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Chapter 6

Timmy thought that Fairy World should have had pink clouds and brightly colored buildings.

It didn't.

Oh, it had clouds, but they were all a thick, oily gray like polluted water, and the buildings looking like burnt out shells, at least where they were. Maybe it looked different elsewhere. Everything was silent, so the fairies had to be staying somewhere else.

There was Darkness clinging to the frame of the nearest house. They skirted around it and got into the middle of the cracked, dark grey pavement of the road.

"So, how do we attract the Anti-Fairies?" Timmy asked.

"Bad luck," Wanda shrugged. "You should be able to see them now without Anti-Fairy goggles. Spill some salt, break a mirror, anything like that will attract them."

"All right," he wished for a mirror, with which Wanda quickly complied, and threw it on the ground.

It shattered, the shards reflecting the broken sky.

Minutes later a blue-skinned fairy appeared next to Wanda.

He looked a lot like Cosmo, in spite of differences in coloring. He even had green eyes, one with a monocle. But instead of fairy wings he had tiny bat wings, and instead of a crown he had a little bowler cap.

"Oh, heeeello, Timothy," he drawled in a British accent. He smiled, showing off his fangs. "It's been a while."

"Um…hi," Timmy nodded in greeting. "Um…"

"Anti-Cosmo," Wanda supplied.

"Wheeee!" the original Cosmo added.

"Right, Anti-Cosmo," Timmy nodded again. He was starting to feel kind of stupid. But it wasn't his fault he didn't really remember this stuff. "Um…we need to ask you something."

"Oh reeeeally," the Anti-fairy was getting annoying with his continuous dragging out of words. "And what would that be?"

Wanda decided to take over negotiations, to Timmy's relief. "We need your help. You know what's going on with the Darkness, and you know why you need to help."

"You might have my interest," Anti-Cosmo cleaned his monocle and a cup of tea appeared in front of him. "Do go on, dear Wanda."

"Fine," Wanda glared at him and folded her arms. "You help us. We let you go free."

"Very intriguing," Anti-Cosmo narrowed his eyes in amusement. "But I'm already free."

"Free and in danger of losing your life," Wanda pointed out.

"But the Darkness doesn't bother Anti-Fairies like it bothers the normal variety," he put in, eyeing Cosmo, who had gone from cheerful to frightened in a few seconds when Wanda had mentioned the Darkness. "And how do you plan on defeating it, even with my help? This child? He'd die. I thought you had more morals than that."

Timmy stiffened. It seemed different to hear that he'd die from Anti-Cosmo than it did from some fairy he didn't remember. Somehow it seemed to have more impact when he said it, even though he was pretty sure that Anti-Cosmo was a liar. It still scared him.


"Timmy won't die," Wanda sounded so sure, but Timmy wasn't. Then again, it wasn't her life. "He's going to save everyone. But we need your help."

Anti-Cosmo quirked an eyebrow. "I'll be in touch. Cheerio, Wanda!"

And he disappeared.

"That went better than expected," Wanda grumbled.

"I don't like him! He makes me feel stupid!" Cosmo wailed, apparently forgetting how close they were to the Darkness.

"That's not hard, sweety," Wanda sighed. "Come on, Timmy, let's go home."

"I'm really not liking all of this talk about dying," Timmy admitted.

Wanda gave him a concerned look, and then rose her wand to poof them back down to Timmy's bedroom.

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