A/N: James is a famous movie star. Lily is an everyday writer. They broke up years ago, but someone stands in the way of them getting back together. This is not your average fanfic... Lily and James are not wizards. If you want to read along the lines of what J. K. Rowling hinted about Lily and James then you might not love this story.

London Heartbreak: Chapter One

"James Potter?"

At first he thought the voice was just another person on the street who had recognized him, but then he had a strange feeling that he knew that voice. After racking through his brain to locate the voice unsuccessfully, he looked up to see who had spoken.


James saw a figure of a woman before him. She had long red hair and dazzling green eyes...Lily's eyes.

Unable to speak in shock, he starred at her. What was she doing here?

"James, it's been so long!" Lily threw herself onto James engulfing him in an overwhelming hug.

"Lily...what are you doing here?" He looked into the streets of London. Lily had never been a fan of cities.

"Well, I was looking for an... an inspiration...for my new book..."

Book? What book? When Lily had been leaving for college she had been planning on becoming a lawyer.

"I've decided to become a writer." She glowed with pride as she said these words.

"Really?" James was amazed. This tiny bit of information made James think that over the past few years Lily had changed immensely.

She smiled. "Yes, I know. In high school, becoming an author was one of the last things I would have expected to become but... things change..."

"Hey, do you want to go get a coffee or something, you know, to catch up on old times?"

"I'd love to but I have to get going, or I'll miss my train..."

"What about tomorrow? We could meet somewhere."

"You mean like a date?" She asked curiously, her voice, however, was not flirtatious.

"No... Just a get together... How long are you in town for?"

Lily shrugged. "I'm not sure. Tomorrow works, though."

They quickly made arrangements to meet up at a local cafe the following morning and said goodbye. As James continued walking down the street he couldn't help thinking how odd it was meeting Lily here, and how she seemed so... different.

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