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AN: Bold is Severus. Italics is Harry.

Ben Gay

Hurry up, we've got precisely 11 minutes before class begins.

I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying. Sheesh, I'd think you'd let up on me for a short while, at least while I'm trying to suck your cock.

'Trying' being the operative word here, brat.

sigh Well, if it isn't up to your standards I could stop...

Move a muscle and you'll live to regret it.

Resuming my previous activity would require some muscle movement, Severus.

You truly are insufferable! I've never known anyone with your irritatingly talented mouth muscles. Just take me in your mouth!

"We will be brewing muscle relaxants today. Open your textbooks to page 134. Mr. Potter, considering your past record, this potion should prove to be most useful."

Hermione cast her friend a sympathetic glance as Ron whispered: "Why is the greasy git worried about your Quidditch injuries, all of a sudden?"

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