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To the world you might mean one person but to one person you might mean the world.


"WHAT? SORA IS GOING OUT WITH TAI AGAIN! Am I hearing this right?" Yamato yapped into the phone. Izzy was on the other side of the line, still recovering from that blast of heartattack.

"Sorry to break it to ya. I hate to say it, but yeah." Izzy said.

Yamato sighed, "How do you know this anyway?"

"Tai went bazarre when he came out of the biology class jumping in joy. He told me."

Yama swore and kicked a all out of the way to relieve his stress. But the soccer ball bounced back from the wall, backfired and hit him on the head.

"Ouch," he yelled in agony.

"Yeah, I know. Sorry dude, You liked her but..." Izzy rambled on.

"It's fine. Thanks for telling me this."

"No probs. Uh, I have to get going now. Mimi's here."


"Yes, she's making me to go to the mall with her. She claims that she need a new outfit for graduation day and she wants me to drive her there." He announced arrogantly.

"Right, I forgot, you guys are graduating soon."

"Yeah, too bad you're not coming. You shouldn't have dropped out a year ago."


"Okay then." Izzy said and they both hung up the phone.

Yamato threw curses at everthing in sight and rubbed his head. He collapsed on the stiff mistress in his apartment and sighed. The silence was soon interrupted by a pair of ruby eyes coming inside the slightly opened door. A small creature took no notice of him and headed straight for the drops of spilled soda.

"Hey Ralph." Yama lighted a smile.

"She dumped me for that...that idiotic soccer freak. Why? Why can't she just stop denying her feelings for me? I know she loves me...she just. I... gosh! What's the point of talking to a rat?" Yamato flipped to face down on his stomach and put himself to sleep, ignoring the chipping sound of the creature. He closed his eyes,

Of course, he couldn't take his mind off all this. The same beauty still flashed in his vision of darkness. Sora.

It's been almost a year. Two hundred and eight-one days to be exact. Yamato got back to his music business. He's garage band consisting of four members had grown to a popular hit in the area. But there was still one thing missing from his life. Her.

Yamato sat up on his bed. 'I have to get her back.'


"Sup Tai." Sora rushed up to greet him. Mimi followed with Izzy nearly being dragged by the arm. Izzy groaned and said hi to Tai.

The young man with still the same bushyness in his chocolate clump of hair met up with them at the entrance of the cafe, a red sign hang above their heads printed "The class of 2004 graduation party" in cursive writing.

"Hey Sor." Tai said and reached out an arm to hug her.

"Aw, how cute. Why can't you be more like that?" Mimi mumbled to Izzy as she saw the couple hugging at the door.

"Yeah, yeah..." Izzy grumbled and started heading in.

"I heard that we're in for a surprise tonight." Tai said and handed drinks for all of them.

"Great, I hate surprises." Sora accepted the cup and rolled her eyes. "What kind?"

"I don't know. That's all I got out of those cheerleaders over there, they're sealing their lips shut. But I guess it'll get pretty wild. They said something about preparing to throw their panties on the stage." Tai said and pointed to a group of girls with tight buns and skirts.

Sora raised her eyebrows and Izzy choked on his soda. "What?"

"Hey, just telling you what I heard." Tai shrugged.

The four of them joined up with Joe and his new girlfriend and chatted for a while. Finally, the greetings and laughters filling the auditorium suddenly grew to whispers and eventually died down when an announcer came on. He was dressed in a formal grey suit, standing behind the microphone.

"Oh joy, the principal's announcement. Aren't you just so disapppointed that this will be the last time we'll hear him speak?" Sora said sarcarstically as she stood and faced the stage. Surprisingly, the speech wasn't as long as it usually was. After 2 whole minutes of suffering, Mr.Hardimon (can't think of names so I used my own principal's name) noted that the grins on his audiances' faces turned to frowns and some of them showed absolutely no respect by closing their eyes and snoring loudly.

".... and I hope all of you enjoyed your last few years at Odaiba high school. Next we have a few special guests here to perform to us tonight. The Teen-Age Wolves everyone!" Sora gasped, speechless.

Four young men rose from behind the curtains with instruments ready in place.

"Having a great time tonight?" A blonde lead singer whispered into the microphone.

All the high pitched cheers from crazy fan girls heated up the room.

"WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING HERE?" Tai dropped open and stared in disbelief while covering his ears to filter the screechings.

"Well... the cheers tell it all do they? This next song is dedicated to a special young lady out there." Matt said as drum roll started and begin playing his guitar. His sapphires eyes were glancing down on a certain red haired girl the whole time. She returned a smile and bit her lips. Finally she looked up at the man who sung into the mic. This time she payed attention to the lyrics, and treated everyone of his words with a drop of tear.

The song begin, it was one of his all time favorites. The one he played to her everynight when they were still living together. She listened and whispered the words from her heart with him.

This Romeo is bleeding, but you can't see his blood
It's nothing but some feelings that this old dog kicked up
It's been raining since you left me,
Now I'm drowning in the flood
You see, I've always been a fighter, but without you I give up
Now I can't sing a love song, not the way is meant to be
Well, I guess I'm not that good anymore
But, baby, that's just me...

Yeah, I will love you, baby
I'll be there forever and a day

Now the pictures that you left behind
Are just memories of a different life
Some of them made us laugh
Some have made us cry
One made you have say goodbye

What I'd give to run my fingers through your hair
Touch your lips, to hold you near
When you say your prayers, try to understand
I've made mistakes, I'm just a man

When he hold you close, when he pulls you near
When he says the words you've been needing to hear
I wish I was him, 'cause these words are mine
To say to you till the end of time

And I will love you, baby
And I'll be there forever and a day

If you told me to cry for you, I could
If you told me to die for you, I would
Take a look at my face
There's no price I won't pay
To say these words to you Well, there ain't no luck in these loaded dice
But baby if you give me just one more time
We can pack our old dreams and our old lives
And find a place where the sun still shines

Yeah, I will love you, baby
I'll be there forever and a day
I'll be there till the stars don't shine
Till the heavens burst
and the words don't rhyme
And when I die you'll be on my mind
And I'll love you,


The song slowly moved to with a last guitar solo. As it finished, the electrifying crowd rose up again. Many sent blows of kisses and jumped on top of each other to get noticed and call out Matt's name.

"Sora, are you okay?" Tai asked.

Sora nodded. Tears streamed down the side of her face like herds of salmons, and her scarlet pupils still rested on the blonde singer who was about to make one last note and leave the stage.

"Go." Tai whispered.

"What?" Sora asked, confused.

"You belong with him." Tai grinned and brushed a hand down her back.

"What about you?" she said, her eyebrows furrowed at the top of her nose.

"Stop caring about everyone else. You know it, you're still not over him." Sora was just about to defend herself when Yamato spoke a farewell.

"...good night everyone." The lead singer took off. Sora gasped.

"See?" Tai said and begin shaking his head, "You still have a chance before those fan girls storms backstage. Go now..." He pushed her deeper into the crowd.

Sora mouthed a word of gratitude to her best friend and blew him a kiss before leaving Tai with Izzy, Mimi and Joe. She somehow made it past the crowd, looping for backstage where Yamato awaited for her.

She stopped, a familiar body put on a welcoming grin. "Hi." It was the blonde young man who spoke.

Sora smiled. "Hey."


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