DISCLAIMER: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by CLAMP and Disney, while various publishers of the Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland graphic novel and anime include, but are not limited to, Tokyo- Pop and ADV Films. I am making no money for writing this fic.

AUTHOR NOTES: In this fic, Miyuki-Chan finds her way into a world where there are tons of Disney characters, but the twist is that they're all provocative, attractive, and dressed inappropriately women! The reason I chose 10 days is because it's 1 day for each Disney land she visits. This fic uses mostly English names with "-san" or "-Chan" attached to them (i.e. Gypsy-san would be Esmeralda and Esmeralda would tell Miyuki to call her Esmeralda.)


Prologue: Down the Rabbit Hole

"I'm just a high-school girl! I'm saving myself for marriage! I'm..." Miyuki's sentence trailed off as she realized she was laying in her bed safe at home, her pajamas in tact.

"It was just a dream? Phew! But it was so... real!" Remembering the women who had tried to reach up her skirt, Miyuki shuddered. Why me?

Stretching as she slowly crawled out of bed, realization dawned on her. "What time is it? 7:32?! I'm going to be late for school!"

Quickly pulling her school uniform over her matching bunny bra and panties, Miyuki rushed down the stairs right as her toast popped out of the toaster. Grabbing the toast and continuing her mad rush to get to school, Miyuki hadn't had time to notice where she was running before it was too late.

"Kyaaa!" Miyuki screamed as she slipped and hit her head on her... glass knee- high boot?

Glass boot? But I don't have a glass boot! And that really hurt... Owwwiee!

Slowly, Miyuki lifted her head from the lap of someone she had fallen on top of.

Not again! I've been transported into another world!

As she finally looked up at the woman who had cushioned her fall, she screamed as she realized just exactly whom it was.

"May I help you, scrumptious one?"


And that would be the end of the prologue... not exactly my best work but I'm hoping it'll satisfy people who actually read it. My next chapter will be much longer and (hopefully) a lot better writing. Well, hope you enjoyed! -Tartak