Author's Note: I do not own Gundam Seed or any of the people in it.

Also, the prologue is a bit short.


Prolouge: For Love or War

Kira awoke from his slumber, his hand was still bruised after his last battle with Zaft. He

sighed as his body floated a few feet on top of his bed. He thought that this war would go

on forever and no one will ever win; all it would bring was fighting and more fighting. "If I

have the power to make a difference I should put it to good use," Kira chuckled at this

statement he made when he joined the Earth forces. "If I knew this war would be going on

forever I would've just stayed there."

Suddenly, the sirens went on as the monitor in Kiras room lit. "Kira we are under attack!" yelled the chief.

Kira looked confused. "We just fought, what more do they want?" he asked.

The chief shook her head, "This time it isn't Zaft."

Kira looked puzzled, but he nodded as he floated out of his room to his gundam.


He entered the cockpit and activated the Strike, then entered the launching pad. As they placed on the Strikes sword mode, he got ready as the launch commenced in 3 seconds. He looked over to the picture of all his friends before the war started not too long ago. He smiled as there was only one second left. He gripped the controls as he jet forward into space seeing numerous numbers of Gundams. The strike took out his sword as he slashed one of the seven gundam's hands off, then pushed his laser sword forward causing the Gundams to blow up.

Suddenly, he was then shot in the back by another gundam. He looked around impatiently to see no one in sight. "What? Where is he!" yelled Kira. While he was searching the sky, he suddenly got tackled from the left. Kira took out one of his steel daggers as he chucked one to the left. Surprisingly, it was a direct hit, causing the Gundams to blow up. The remaining Gundams got worried and suddenly retreated.

"Good job, Kira!"

Kira nodded as he then asked a question to the chief. "Who where those guys, anyway?" asked kira. The chief only bring up more questions, "We don't know yet. They might be some rebels."

Kira nodded as he returned to the base.


The next day, the earth forces went to restock on some goods. They also had a little gift

for Kira as he got a brand new mode called Angel Mode. It enabled him to fly faster then the

speed of light and also land a blast beam that can split the moon in half, as well as a Sword

that can cut titanium in a split second. Kira smiled as he accepted the gift and they then

headed back to the base.

Kira headed to his room as he took his communicator trying to call Lacus. He waited a few minutes to hear the sweet voice of the woman he loved. "Hi, Lacus. It's Kira," he said as he sat on his bed.

"Oh, Kira! It's ever so nice to hear you," she said; her voice was smooth and sweet.

Kira smiled. "Heh, same here. So Lacus, where am I going to meet you tomorrow?" he asked.

Kira and Lacus had a secret relationship. After awhile, they seemed to get more and more close till they became secretly engaged. Lacus thought for a minute, "How about...your place?" she asked sweetly. Kira had his own place on earth which is now safe to go to, so she enjoyed visiting him there.

Kira nodded. "I'll pick you up on Strike and we will be there." Lacus nodded as she hung of the phone.