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(A/N: this is my first attempt to write a Sorato, so be nice.)

Chapter1: Gut Instinct Goes Wrong

" I believe in going with your gut instincts. When you go against them, is when you go wrong."

-Jennifer Lopez.

Sora Takenouchi squeezed threw the dancing crowd of people, her hand covered her mouth, trying to filter the smells of cigarattes. This party was getting way out of hand. It was way past midnight and she wasn't even suppose to be here. Her mom would never allow her to go to a party like this, people getting drunk and stoned just for fun, dumping drinks on the floor and making out in the basement. Of course, her mom doesn't know. Mrs. Takenouchi was on a business trip in America, leaving her alone in Odaiba for an entire week.Which was the only reason she came to her cousins place, unaware that this 19 year old relative of hers has a wild side. She didn't know whether her cousin planned all this, but she decided not to wait and find out. Now Sora just wanted to get outta here before trouble comes. She screamed as a large man with nose rings jumped out in front of her, he was scary looking with a disgusting face that almost caused Sora to puke.

"Who are you?" he looked at her boobs when he was talking, as if he was asking them. The hooker moved closer and put his hands on her arms.

"Let go of me you freak!" Sora slapped him before he could get a tight grip and stepped on his foot.

He glanced at her, his face turned serious. "Bitch, what you do that for?" Just as he was about to strike back, Sora turned and ran. The stoned man stumpled after her, when she looked back to see where he is, she couldn't find him. Not stopping to care, she found herself in the kitchen. There weren't as much people in there but the back door leading out was ocuppied by a clump of people smoking pot. On the counter was a small cellphone, sitting there. She reached the cellphone and dialed a three digits number, "Hello?" she asked.

A voice replied and she spoke on, "This is Sora, I'm at this place on 4th street, I don't know what the number of the building is but I'm at this party in my cousins house, it's getting out of control...." she hesistated, listening to the voice. Through the unbearable music, she only heard the phrase, "we will get there as soon as we can."

"Thanks," Sora hang up and placed the cellphone back at the counter. Thankfully, the potheads left, leaving the door wide open for her to get out. She sent herself in the direction of the door, once she was out, Sora forced her legs to carry her home. It was pitch black outside, no noise on the street, not even the sound of car tires rubbing against the highway. Sora had never been so terrified before. At school, she never feared any bullies or any jerks who tried to hit on her, but this was different, walking alone in the cloud of darkness, she didn't no what to expect. All her senses were alert, her eyes widened, searching for any street signs or familiar places but she could see anything except total darkness. Her ears were more sensitive than they had ever been before, she jumped at the tiny sound waves reflecting off the sound of quiet footsteps. "Who...who's there?" A pair of cold hands touch her back, senting chills down her feet.


Sora jerked, the voice sound familiar but she didn't grow a bit curious about the identity of speaker. Without caution, she wacked her arms out, hitting a soft surface at the height of her chest. Someone gave out a small cry, then hit the floor. "Wait, I just want to help...." she hit it again as the shadow knelt up. This time, more louder, the victim screamed in pain. Sora felt her fist slamming into a jaw of bones, her hand wet with a slight throw up of split from the dark shadow. Sora kicked him in the stomach a few times before she got up to escape. Breathing heavily, she turned around and started running away from the stranger. Half way down the block, Sora looked back, she felt sick to her stomach, attacking a person who did nothing to her. "I hit him because I was scared, I had to protect myself. That's not a crime, is it?" she thought. A breeze fraught with guiltiness swipt over her frozen cheeks. "No...that's not right, being scared doesn't mean I can just punch a person in the head and walk away. I have to go back." She retraced her steps and led herself back to the laying figure on the sidewalk. Kneeling closer and being inches away from his face, she examined his features carefully with the touch of her fingertips. There was more doubt she hurt him badly, Sora tugged on his face, waving and shaking it to wake him. "Are you okay?" she whispered. The young man gave a moan in a low and sleepy tone, she smiled at the sign of consiousness and carried him on her back. When Sora finally found a familiar street, she decided that she was half way home. The man she was carrying seemed to weigh heavier after each step. The weight was unbearable once she got to the front of her small apartment building, she gently placed him down in front of the elevator and stood up again to hit a button. Even the elevator buttons were dark, Sora had never been out so late before, but she remembered that the manager of the building always shut down public electricity after midnight to save money for town's budget cut. "Damn the city," she swore as she noticed the elevator was useless. Her apartment was on the fifth floor, the highest door. She sighed as she got a grip on the man's shirt and started dragging him up the concrete stairs. After another half hour of struggle, Sora's hands were numb and stiff. On the bright side, they were at the door of her apartment. The 18 year old girl reached down her jeans pocket and gripped out a chain of keys. She couldn't tell which key was for the door, so she blindly asserted all of them in one after another, to her bad luck, the last one worked. As the red haired girl gently placed the man on her bed, she walked over to the corner of the room and turned on the lights. Gasping for breath, Sora's face turned sober as she looked upon the gray, ghostly face of her victim. "Yamato?" she whispered inaudibly, her throat cracked like a dry cookie. Yamato hung on the edge of the bed, motionless. Sora didn't know her own strength, "I'm so sorry," she placed her hands on the broken jaw filled with blood at the edge of his lips, and apologized uselessly.