Chapter 2: A letter for "A"

Author's notes: Alright, I am continuing with this story, it might take a while. But at least I will keep busy during my summer!

It was around ten PM when Adam Rove came home from his shift at the hotel. He was extremely tired and wanted to go to bed but he still had some stuff to do. First he went in to check on his father, Carl Rove, who had recently been out of work due to a bad back.

"Dad?" Adam called out, "You here?"

"Yeah, in here," Adam went into his father's bedroom and saw him watching an old rerun of MASH.

"Hey." Adam nodded.

"Hey. Was work okay?"

"Yeah." Adam shrugged. "It was okay." As okay can get when you're working in a hotel for minimum wage, Adam thought to himself.

"That's good. Ouch; oh boy," Carl Rove said as he winced in pain. Adam went to go get his father some pills and then fixed his pillows for him.

"There you go; that should be better."

"Thanks," his father said. "So are you going to bed now?"

"No, I think I'm going to go work in the shed for a little while."

"Oh okay, just make sure you don't stay up too late."

"I won't. Goodnight dad," Adam said as he left his father's room. Adam sighed as he thought about his father. Sometimes being me sucks, Adam thought to himself. Adam did not have the easiest life, sometimes he felt like he was sixteen going on thirty. After all, his mother committed suicide when he was only thirteen years old, leaving him and his father to fend for themselves. Adam knew his father tried hard but it just wasn't the same without his mother. For three years Adam kept to himself, expressing his emotion only through his artwork which not many people understood. But he was used to that, he was used to not being understood, in fact, he kind of enjoyed it. If he wasn't understood people wouldn't take a chance with him and they would just leave him alone. The only friend he had was Grace Polk, whom he had known since he was in pre-school. Adam figured that if people didn't take a chance at getting to know him, then he wouldn't become attached to anyone and have to deal with them leaving him, which would ultimately happen anyway. But then something happened, a girl named Joan Girardi walked into his AP chemistry class and would begin to change his life. At first she was oblivious to him, just thought of him as this weird kid who made art out of metal, but then something changed. Adam opened up to Joan and she got to see him for the sweet person he was. Although they'd had their share of arguments, like the time when Joan smashed his art for some unknown reason. Adam didn't talk to her for weeks. To Adam, aside from his mother dying, not speaking to Joan was one of the worst things he could ever imagine. Then there was the whole not being ready to couple thing, even though Adam was. Then Adam got a girlfriend named Iris and Joan revealed her true feelings for him, and that was the best night of his life, when him and Joan, or as Adam liked to call her, Jane, got together. It was good, for a while, until Joan got diagnosed with Lyme disease and confessed seeing God to Adam. Adam wanted to believe Joan, he really and truly did, but he couldn't. Lately Joan had been having an extremely hard time, she was depressed, wouldn't really socialize with Adam or Grace and seeing Jane that way made Adam's heart break. He knew he was losing her, which was something he never ever wanted to happen. He remembered seeing his mother like that, before she committed suicide. He couldn't bear the thought of something happening to Jane and that's why he was going to his shed to make something for her, anything, just to show her that he cared. As Adam was walking to his shed he noticed an envelope with his name written on it. He knew it was Joan's handwriting. He went into the shed and looked around.

"Jane?" Adam had this feeling in the pit of his stomach that something bad was going to happen. He had that feeling once before, the day he came home from school and saw an ambulance taking his mother to the hospital. His dad didn't tell him anything, just to get in the car. It wasn't even an hour later that the doctor came out and changed the fate of their lives forever.


Thirteen year old Adam Rove and his father sat anxiously in the waiting room as Elizabeth Rove was getting her stomach pumped. Adam sat with his face cupped in his hands. He didn't understand how something like this could happen. That morning everything was fine, his mom packed him lunch and told him she loved him, just like any other normal day. His best friend, Grace Polk came to his house to walk to school with him. So, if everything was fine this morning, how could it be, that a mere eight hours later, he was at a hospital with his father? Just then, as Adam was engrossed in his thoughts, Dr. Adler came out of the E.R. and from the look on his face Adam could tell that he wasn't going to see his mother again. He didn't need to hear the words.

"Mr. Rove, I'm sorry to inform you..." he paused. Dr. Adler had been a doctor for almost twenty-three years, but it didn't make this part any easier. Letting two people know that their wife and mother was dead. "I'm sorry to inform you that-'' But Carl interrupted him.

"We know." And that was that.

Adam turned his head. Thinking about that day made him want to puke. And then to think, she left him a note, just like Jane had. He looked down again at the envelope afraid to open it. Maybe it was nothing, maybe Jane wants to speak to me but I was at work, and she didn't want to lose what she had to say, Adam thought. Maybe she wants to see me tomorrow. Adam opened the envelope and began to read Joan's words.

Dear Adam,

I don't really know how to say this but I guess I have to. Know that this has nothing to do with you. Know that you have made me so very happy this past year, but I can't keep relying on you and everyone else to make me happy. I'm not happy, and I think Arcadia has something to do with that. Please don't be mad. I wish I could stay, I wish I could make things better but I can't. By the time you're reading this I will be on my way to some place new, where I can make a fresh start. I just need to sort things out. I'm so sorry Adam. I love you so much, don't ever forget that.

Love always,


Adam sank down into his chair. Jane had run away? How? Why? Where would she go? Then his concern turned to anger. How could she do this to me and to her family? She knows how I feel about her. Right before Joan got sick Adam had told her that he was afraid she wouldn't stay with him if he didn't amount to much. She told him that he would. She assured him he wouldn't lose her. She lied. She had left him, just like his mother. Everyone left. In a fit of rage Adam got up and went to his desk and started hitting it, knocking something down. He looked at the object; it was what he was working on for Jane. It was an Angel, because that's what she was to him, his angel. He picked it up from the floor and then noticed that one of its wings was chipped. Jane Adam thought. He slumped down to the floor holding the angel, and cried himself to sleep.