Letters To Home

Disclaimer: I don't own the Stargate: Atlantis characters, I don't claim to, and I'm not making any money from this. I guess I own Sergeant Cannor, since I made him up.

Author's Note: This story is by T'Karish. This is a "journal letter" written for the benefit of the writer. Obviously, it's never getting to Earth.

Dear Eppie,

How are you? I'm as well as can be expected, under the circumstances. We reached the Atlantis base. The base was in surprisingly good condition. We almost had to vacate it due to power loss, but at the last minute it surfaced. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, when we first arrived the base was underwater. Is that neat, or what?

Is Scampy giving you any trouble? If he is, just remind him sternly to behave... and drop a bucket of water on him. That usually does it.

Our CO is Dr. Weir. She seems nice enough, just not very military. Which, I suppose, makes sense, since she's more of a diplomat. There's also Major Shepperd. He has a good enough sense of humor. Well, I guess he has to have one to name a ship the Puddle Jumper. Dr. McKay was opposed to it at first, but I like it.

Who's Dr. McKay, you're wondering? He's brilliant, sometimes infuriating, and allergic to citrus. That about sums him up for now. Of course, I don't know him very well, so I can't give a very accurate assessment.

Oops! There I go again, talking like a psychologist. You always teased me about that. 'And what would you classify that man as, Mr. Psychiatrist?' you'd say. 'Why, a class A genius!' I'd answer. 'I wasn't pointing at the mirror, Weasel Face!' you'd respond. And then I'd whine about how unfair it was to bring up that particular disaster. And you'd laugh and say 'No, it wasn't, but since when do I play fair?'.

So, you're probably wondering what exciting things we've found out, huh? We made friends with people here who's planet was a feeding ground for the Wraith. And by now you're scratching your head and wondering who in the world the Wraith are. To put it simply, the Wraith eat life. They'd let a population of a planet grow until it was big enough for them, then they'd eat most of the people and start the cycle all over again.

Sounds disgusting, right? Right. And scary. And majorly creepy. But that's enough about them.

So, you're probably wondering if I've found myself a girlfriend, right? Well, like always, the answer is: NO. It's really not fair. Major Shepperd practically gets one the first time he steps through the gate. And what do I get? NOTHING! Okay, so I DID get a yummy new fruit from this galaxy (something called testa; you have to eat it to believe it!). I decided it would be fun to take one and analyze it sometime when I'm bored. I just hope I have that luxury.

Can you believe that the first time Sergeant Cannor stepped through the gate, he sprained his ankle? And fell out of bed the next morning and almost cracked a rib? I have a feeling I'm going to see a LOT more of him around my neck of the base...

I'm leaving a few people out now. Lt. Ford, for instance. Well... I don't really have much to say on him. Except he went along with Dr. McKay's suggestion for the ship's name. How unimaginative can you get? Well, am I leaving anybody else out now? Probably. But it's getting dark, and I want to go embrace my bed. I'll write to you later.

Your loving brother,

Carson Beckett

P.S. Give Scampy a doggy treat for me.