A/N: Umm… I wanted to write something pointless involving Scott. Voila.

Disclaimer: "Hold on, I've got a customer. That'll be eight dollars… [gun shots and screaming heard in the back round] All right, what do you want?"

Note: Just… picture it… you'll get it…

Phone Call

Yeah, hi, my name's Scott Summers I just have a question abou—

Scott Summers.

Summers. S-U-M-

Okay, my name's not really important. I recently ordered one of your car stereos and—

Uh, the uh… Music Master 7.0. The one that holds seven CDs and two cassettes. I have a few questions on installing it.

No, I don't want to pay fifty dollars to have some one install it for me. I want to do it myself.

Yes I received an instruction manual. I—

No, no, I can't read the instructions.

Why not? Well they're in German.

Yes, German.


Yes, I do know some one who speaks German actually.

Because I don't want him to have to read me the whole—look, I just want to put it in myself. Can you just send me a new book or—

What do you mean you're out of manuals?? You're just making this up, aren't you!

No, I will not calm down! I should be cruising around blasting music from my new stereo by now and—

All right, all right, I'm calm, see? Look, can I talk to some one else?

Summers. Scott. Summers.

Yes, I am one of those mutant kids. Okay, I really just want to put in my new stereo. I don't understand why I got a German instruction book in the first place, the thing was made in Japan, I—


Great, thanks… I wonder where Kurt is…