Four Months Later…

"Tomorrow's forecast looks a little more promising. A high of only 92, with a 40 percent chance of thunderstorms. Hopefully, Diane, Las Vegas will see some rain."

"Yes, we can only hope. Thank you, Tom. This just coming in from our news hotline. A triple murder has been reported in Henderson tonight. Police seem to be making their way to the scene at this moment. Stay tuned to WNEM 5 for more breaking news as this story develops. We'll be right back."

As the cheery blonde disappeared from the screen and a car commercial flashed on, Sara turned off the TV. A triple murder usually meant all hands on deck, even if it was her night off. She shifted under the soft cotton blankets as she turned on the light, sitting up and stretching her long slender arms. Looking around the now lit room, she smiled. Even after almost a month, she was still amazed by the sight of the new room. What was once just "Grissom's room" had become theirs, like so many other things in their lives. She stood up, carefully stretching her legs, reveling in the fact that the bulky cast no longer weighed her down.

In four months, so much had changed. After that first dinner, both Sara and Grissom wouldn't have imagined where this road would have taken them. Of course, they had known where they had wanted to go, but they never thought they would have gotten here so soon. Here. Living together, still working together, their love still a secret. Although, they had been talking about that last thought.

Sara walked across the bedroom and out into the living room, slowly making her way to the kitchen. She looked around herself, smiling at some of their personal landmarks. The couch where they had first kissed, the doorway where they had their first argument as a couple, and, thinking back to the bed she had just gotten out of…

She groaned when she heard a knock at the door.

'I'm not even out of my pajamas yet,' she thought as she walked over to the door.

"You better have coffee," she mumbled as she opened the door.

"Oh, I've got something much better."

She broke out in a grin when she saw Grissom on the other side of the door. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and squeezed tightly. Their lips met in a hungry kiss as he shuffled her inside. They finally broke away for air.

"You do know this is still your house too, right? Why did you knock?" Sara asked as she led him to the couch.

Grissom shrugged, "Element of surprise, I guess."

Sara kissed him one more time, before moving to get up, "You wait here, I'll get dressed, then we can head for the scene."

"You've heard about it already?" he asked.

"It was on the news just a few minutes ago. I figured someone would be by soon to get me."

Grissom smiled and pulled her back down onto the couch. Sara raised an eyebrow as she met his eyes.

"So, are we going?"

"Oh, yeah, eventually. But we're doing it on shifts. Guess who doesn't have to be in until 8?"

Sara smiled, "Us?"

Grissom stood up and pulled Sara with him. He started walking to the bedroom, tugging her along. She smiled as she tightened her grip on his hand, "Work on anything interesting tonight?"

Grissom looked at her, "I worked an arson. Some guy blew up an old house in the middle of nowhere. The house was set for demolition anyway. But we got him. Nothing that'll give me nightmares."

Sara smiled up at him as he maneuvered her into the bedroom, shutting the door behind them. With just a few hours to rest before heading to the gruesome crime scene, both Sara and Grissom were bent on making the most of their time, because tomorrow, they knew, you might not get a second chance.