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-Chapter 1: Meetings in the West

He had finally made it to his destination. The three months of traveling, baring the harsh climates of the unforgiving West on his solitary shoulders, and countless nights wondering just what he was trying to accomplish, Taichi Kamiya had made it to the bustling city of Sacramento, California.

Stopping his trusty horse, Yumi, the brown haired man took off his cowboy hat and wiped his brow with the back of his hand. On the top of a barren rock formation the duo had stopped to look down upon the town where their journeys had led them.

"We made it this far girl." His deep voice rumbled in his parched throat as he stroked the horse's mane. As if the horse understood, it gave an understanding snort and nodded. "Well, shall we finish this then?" He asked before he gave the horse a gentle nudge in the side.

The light tone of the horse he rode blended in well with the dusty and desolate land that surrounded them and the town. They both had gotten use to the scenery, when you traveled across the greater part of a country; the lack of anything remotely resembling civilization became almost comforting. Especially when you were trying to get away from everything and everyone. The only reason Taichi had not given up and resigned to his own death long ago was the fact that he was on a mission.

The pilgrimage to the West was not one by choice. He simply had business to take care of. And he was determined to finish everything or die trying. When traveling with only your horse, the vast desert landscapes can become quite lonely. Internal thought was something that he had dreaded. It was in his mind that the past came back to haunt him.

Four months ago he would have never thought of leaving his little homestead in the central part of the country. He had made a place for himself as a simple farmer after retiring from being a Marshall. It wasn't old age that caused his retirement. Nor was an injury plaguing the young man who made his way closer to the approaching town.

In fact he had volunteered to leave the good paying job of law enforcement and live a quite but happy life with his wife and soon to be born child. True, his marriage to the bubbly city girl had been nearly arranged, he had nosy parents and in-laws to thank for that, however they were happy.

For a little under a year they had made a go at farming a small bit of land away from the larger cities. Getting their hands dirty in the soil was surprisingly enjoyable for the both of them. And life felt right in all aspects.

However things were not to be this way for long. Never before had he thought that ever being part of the marshals, even the lower level officer he was, would come back to haunt him. His very first job as a newly certified law enforcement officer would return several years later to clam everyone's life. Everyone that was dear to him.

The memories of pulling himself from the burning rubble of his homestead came flashing back. The house was on fire. They had smelt the scent of burning wood soon enough to know to get out. However, she wouldn't leave without her crystal music box he had given her for their wedding day. It was the most expensive thing he had bought, except for the rings she wore on her slender fingers. Assuring her he would grab it, he pushed her towards the door.

Running through the now smoke filled rooms, Taichi searched for the trinket like he had promised. As he threw open their chest filled with blankets and such a gunshot echoed in his ears. Forgetting the purpose he had returned to their room, he ran straight out for his wife.

Once he emerged from the burning building he was frozen in place as he witnessed his wife's bloody body fall to the ground as several men, who surrounded the homestead snickered. His eyes were wide with shock and disbelief, even now if he had not personally buried her, he would have thought it all a bad dream.

Taking several bullets to the chest himself, the men who had the intention to kill them both left him for dead as he staggered backwards and closer to the scorching flames. Tai was only able to catch a slight glimpse of a man who waited for the others at a distance. The broken nose of the man was a prominent feature that Taichi could not shake from his mind. The evil glare in the man's red eyes also left a mark on his clouding consciousness.

Somehow, be it divine intervention or just sheer luck, Taichi awoke alive. His entire body hurt, not just the bullet wounds or burns, but his heart felt dead as he pulled himself to his knees. Having to dig his way out of the half charred wood and debris, he came to the body of his wife.

He would have never known that human beings could be as cruel as he saw them now. Lying there still and silent was the dead and bloody body of his wife. Several gunshots riddled her body as well, however that was not even the half of it. Looking down to where she was caring their first child, he was sickened at the sight. They had cut her open and made sure the unborn would surely remain that way...

Tears brimmed in his eyes yet he could not cry. The water that pooled in his eyes threatened to seep down his dirt and blood stained face. His body began to shake as he cradled her in his arms for the last time.

As the sky clouded over and the fact that he was alone finally sunk in, the tears finally escaped in torrents. On the other hand, maybe the water on his face was the rain, either way his heart and body ached for his dead family. Screaming up to the heavens for an answer or at least a reason, thunder and lightening illuminated the sky.

Shaking the bad memories out of his head, Taichi took in the appearance of the town. On the outside, it looked like your ordinary run of the mill-mining town. A single road ran through the center of the town, and behind the taller buildings looked like the beginnings of a railroad station.

The streets were barren for the most part. Every few buildings there would be a horse tied to a hitching post, or a shopkeeper sweeping, however the everyday citizens seemed to be missing. Motioning with his legs for Yumi to continue into the city, Tai stopped to ask for directions to the inn from one of the only remotely friendly looking men on the wooden sidewalk.

The sun's hot rays, blocked from the man a he walked along the porch style sidewalks of the many businesses, continued to beat down mercilessly on Taichi. Even with a wide brimmed cowboy hat for protection, his skin was still dry and burnt. It did not seem to matter to Tai much; however it was clear that from outward appearances he had been traveling. Not wanting to stick out so much, he needed to find lodging and get cleaned up. That and a cold bath sounded like heat now.

"Excuse me sir," Tai started out in a polite manner. When the man did not respond, Tai had to be a bit more assertive; after all, they were no longer in a polite atmosphere. Life in the West was harsh and tough. No one got anywhere being polite.

"I SAID Howdy there," Tai's voice grew louder finally catching the man's attention.

"Howdy stranger." Came a reply from the young man with spiky blonde hair sticking out from under his hat.

"I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of the nearest inn with clean sheets." Tai began before being cut off when a loud round of cheers went off. Looking over to the source of the noise, Tai became confused. He could not see anyone around, and yet the noise had to have come from somewhere.

"They're having a hanging behind the jailhouse. A sort of double header if you will." The man snickered a bit. "You'll have to wait till they're all done. No one will be at the hotel now."

"And why is that?"

"You must not be from around here. Everyone shows up for a hanging around here. Well, almost everyone that is." The other man corrected himself. Looking up at Taichi again, the man continued. "The only people who don't attend usually go to the Saloon. That's were I'm heading now."

"I see. So what did they do?" Tai asked looking back over to the direction of the prominent jailhouse across the street.

"Who knows, and the people around here don't seem too particular for a reason either." The man shrugged. "I'll give you a bit of advice, you look like a decent guy and all, don't mess with the sheriff's office around here. In fact I suggest you don't even spend the night in this town."

"This would be because..." Tai started out making the intonation of his voice pose the question of 'why.'

"I wouldn't ask too many questions either. People have this funny way of disappearing if they get nosey around these parts. Instead, how about I take you to the saloon for a quick drink?" The blonde asked motioning Tai to walk with him. "They have the best liquor here for miles and of course the most beautiful serving girls in the West."

Deciding against looking into the executions anymore after the second prisoner met his fate and a cheer again erupted from the people of the town, Tai nodded and dismounted his horse.

"The name's Yamamoto, but my friend's call me Matt." The man similar to his age said extending his hand towards Tai.

"I'm Tai." His brown eyes finally got a closer look at the blonde he was walking with. The things he had said struck Tai and made him a bit more curious than he wanted to let on. If the information he had received was correct, those responsible for his family's death were centered in this city... hearing Matt talk so negatively about the police and people of the town, he wondered if things were connected.

"So where are you from?" The blonde asked making small talk as they continued to walk towards the town's best saloon. In the distance, Tai could hear music coming from a large red building. After trying Yumi up and giving her some food, Tai followed the other man as he neared the building. The exterior could use some work he thought, however the swinging doors led into a nicely polished establishment. A long counter with stools ran along the wall across from the entrance. A pudgy balding bartender stood behind it wiping a glass with a cloth as they entered. Groups of men sat at tables playing cards, or gambling in some fashion or another. In the right corner of the bar, a small stage stood for live acts to perform. At the moment a nicely dressed piano played tickled the ivories with a peppy tune that sounded familiar and at the same time exotic to Tai.

Taking in the room, an all it's activity Tai simply followed the other man as the two took off their hats and made their way to the bar. Matt had to keep a laugh from escaping his lips. The expression on his new friend's lips was hilarious.

"So what do you think? Never been to a bar before?" Matt asked turning to a still awestruck Taichi. "Hey Joe! Is she working today?" The blonde called over towards a second bar keeper busy cleaning the spilt beer behind the counter.

"Hey Matt, who's the new guy?" The blue haired man with glasses asked.

"Tai, this is Joe. Joe, Tai." Matt introduced them. Tai greeted the other man friendly with a handshake.

"Nice to meet you. Are you from around here?" Joe asked making polite mall talk as he finished his work and set out two clean glasses. "What will it be?"

"What? Oh, I'll have..."

"Two house specials." Matt cut him off before Tai could respond further. "And make 'em strong." Matt said before turning in the stool and looking out at the busy room. Tai took his eyes off the bartender and followed Matt's eyes up to what apparently was the second floor of the establishment. A balcony of sorts ran around the walls above the main floor with several doors leading into other parts of the building.

"So is she here?" Matt asked again once again facing Joe and his finished drink. After watching the blonde gulp down the drink, the other man finally responded to his question.

"Ya, she's working today. Although I would watch it if I were you. Your usual tricks won't go by unpunished today. She already beat the crap out of one lewd customer this morning. And it's but her in a bad mood." Joe shrugged before pouring another drink.

The conversation going on between the two seemed uninteresting to Tai as he continued to look over the room. A smoky haze filled the air, as he noticed several men smoking cigars with giggly women sitting on their laps. Some of the women even smoke with the men. The many new scenes continued to hold his fascination. In the four months he had traveled, never once did he stop into a saloon. His mind had been consumed with one thing- revenge.

However the slamming of a door from the balcony drew both his eye and mind off the scenes on the floor. Exiting from a room above the saloon floor was a woman. Tai didn't know what it was about her that caused him to follow her movements so closely, but he did. The heels of her boots tapped as she descended the narrow staircase in the left corner of the room. The swish of her short skirt and the ruffles accenting her low cut and form fitting corset made nearly every man in the establishment turn to look at her. Her dress was a deep shade of red silk accented by a black corset and ruffles showed off her modest, yet amble bust and curvy waist.

As she made her way over to where they were sitting, Tai found he could not take his eyes off her for a second. He never before had been mesmerized in this way by a member of the opposite sex. Her crimson orbs met chocolate and for a moment no one else existed. Tai felt as if he was alone in the room. He could only watch as she gave him a quick glance over and proceeded to move towards the bar.

"Howdy Ms. Sora." Matt gave a smile motioning for her to sit down next to him. The woman gave a short flick of her curly auburn locks, ignoring both men all together.

"Joe, I'm taking the rest of the day off." Her voice was pleasant one to Tai's ears. He couldn't tell why at the moment, but he felt a strong, yet mysterious spirit in her.

"That's perfect, we'll spend the day going for a walk together then." Matt said still not giving up on his long time battle for the red head's attention.

"Yamamoto, please." Pulling the shawl she had around hips up higher on her slender shoulders, she sighed. "I already told you, when you can out drink me, then we'll talk about your so called relationship." With that she took the drink that had been meant for Tai and drank it in one chug. Earning a sly smile from the blue haired man, Sora turned and looked at the other man who was still staring at her. "If you boys will excuse me, it looks like I have business to attend to." She said noticing a form waiting for her near the doorway. She simply nodded to them and almost as if she were floating made her way for the exit.


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