The doctor spoke quickly as if he was nervous. "Sorry, but I'm afraid I have some bad news…" He fidgeted with his tie for a tension filled moment. "I'm sorry…but…we weren't able to save your son…we lost him…"

Chapter # 8 Wipe Away Your Tears

The doctor swiftly left the room after saying, "I'm terribly sorry…I should have told you before now that I was unsure that he would live…I'm sorry…"

Jak's mouth hung open and he stared in shock. "They…lost him…no…this can not be happening…" He glanced at Keira and what he saw could have killed him. She wore a lost stare, like she was trying to see something that wasn't there. Clear, shinning tears streamed from her eyes and fell into her lap, but her eyes remained open and she barely blinked. Jak's heart raced, his hands trembled, and his thoughts raged. "This isn't real…it can't be…Oh God don't do this to me…to her…"

His vision blurred and burning, angry, hurt, confused tears fell to the shinning tile floor. That's when he realized it. He really wanted her to have this baby, despite all of the things they would never be able to do, or places they would never be able to go, he was willing to give all of that up for this baby. Even though he was afraid to admit it, he wanted to be a father, to have a family.

When his stare returned to Keira he wiped his eyes to clear his vision. "Keira…" At the sound of his words, her crying became auditable for the first time in that very tense moment. He sat on her bed and she instantly collapsed into his arms and buried her face in his chest. He held on to her tightly, almost afraid to let go. As he held her there he rubbed her back slowly to attempt to calm her down as much as possible, which could not have been much in a situation like this. "It's ok…it's going to be alright…" Jak swallowed hard to stop his tears so that she wouldn't be able to hear him cry. "Please…Keira…please don't cry… Everything will be ok…"

Suddenly, Keira jerked back from his embrace and nearly shouted, "Nothing is ok! Nothing is ever going to be alright ever again!" After saying this she fell back into his arms and began sobbing heavily once again. He could feel the anger in her words that pierced his heart.

She was right, he knew she was, but he had to keep a positive attitude for her no matter how hopeless things seemed. He could feel himself about to lose control over his emotions. Tears welled up in his eyes, but he commanded them back into his tear ducts. If she saw him cry, it would make her feel even worse than she already did, if that was even possible.

Jak tenderly stroked her head and the back of her neck while he whispered softly into her ear, "Yes it will. This will all work out alright…I promise." Keira scooted closer to his warm embrace and he pulled her into his lap. He held on to her tightly, but her arms were only lazily draped over his broad shoulders and around the back of his neck.

Normally, she would hug herself close to him so that he could feel her smooth curves pressed up against his body. And when her hands were around his neck she would play with the wisps of blonde and green hair at the base of his neck. (Yet another one of Jak's secret weaknesses that only she treated him to.) But now she hung loosely in his embrace and the only movement she made is the shaking of her petite frame throughout her jagged, stifled sobs.

She peered up at him, her eyes red and her face pale and puffy from her tears that still fell from her emerald eyes. "How can you say that?" Her shaky voice had lost the angered tone and it was replaced by a voice that contained fear and confusion concerning his previous words. "How can you say that it's all going to work out; that it will all be ok? How do you know? How can you be so sure?" The volume of her unstable voice rose, but not because she was angry, but because she was becoming hysterical. "How can you sit here and act like everything is just fine? Everything is not fine, nor will it ever be again! I have to sit here and watch my entire world fall apart, and you can say that everything-"

Jak swiftly moved his index finger to her lips to quiet her. "Keira!" His cerulean eyes locked with her glossy, olive orbs as he spoke firmly. "Would you just hold it for a minute and listen to yourself? Yes, this situation that we're in right now is terrible, but things won't be like this forever, it will get better as time goes on, really. Just trust me."

"But-" She began to speak in protest, but he cut her off. If he was going to even attempt to cheer her up now, he had to keep the entire conversation positive, even if that meant stopping her from bringing any negativity into it.

"No 'Buts'.


He said more sternly now. "No 'buts'." She sighed. "Now, if you'll let me continue…" There was a sarcastic seriousness in his words and he gave her a little smirk, but she didn't so much as crack a small smile, so he hurried on to his point. "Your whole world is not falling apart. Parts of your, of our lives are going pretty badly right now, but we can get through it together. I know it hurts, but it's hurting me too. If you try to get through this on your own, we'll never be able to get over it." She swallowed to slow her tears and nodded to tell him that she knew he was right. "Let me in Keira… I can't help you if you won't let me." He placed one of his coarse hands over one of her smooth and petite hands and she laced her fingers through his as he gave it a tiny squeeze of affection.

"I guess you're right…" she said timidly, her shaky voice still showing signs of her previous crying. Jak's free hand reached up to her face and used the pad of his thumb of to brush away a few stray tears that streaked down her face. Tears began to fall from her eyes when she spoke. "But…I just can't help it…I lost my… my son…"

He held on to her as she cried on his shoulder once again. "I know Keira…I lost my son too…we lost our son… But nevertheless, we can make it through this. We can make it through anything together. We've always been able to do that, haven't we?" She nodded slowly in agreement. "We've gotten through everything, through thick and thin, good and bad, through happy times and sad times. All these years… I've always been there for you, no matter what happened. You just have to let me… " A few tears choked out of her red-lined eyes. "We can find a way to make it through this, or anything else that comes our way. We'll get over it with time…I promise…it'll just take some time that's all…" Another one of Jak's tears broke free of the dam that was holding them in, and it streaked down his face and fell to join with some of her tears.

A few moments later she had fallen asleep in his arms, the pure exhaustion of this stressful overwhelming her. He laid her back on the bed in which they sat, and covered her up with a thin blanket. He sat back in the chair near the bed and he watched her sleep.

Suddenly he had an idea. Jak stood up, leaned over to give Keira a small kiss on her forehead, and slipped out of the room. Out in the hall bright lights shown down and dozens of doctors and nurses scampered about carrying out their numerous tasks. Jak wandered down the hall unnoticed by the bustling hospital workers until he reached the room he was looking for: the babies' room.

Surprisingly no one paid any attention to Jak as he entered the room. Inside were dozens of new-born babies being monitored by the physicians or waiting to be delivered to their parents. He scanned the room for his child. Finally he found the small container that read 'Mar', and he peered inside. The small baby inside neither moved nor breathed, although he had a respirator strapped to his tiny face. Jak's heart wrenched to see his own son like this, but if his idea worked, he wouldn't have to see him like this ever again.

Jak took a deep breath, and put his hand inside to lift the infant into his arms. His skin was pale and cold and his eyes were closed shut. Holding his breath and praying silently that his plan would work; Jak began to channel the light eco through his veins, and out through his fingers. The light eco sparkled as it flowed out of Jak, and into the baby in his arms.

He could feel some of his energy leave his body just before the eco stopped flowing from his hand. He cradled the small baby in his arms hoping, praying that perhaps his light eco could save his life. A few tense seconds passed and Jak felt as if his efforts had been obsolete, until the small form in his arms moved his arm slightly. He watched intently and breathlessly as the baby's miniature hand touched his own, his tiny fingers wrapping around Jak's index finger.

Jak smiled wider that he ever had before in his life and tears of joy escaped his eyes as he watched his baby boy awake in his arms, coming back from the dead. His hunch had worked amazingly, the light eco that Jak channeled to the baby gave him back his fragile little life.

Without wasting another second, Jak ran out of the room and sprinted back to the room where Keira slept. He burst in the door, causing Keira to wake up suddenly. He merely smiled at her as she sat up, glassy-eyed and speechless. Jak walked over to her and handed her the tiny child.

Keira began crying joyfully and smiling at the baby in her arms. "Oh my God, Jak, how did you-"

"Light eco." He answered knowing her question.

He sat down beside just as the doctor burst in the door. "Jak, Keira, something happened to your-" He stopped as he caught sight to the couple holding the baby. He approached them slowly, taking notice that the baby in their arms was moving. "How did you-?"

"I can't explain it, but it's a miracle." Jak said softly, smiling at Keira.

"It most certainly is." The doctor said, still nearly breathless.

Jak and Keira smiled down at the baby that was cooing in their arms, amazed at the miraculous events that had just taken place.

Three Years Later

Jak and Keira laid in bed in a quiet doze, absorbing the early morning sounds of the birds chirping. Before they knew it, something burst open their bedroom door and began bouncing up and down on their bed. Both of them sat up and smiled at the sight of their son jumping on their bed, trying to wake his rather lazy parents up on an early Saturday morning.

The toddler had bright shinning jade eyes and blonde hair that sprouted from his head messily. "Mommy, Daddy, wake up, wake up it's time to go outside and play!" he shouted excitedly as he continued to bounce on the bed.

Jak lay back down with a sleepy yawn as Keira pulled her child into her lap. "Okay Damas, but first we have to get Daddy up too."

Jak pulled the bed coverings over his head and pretended to try to go back to sleep. Damas crawled out of Keira's lap and over to his father who was hidden beneath the covers. "Daddy?" he asked crawling closer to his head.

Without any warning, Jak popped out from underneath the covers and grabbed his unsuspecting son who was giggling and squealing wildly. "Ah ha, I've got you now." Jak laughed as he tickled his son's sides, only causing him to giggle more.

"Alright you two, that's enough." Keira said, her motherly tone beginning to show, as she sat smiling at the sight of her husband and son having a moment of fun.

Jak ceased his tickle torture on his son and sat back in bed and put his arm around his beautiful wife. To them, their life could never have been perfect.

The End

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