Chapter 15-First Date

Harry nervously straightened his shirt as he looked in the mirror. This wouldn't do. This wouldn't do at all.

"I think you look smashing," Hermione called from where she and Ron were sprawled on his bed.

Harry simply shot them an annoyed look and moved toward the dresser, slapping his watch down on his wrist and barking, "Why are you two here anyway?"

"Moral support, Mate," Ron smirked. "It's not every day that my best friend goes on a date with my baby sister."

"And Molly wanted to see Ella anyway," Hermione said smugly, grinning from ear to ear. She couldn't help it. She knew how much both Ginny and Harry had wanted to go out with each other and now that day had arrived.

Harry rolled his eyes. He was nervous about his date with Ginny, terrified actually, and here were his best friends lying on his bed-uninvited- and offering their 'moral support.'

He somehow thought he could do without it.

"So where are you taking her?" Ron asked, discreetly examining the bedspread as if it were the most fascinating material in the world.

Harry sighed, lowering his head in defeat. They weren't going to leave. "London. With all the publicity I've been getting after the match with Holyhead, it's becoming dangerous for me to go out into Diagon Alley without being mobbed by fans," he murmured.

"Where in London?" Hermione chimed in.

"The cinema," Harry responded tiredly, hoping against hope that his blasé attitude would gently nudge Hermione and Ron out of his bedroom and downstairs. "I've heard that she's never been."

"The Muggle cinema?" Ron exclaimed, his eyebrows raising. "Don't tell Dad you're going there otherwise you'll be forced to share all the details when you get back. You know how he is with all things Muggle."

"I really wasn't planning to," Harry straightened his collar and looked in the mirror. He was rewarded with a catcall from the inanimate object he was staring into. He blushed furiously. One day he was going to get a mirror that didn't talk to him. Trying to get over the fact that his mirror had just verbally harassed him, he turned towards his friends. "How do I look?"

"Absolutely edible Harry," Hermione smirked. "Ginny'll think so too."

"Hermione!" Ron exclaimed, shocked. "She's not supposed to think that! And since when do you find Harry edible?"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "He's attractive Ron. Get over it. Thank Merlin I didn't describe him as fuckable. Goodness knows the reaction I would have gotten from that…"

"Hermione?" Both of the men in the room's jaws dropped.

"Well he is," she stood, walking past the boys to the door. "According to Ginny anyways. She told me all about the locker room incident." She trailed off, suddenly realizing that she had said too much. Trying to change the subject, she continued, although this time her voice was visibly forced. "You should wear that those jeans more often Harry. They do wonderful things for your bottom…"

Ron, having gotten over his shock-barely- trailed after his wife. "Since when do you know those words Hermione? And what locker room incident?"

"Since I started dating you, and none of your business. That's for your sister and Harry to know and for you to find out. But only if they decide to tell you," she smiled wickedly, leaning in to give him a kiss. "We'll see you later then Harry?"

Harry nodded, trying to forget the scandalous things that Hermione had been saying about him mere moments ago.

"And relax Mate!" Ron popped his head back in the door. "You'll be fine. Oh, and no repeats of whatever Hermione was talking about in the locker room. She has 6 older brothers, remember?" He paused, taking in first the heated moment of remembrance in Harry's eyes and then the scared look that flashed across his best friends face. "I'm kidding. Have a good time."

Harry simply nodded, watching as Ron left the room. He grabbed his wallet from the dresser, stepping into the hallway and tilting his head skyward. "Don't fuck this up, Potter," he murmured. Hopefully someone was listening.

Ginny looked up from the table that she sat at the Leaky Cauldron. Harry was late. She sighed. She should have expected him to be late, this WAS Harry Potter after all and somehow he always had a good excuse for his tardiness but still, this was their first date and in most cultures this was considered to be a good excuse to be on time. Her thoughts were interrupted though as Harry finally entered the Leaky Cauldron.

Ginny had to stifle a laugh as she took in the sight of her date for the evening. Hood drawn down on his cloak and scowl firmly fixed on his face, Harry greatly resembled Severus Snape right now. "Sorry. I got mobbed outside by some Cannon fans," he said apologetically, sitting down.

"That's fine. Can't say I don't know the feeling," Ginny shrugged. Indeed, just that morning she had had problems in Diagon Alley as she shopped in Quality Quidditch Supplies by a few of her younger fans. Of course these were nothing compared to what Harry faced. Indeed, even after months of time between his appearance on the cover of Witch Weekly, to his win at the national cup, he was still considered to be England's most eligible bachelor. And, since his 'official' break-up with Katie, things had only gotten worse. Harry had had to taken up the art of concealment charms and glamours for the last month or so, it had gotten so bad.

"Thanks for understanding," Harry took the hood down and sighed. "So, you ready to go?"

Ginny looked back at him quizzically, "Go where?"

"Well, you told me to surprise you about where we're going so," Harry shrugged, "I decided to take you somewhere you've never been."

"The Leaky Cauldron?" she raised her eyebrows. "Cause I hate to break it to you, but I've been here before. About a hundred before's actually."

"Yes I know Ginny," Harry rolled his eyes, taking her hand and standing, forcing her to follow him in this movement. "Which is why we're going somewhere else. I just thought that your parents knowing that we were going on this date might not be such a good idea and that meeting here would probably be better for both of us in the long run."

Ginny nodded affirmatively. He was absolutely right and both of them knew it. "So where are we going to anyway?"

Harry looked at her and smiled wryly and they started to walk towards the door. "The Cinema."

"The Muggle Cinema! I've never been there before. Are we going to see one of those…what are they called again?" She asked excitedly.

"Movies," Harry opened the door for her, "They're called movies and yes, I thought we'd see one tonight."

"Which one?" She asked, stepping out onto the street and waiting as Harry joined her.

"'Pirates of the Caribbean,'" Harry replied, smiling a bit. He had been wanting to see this one for awhile. Besides, he had heard from Hermione that it was something that Ginny would enjoy. "I thought we'd start out slowly with your first cinematic journey. It has a little bit of everything in it. If you like it, we can go to more." He inwardly kicked himself, cringing at what he had just said. How's about you get through the first date before you start planning the second, Potter!

"Hmm," Ginny mused. "Sounds like a plan." So he wants to go out with me again. She smiled as she looked at the face Harry was making. She knew him well enough to know when he had just put his foot in his mouth and knew it. Only this time, she didn't think he had put his foot in his mouth.

That didn't mean he had to know it though…

And with that, they continued their walk through the cold London streets to the Cinema, Ginny smiling secretively, having never been on the receiving end of Harry's awkward adoration, and Harry hoping against hope that he could get through the evening without melting into a pile of embarrassment at his own actions.

Ginny looked up in fascination at the movie. So far it had been quite good, better than anything she had ever seen actually. With a sigh as Harry handed her the popcorn bag-yet another thing she had never tried, popcorn was something that she knew she had to have again-she leaned over to whisper in Harry's ear, "This was a great idea."

"Yes it was," Harry smiled, opening the bag of M&M's in his hand and popping a handful into his mouth.

"But isn't it a little empty in here?" Ginny pointed out all of the seats that sat around them, vacant.

"Oh," Harry said uncomfortably. "Well, I didn't know if you would react the way Ron did when Hermione and I brought him here so I…sort of bought out the theatre tonight."

"What did Ron do?" Ginny, touched by Harry's extravagant gesture but curious about what her brother had done, continued.

Harry shifted in his seat, offering her some chocolate as he did so. Ginny took it gratefully and handed him the popcorn. "Well, we were seeing some romantic comedy," noticing the blank look on Ginny's face, he explained in more detail. "A humorous love story, I think you'd like them actually-Hermione does anyways…." He got back to his original story. "And he got so frustrated by the actions of the characters that he started yelling at them."

"He didn't," Ginny laughed, believing this of her brother. "So then what happened?"

Harry leaned back in his seat, putting some of the popcorn into his mouth. "Well, after a half hour or so of this, we got kicked out of the theatre." A grin grew on his face as he remembered, his eyes crinkling mischievously as he retold the humorous story to the woman sitting next to him. "Hermione only takes him to late shows now, near the end of the films run so that she doesn't have to do that again."

Ginny's smirk continued as she took a sip of the water Harry had bought her at the snack counter outside the theatre. Muggles, she had noticed, did things rather strangely. They sold water, which she thought was positively pointless as it was water and not something like juice, or butterbeer. She had found she didn't want to take a chance on what Harry was drinking though, something an impossibly dark colour and bubbling ominously that was called Coca-Cola. It sounded like something that Professor Snape would have them brew in Potions Class and looked it too. "So, is it expensive to rent out an entire movie theatre?"

Harry shrugged, his smile fading a bit in worry. He knew how she tended to react when a large amount of money was spent on her. Indeed, coming from a family of little means, the Weasley's generally turned down these sorts of gestures. What with the incredible amount of money his parents had left him, and the amount that Sirius had deemed fit to leave him in his will, money would never be an issue for Harry. Add in the fact that the Dursley's had instilled an alarming frugality in him that his friends and family found odd considering the amount of money he now possessed, and spending the money on Ginny just hadn't occurred to him to be weird at all. He wanted to spend money on Ginny. She was worth it. "Sort of. But tonight's special."

She smiled gently, taking his hand into her own and effectively calming every insecure thought that had sprung up into his mind when she had mentioned how expensive or inexpensive renting the theatre had been. "It is, isn't it?" She paused, enjoying the fact that she was discomforting him so much. She leaned forward, whispering in his ear again, even though she didn't have to. "Relax Harry, I'm not going anywhere."

He turned his head, smiling again. "No, no you're not, are you?" He turned away for a moment, taking the time to set the bag of popcorn onto the floor of the theatre before coming back to her.

Ginny raised an eyebrow in question.

Harry didn't say a word, simply shrugging for the second time in as many minutes and placing a hand to her cheek.

"Why Mr. Potter," Ginny murmured wryly, putting her own hand over Harry's on her cheek, "Are you about to kiss me?"

"I was thinking about it," he grinned, leaning forward so that his lips brushed against hers gently.

"That's your problem Harry," Ginny reciprocated the gesture, taking his top lip into her mouth and sucking lightly before letting go. "You think too much…" And with that, she continued what Harry had started mere moments ago, and kissed him.