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"Boy, Get into your cupboard! We won't let you ruin Dudley's Christmas!"

Harry rushed into his cupboard; He had learned quickly to obey Vernon's orders, much as it pained him to follow the orders of the fat muggle.

A woman's voice shouted from behind him "What are you doing? I told you to clean up the kitchen!"

"But Uncle Vernon told me to go to my cupboard"

She slapped him "Don't talk back! No get into the kitchen!"

He hurried to the kitchen and looked at the fridge where Petunia had put up a menu, he squinted, trying to read he chicken scratch. Finally, he was able to discern her F's from her T's, and he got started.

The first thing he did was lock the door (which separated the kitchen from the rest of the house) and the second was to pull the wand his Grandmother had given him out of his sleeve. He pointed the wand at the counter top, pictured the food that he was to cook and said clearly, "Obtestor!" there was a bang and smoke shot out of the wand when it cleared, the full meal was on the counter. He then placed an 'Ever Warm Charm' on the food, opened the door a crack and waited for the muggles to take their seats, when finally they did (it took an hour) he picked up the first course (with much difficulty) and carried it out to the table.

Vernon picked up his fork and nodded approvingly, "Excellent dressing, Petunia"

Petunia smiled at Vernon, then turned to Harry and snapped "Get back to the Kitchen until it's time to serve the next course"

Harry retreated back into the kitchen.

The rest of the courses followed suit and finally it was over. When all of the dishes were in the kitchen He closed the door, pulled out his wand, and set to cleaning up the kitchen. He was just about done…and then the door opened, He had forgotten to lock it!

"BOY! HOW DARE YOU? WE TAKE YOU INTO OUR HOME AND YOU REPAY US WITH THIS ABOMINATION!" Vernon's many chins were shaking uncontrollably; he grabbed the wand out of the boy's hand and snapped it in half.

"No!" he rushed at Vernon, only to be pulled off of the ground by his hair, he screamed out in pain, twisting around and kicking as Vernon carried him to the cupboard.

The Man opened it and tossed Harry in, throwing the pieces of the wand in after him, "You will stay in here for the remainder of the time your with us, If you so much as make ONE sound I'll put you in an orphanage and then you'll never see another one of your kind again!"

And Harry curled into a ball, weeping silently, cradling the pieces of his father's wand.

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A high-pitched voice woke him up.

"Master Harry, Master Harry, Mistress tells Kreacher to wake you up. Master Harry!"

"What?!" Harry Glared at the cowering House Elf.

"Kreacher is sorry Master, Mistress has told Kreacher to wake Master up."

Harry took a deep breath to calm himself down, and said "Thank you Kreacher, I'm sorry for snapping at you."

The House Elf beamed at him "Kreacher is wishing Master a Happy Christmas!"

"Happy Christmas to you too"

The House Elf grinned and CRACK he was gone.

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"Happy Christmas Grandmother"

"Happy Christmas Harry, would you like some tea?"

"Yes Please" He inhaled the scent of it, letting it wash over his senses, when he opened his eyes he found her looking at him amusedly.


"Very, thank you."

She nodded "would you like to exchange gifts now?"

He reached under the chair and pulled out a package, "Here's mine to you"

She took it from his hands and handed him one in turn.

He opened it, it was a book, he ran his hand down the spine and shivers ran down his, "What is this?"

She looked up from her gift, an antique tea set (that was enchanted to shoot tea at muggles), and said, "It's a book written by the Seer Cassandra, naturally most of it is untrue, but it's worth quite a lot, the bookseller didn't even know what he was carrying…not that I told him."

Harry grinned, "How do you like your gift?"

"Did you have any particular muggles in mind?"

"Our next door neighbors are rather loud…I thought we might use it on them"

She laughed, an rare event, "Yes, they're very annoying, we shall use it on them this summer, when they're all home"

Helaughed with her.

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Christmas vacation was, for the most part, a quiet affair. Harry read by the hearth, his Grandmother knitted, and when it finally ended Harry was sad to go. They left for the train station at Noon and arrived at 12:01 (they took the Floo), there Harry was greeted by the sight of all three of his friends (and their parents).

"Hello Hermione, Neville, Draco, how was your vacation?"

They all nodded and began telling what they did for their vacation.

"I got my name changed, and I received my inheritance papers"-Hermione

"We visited my p-Uncles and then we went to stay with relatives in Old Denmark"-Neville

"I convinced my father to buy me the new Nimbus, when it's released…he's friends with the company president"-Draco

After that they introduced their parents (or in Neville's case his Grandmother), who greeted him warmly (Except Hermione's father who seemed offended that Hermione had changed her name.)

Then they boarded the train…and began their journey back to Hogwarts.

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