Embarrassing First Encounter

Author Notes: My first Weiss Fanfiction ::dies:: this is a shocker and I mean a shocker because I have never been really inspired to write a Weiss fiction and I am happy that I finally got some nice Inspiration. I would like to thank my Beta-Editor who is willing to put up with my spelling and punctuation and other errors I have THANK YOU MISCHAKITSUNE!!!!! Oh...Disclaimer: As much as I wish I don't own Weiss Kreuz...I do though own one character hehe her name is Ceo Shinji kind of funny that is my pin name aw...well I do own her. Now it is time for the story for you to enjoy hopefully!! ::waves::


In a busy little flower shop which had attracted the attention of many teenage girls who decided to make it their new after school activity to gossip and fawn over the four attractive employees that worked there. A young girl that had rich brown hair and with deep ocean blue eyes walked down the sidewalk then the exquisite scent of flowers caught her attention as she passed The Kitty in the House flower shop. The beautiful flowers were enough to take her breath away that she had to get a closer look at the beautiful flowers. She ran from the sidewalk to only have to fight her way through rampaging school fangirls to finally get out of the torturous crowd to only run into one of the unexpected employees ending with both landing on their butts.

"Itai..." The blonde haired employee said

The girl blushed with embarrassment quickly scrambling to her feet staring at the ground still blushing from completely embarrassed.

"Uh...um...gomen...I didn't see you here let me help you up." The girl rushed in apologizing

"Yohji-kun, you have work to do get off the floor." Another blonde called from one of the window arrangements

"It's not my fault I got ran into and fell Omi." Yohji yelled to Omi pointing an accusing finger to the girl

"Sure it's not Yohji-kun." Omi said turning towards Yohji spotting one of his classmates not in her school uniform she was wearing jeans and a purple long sleeve shirt and wearing her trademark brown leather boots.

"Ceo first time I've ever seen you here." Omi said walking towards the two by then Yohji had lifted himself off the floor.

Omi looked at the extremely shy girl wondering what was wrong she hadn't said a word since apologizing for knocking Yohji over.

"I'm so sorry...I...I didn't mean to." Ceo said once more bowing slightly to Yohji

"It's alright no harm no foul." Yohji said waving his hand in dismissal

Ceo lifted from the bowed position looking up for the first time since she had entered the flower shop.

"Don't worry about Yohji-kun he'll be fine." Omi laughed a little

Ceo didn't turn to face Omi she just stayed put wondering why she ever came into the flower shop until the sweet scent of many different flowers quickly snapped her back into reality. She turned towards Omi taking a deep breathe.

"I would like a basket arrangement of irises and tulips please." Ceo said smiling cheerfully at Omi

"Sure thing but it won't be ready until tomorrow though." Omi informed her smiling back equally cheerful

"That's ok there is no rush." Ceo said still smiling and getting several death glares from jealous fangirls.

Omi walked over to the cash register producing an amount for the arrangement Ceo wanted. She paid for the arrangement in full before turning to walk out of the busy flower shop.

"Who does she think she is?" One fangirl asked when Ceo was finally out of sight

"Yeah first running into Yohji then asking Omi for an order." Another fangirl remarked

Omi on the other hand had to snicker with the last remark and what a fuss Ceo had caused with just two simple actions. Ceo continued to walk home to the run down apartment building that her father and she lived in. She opened the door revealing a nicely decorated room on the other side.

"Papa, I'm home!" Ceo announced but disappointed that she didn't get a reply



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