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London Heartbreak Chapter Two:

Lily pulled her hair from her face and drank some of her coffee. "Well. I already know quite a bit about you. I saw your movie. It was great." She smiled but didn't sound excited. James shrugged. Seeing he didn't really want to talk about his career she asked, "How's Gail?"

"Oh, we broke up. I've been single since." James knew his answer was simple and plain but, what more was there to say?

So far there conversation had been at minimal interest. The most exciting thing either of them had mentioned was that Lily had gotten this poodle that she had really wanted. Catching up was more difficult than he had expected. He decided to ask something about her, but he didn't want to ask something too vague. "How was Oxford?"

Lily looked passive about the topic. "It was good... while I was there."

Was good while she was there...? What was that supposed to mean? This was not the Lily who had been so ecstatically happy about going to Oxford just years before. "While you were there...?"

"Oh... I only stayed there for a few years..."

...Only for a few years? Who dropped out of Oxford?! Certainly not the Lily he thought he knew. "Because...?"

"Well, I met this guy..."

James didn't know why, but those words made his stomach drop. He suddenly felt protective over Lily. He had never been an older brother but he assumed this was how they felt about their sisters dating.

Lily's face lit up as she continued talking about him, "He's my boyfriend. His name's Richard. He's an artist, James. Oh, he's amazing, you'd love him..."

She talked about him for a long time, saying how wonderful he was and finally arranging a time for them to meet. James left the café as a totally different person. Lily had a boyfriend and he was supposed to meet him in a few days time. He walked along the street wondering what he was like, pausing at a crossing street where a couple was kissing. James wasn't looking forward to meeting this Richard and he already knew he wouldn't like him.

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