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Life for a certain unruly- haired, green-eyed, wizarding boy had never taken such a sweet turn. Voldemort was gone, his parents were back from the dead, and something miraculous had happened. A miracle if there ever was one. All the Death Eaters were captured, including Lucius Malfoy. All of them were hauled off to Azkaban (which had new guards). Almost all of them, that is. Three were kept: Lucius Malfoy, Peter Pettigrew, and Barty Crouch's son. All three of them were forced at wand point to become the replacements, Peter for Sirius, Lucius for James, and Barty Crouch Jr. for Lily. The Ministry had agreed that in gratitude for the help James, Lily, and Sirius had given, they were allowed ten years of life. As for Sirius's name, it was cleared when Peter Pettigrew was given a rather large dose of Veritaserum and forced to tell the whole truth. For ten years, Lily and James watched fondly as Harry grew, graduating from Hogwarts and becoming an auror. He married a Muggle girl three years after graduating, who was thrilled to find her new husband was a wizard. Everyone held their breath secretly when she delivered a son into the world - and everyone secretly let it out and smiled in silent thanks as the baby sneezed and a shower of bright red sparks shot zoomed across the room. Sirius never married, but he did buy a house next door to the Potters (Lily and James, that is), who lived a few streets over from Harry, his wife Casey and their son Cedric.

Two years after Harry's wedding to Casey, Ron and Hermione were married, with Harry as best man and Ginny as the maid of honor. Crookshanks was the ring bearer. When their son was born, Ron had to talk Hermione out of naming him Gilderoy, claiming he didn't want his son linked to an idiot. Hermione asked hotly if a handsome idiot was redeeming at all. Instead, he was named Albus.

As for Malfoy (Draco, that is), Harry, Ron, and Hermione got over their differences and became friends, although not too close. Still, they kept in touch, and saw each other a few times a year. Harry was even asked to be the godfather of Draco's daughter, Audrey.

Harry remained in touch with all his teachers and even Slyr from time to time. Dumbledore remained close friends with the Potters, Sirius, and the Weasley's until he died, five years after Voldemort's demise. Fawkes appeared once more to Harry after that, and then flew off and was never seen again, to Harry's knowledge. Snape remained a member of the Order, but no one Harry knew ever was contacted or made an effort to contact him again. However, he did leave Hogwarts, and it was rumored he was working at Durmstrang as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

As for Remus - he woke up shortly after the three Death Eaters replaced him as the Life Giver and was so overjoyed by all the events that had happened that he promptly fainted again. He and Sirius became roommates in the house next to the Potters.

It is amazing how quickly ten years can pass, and before long, the Potters and Sirius received notices from the Ministry that their days were drawing to a close. Tears were shed, many of them, and frequently in the days that followed. Goodbyes were said to all, although the most painful were saved for the final days. When the day finally came, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Remus, and Casey accompanied the three to Hogwarts, where they had chosen to be put to rest again. Cedric and Albus were there too, not wanting to be left out. The goodbyes were said, and finally, Harry and Remus accompanied the three into the final room, where more tearful goodbyes were said.

"I'll love you forever, with all my heart and even more." Lily whispered to Harry, whose throat was so thick that all he could force out was a final goodbye and an "I love you".

"Be good. Don't mess up with Casey - you got a good thing there." Sirius advised. "See you on the other side." he added with a light slap on the back. Harry nodded, blinking hard to keep the tears back. They stepped away uncertainly, both staring at the ground. Suddenly, a strangled sound came from his throat, one Harry had never heard before, and he found himself wrapped tightly in Sirius's arms. "Thanks, Harry. For everything. Thanks for being the son I would've liked to have." With that, he stepped away and said a gruff goodbye to Remus.

"I'm so proud of you that...I'm proud." James admitted to Harry as they stood facing each other. Harry was crying openly now, all three of them were. "I wouldn't have traded these 10 years for anything." James added fervently. With a few more goodbyes and a tight hug, the goodbyes were done. Harry and Remus left the room. Finally, it was just the three left, Sirius, James, and Lily. The three of them stood in silence for awhile, before Sirius gave a dog like grin.

"No point in saying goodbye to you two. I'll be stuck with you for all eternity. Not that I'm complaining, El Capitan!" he teased with a smirk, nodding arrogantly at James. On the table in front of them were three goblets. Sirius picked up the one nearest him and downed it. He set it down, walked over to the nearby chair, and fell asleep. Seconds later, Peter Pettigrew woke up and was escorted to Azkaban. James and Lily stared at each other, crying, wrapped in each others arms. With promises of love and a few last kisses, they each picked up their goblets and headed over to their chairs. They sat, holding hands, and drank at the same time. They put down the goblets, kissed a last time, and fell asleep. Seconds later, Lucius Malfoy and Barty Crouch Jr were escorted to Azkaban.

Outside the room, Harry and his friends and family stood by the lake. Soon, a Ministry official came to meet them.

"I'm so sorry, but they're gone." he informed them regretfully. Harry stared silently across the lake. Everyone said their goodbyes and left, except for the remaining Potters. Cedric sat by himself skipping rocks while his father cried and his mother comforted him.

"They were the best." Casey comforted him, speaking into his ear. "But sometimes, with the end of life comes the beginning of life." With that, she took his hand and put it against her stomach. "We could call her Lily."

The End.

In a way.

SORRY IF YOU DISLIKED IT! CRITICISM AND COMMENTS ARE WELCOME! That was the end of this story. I hope you liked it! I certainly enjoyed writing it, and I have to admit, the ending was painful to write. The whole time, I was hoping for a happily ever after. I hope this satisfied the people who wanted that, and at the same time, I hope it was good for the people who didn't want a happily ever after.