!" She called pleadingly.
"PADFOOT! PRONGS!" Harry shouted. Harry couldn't stand it any longer. He stepped forward and ripped back the veil. There stood Sirius, and Lily, and James. Harry reached for his father. But his mother pulled the veil around the three figures in front of Harry.
"This place is for the dead, Harry. Join the living." She whispered. He caught a glimpse of her green eyes as the curtain settled back into place.

Harry bolted upright. The dream had been unpleasant at best. He shuddered once and Hedwig hooted from her new post on the nightstand. Harry was cold with sweat, and felt shaky all over. When he looked out the window, he saw the sun just rising. He got out of bed and pulled on his clothes. He finished packing all his belongings, and then went downstairs to wait for Vernon. An hour later, Uncle Vernon stomped down the stairs, caught sight of Harry, and mumbled,

"Come on." Harry lugged his trunk and Hedwig's cage to Uncle Vernon's car, and settled in the back seat.

"What a mess the traffic is!" Vernon grumbled as they turned onto a road with about ten cars on it, glaring at Harry as though it was his fault other motorists were about already. Vernon continued to grumble and accuse Harry silently and verbally for the remainder of the trip. When they arrived at the Leaky Cauldron, Vernon peered criticizingly at the building.

"Looks like a shady place. You're not doing anything funny, are you boy?" Vernon growled at Harry as Harry pulled his luggage out of the car's trunk.

"No Uncle." Harry answered monotonously.

"Don't even think of coming home for the holidays." Vernon snarled, his huge face turning a purple that would have suited an eggplant nicely.

"Wouldn't dream of it." Harry muttered, dragging his luggage through the doorway of the Leaky Cauldron. The bartender smiled at him as he cleaned a glass with a rag.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Potter. Would you like a room?"

"Yes please, Tom." Harry answered. Tom shouldered Harry's luggage and led him to a room. Harry paid upfront for the remainder of his week and then let Hedwig out of her cage and opened his window so she could fly freely. Harry set off with his key to Gringotts. A sneaky looking goblin led him to his vault, where Harry filled his bag with gold silver and bronze. When Harry stepped back into the sunlight, he pulled out his list and began to buy what he needed. Harry quickly found that he needed new robes; his old ones were too short now by several inches. He entered the robe shop, where Madame Malkin smiled pleasantly at him.

"Be right with you dear." She said, motioning him up onto a little stool. Harry suddenly saw that Madame Malkin was currently attending to Hermione. Harry didn't want to face his friends just yet.

"Uh, actually," He said, coughing first and making his voice deeper, "I'll come back in a little while." Harry said quickly, trying to make a break to the door.

"It'll just take a second!" Madame Malkin said in an irritated way, grabbing his arm and forcing him back onto the stool. Harry glanced anxiously at Hermione and pulled his red jacket up, trying to hide his face. Unfortunately, he didn't realize he was facing a mirror, and when Hermione looked up, she saw Harry's face.

"Oh Harry!" She said happily, trying to step down off the stool and go greet him. Madame Malkin grabbed her arm fiercely and made her stand still.

"Not you too!" She grumbled. Hermione stood stone still obligingly, and then waited in a chair while Madame Malkin quickly fitted Harry. They bought their new robes and then stepped back onto the street.

"Harry, it's so great to see you!" Hermione said brilliantly, enveloping Harry in a hug. Harry shifted so that her hair didn't go in his mouth.

"Nice to see you too Hermione." Harry said back.

"Oh, you made me so mad! Why didn't you answer my letters?" She asked, stepping away from him suddenly. Harry was about to tell her the truth...he didn't get them, when she suddenly said,

"And don't tell me you didn't get them because I told Hedwig to come back when you got the letter and read it and Hermione came back every time I sent a letter!" Hermione cautioned.

"I was just busy, that's all." Harry muttered. Hermione smiled.

"Doing homework? Excellent Harry! You're finally taking responsibility!" She congratulated, beaming.

"Er...kind of. Yeah." Harry answered. Hermione's smile quickly reversed into a frown.

"Oh Harry, are you," He was saved from a lecture when suddenly a red headed whirlwind grabbed his shoulder and clapped him on the back.

"Good to see you mate!" Ron said enthusiastically. "How are you?"

"Still moping over Sirius!" Hermione answered somewhat angrily, somewhat sympathetically.

"Oh, right, listen mate, we're really sorry about Sirius." Ron said uncomfortably. Harry shrugged.

"Hey, whatever. Let's just go get our books." Harry suggested. Ron and Hermione grinned and spent the rest of the afternoon chattering excitedly. Harry ended up eating dinner every night with the Weasley's and Hermione, a dinner very filled with confusion and chaos and chatter. But in his room, Harry spent the endless minutes and hours wondering why he suffered, why his friends and family suffered, so much.