Gunshot Serenade

Final Authors Notes

Okay… I've never really done this before, so here's the plan. I'll start out with a little speech (this isn't it) and then move on to thank yous and dedications, etc. Whatever you do, read the entire post. If you're lazy or just don't care, jump down to the bottom and read that. I urge you!

Part One: The Speech.

(You can skip this if you want to)

Well, It's a year today that I started this, and I must say, this story has kept me sane. Everything else aside, what I love to do is write, and to find a place where I can do that AND get such amazing feedback it a blessing. In these 365 days, I feel that I've grown a lot as a person and an artist, thanks mainly to Gunshot Serenade and all of the amazing reviews. Writing this, I've learned so much, and been able to rethink my views on not only the show, but on love, commitment, and the struggle to find your place in the world. This story has been a true labor of love, and to have it done is both amazing and tragic. I hope that it's been as great a ride for all of you as it's been for me.

Part Two: The Thanks

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who reviewed. Your advice and praise has been amazing, your criticism tolerated and taken into consideration. I love you guys more than you will ever know.

You make my life sparkle: God of Epyon, Saleena, fey, Black-Moon-Goddess, flclgd13, lydrel, Nis-chan, jadedghostgurl, AmanaLynn1616, Sargonne, Shisuku, zottie, Rynn Abhorsen, BunnyBreath, Outis, kami yu ki, fainscent, samone, Spiegalfan, Chances, Purple Roses, lady rosebit, authenticpoppy, Capitan Annie, red-tenko, ChErRyBlOsSoMs-FlOwErSOfDeAtH, midnight insanity, Tinkies, kim, animegurl23, cbdbz247, ni9htdreame12, squiz, pokerFaye, Rhiw, shortcake/FayeS, Aryll, Hosaki, phegan, BunnWw, Yolanda, Anonymous, AdamentEve aka anna-neko, Degan, Redeve, Oyuki, Tamahome Jigoku, Josie, Kimra, lydrel, Valeninte 20, Divinity of Love War, Rachel Heath, Hanyoubanshee, okama no kama tsukai, amethysttears, Romani Blues, Hotaru007, Faye, zimo, Tiara, stormqueen873, Four Teen Writing Friends, Kelly, Scatter Plot, Miyoko 5800, Simplicity 095, some Mexican chick, TigerTiger02, Katsumi-sanata, wendyghost, Moody Maud, Shadow Crow 025, nessa, fireinu, mirowood, morgannia, gothikchika877, jdchs, Tasi-Meh, deedlit, Neveada, Satarow-raven, Magtec, tarexpanda, ImParanoid, Titan, Shad0wkatt, TheEvilAshleyness, The Hamster Queen, youkai chick supreme, mitora jesus-freak, I stalk u at night, allinnocencediety, mad-killer-bunnies-alert, souten, Miss Super Fantastic, laure, The Story Necromancer, Funk-killenReportCard, MKRA, Shesshomaru's girl 123, blade assassin, pheonix521, Miss Neko Chan, Faraday, BellpeppersAndBeef, bubble tea, Katsuko, pastyglue, Kikka, n-msh, Carollipop, Danielle, breanna, Sing Me Anything, Kenta Divina, Arwentheelf, obalina, Pimpin Satan, and breezy 1028.

You guys have all made Gunshot Serenade possible, and I would never be here without you. Je vous adorez!

I would also like my three best California friends: Alexis, Sony, and Danielle. Alexis! I love you so much! Thanks you so much for listening to me for HOURS on end, rattling on and on and on. I owe you.  And of course, Sony. As the first to read it of the three of you, you deserve an award and cash prize. I know you really didn't want to, but it was so sweet of you to. It really meant a lot to me. And how could I forget Danielle? Actually, I could, since you didn't read it, but that's okay! Because in your own strange way, I know you care.  Thanks so much you guys! You're the best ever!

And how could I forget my other best friend Olivia! You're the one that got me started, and the only one of my friends who has actually seen Bebop. Your help and guidance at the beginning was all that kept me going. Call me when you wanna do that leather pants thing. 

I would also like to thank my dad and my brother. You're both geniuses in your own rights. Dad, thanks for helping me so much with Spike and the whole writing thing in general. And bro, without you, Alex wouldn't be such an amazing, fun character. I love you both.

My math teachers, Miss G and The Wolfman both deserve shout outs. Without your classes, I wouldn't have gotten any writing done. Thanks for the insane boredom.

Seethal, Lisa, Zoe, and Sara! I love you guys, and even thought you didn't read it, you all helped immensely.

I would also like to thank all of the musicians whose music was featured in Gunshot Serenade. I like your songs. Lol.

And last and certainly least, thank you, Evy. Not only for giving me a little taste of what Faye's life is like, but for pissing me off to such a degree that I started writing again, even if only out of rage. More power to you.

One last thank you to everyone who reviewed and all of the names mentioned here. You guys are all amazing. Merci!

Part Three: The Dedication

Of everyone in the world, I am very pleased to dedicate Gunshot Serenade to all of the good people of the Cowboy Bebop section. You guys are all amazing writers, and at one point, I'm sure I've stolen and idea from you. Your stories are inspiring, heartbreaking, and beautiful. Thank you all, and I hope you enjoyed this.


As I've said before, writing Gunshot Serenade has changed my views on many things. One of these things is the relationship between Spike Spiegel and Faye Valentine. Because I started this fic never having seen the series, it was intended to be a fluffy, happy-ending story, and you can tell in the first twelve chapters. And so, as my opinion changed, I began planning something.

You guessed it.

There will be a follow up story to Gunshot Serenade. It will be called Lucifer's Garden, and will be VERY different.

I realize that some of you (Scatter Plot) urged me not to do a sequel, but that isn't what Lucifer's Garden will be. Not in the way you're thinking of it. This new story, likely my last on will focus more on the darker end of the Spike Faye relationship, and will be set one year after the end of this story. Of course, it will feature Alex in a main role, along with several members of his crazy family you have yet to meet.

Lucifer's Garden will be rated M, due to mature themes and content. I hope to have the first chapter out by the end of summer, but I'm not guaranteeing anything. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions/concerns, please e-mail me.Again, I would like to thank everyone involved in Gunshot Serenade and all of the reviewers. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

You all Rock Hard!

Love always,