"Inuyasha where the hell are you going off to this time of night?" Sango yelled.
"I'm going to find Kagome," he snapped. "She hasn't showed up yet, and I want to know if she's alright."
He went off to find her, but he ran into someone you wouldn't want to run into. It was Kikyou and she looked angry.
"Where's Kagome?" Inuyasha yelled.
"Naraku has her and is going to make her his bride," Kikyou laughed. "And now your mine."
"Kagome I never want to see your ugly face again," Inuyasha yelled. "Fine then Inuyasha Sit boy," Kagome cried. "I'm going home forever,"
Back to where Kikyou is
"Damn I think it's when I told her she was ugly," He snarled. "I shouldn't have told her that."
"Ha-ha Inuyasha you shall come live with me," Kikyou smirked.
When Inuyasha heard that he took out his tetsiaga and sliced Kikyou in half. Inuyasha laughed at her dieing.
"I don't love you Kikyou I'm in love with Kagome," Inuyasha laughed.
Inuyasha went off to find Kagome when he thought top himself, "I have to apologize to Kagome before I hurt her even more."
"Let me go Naraku or I'll kill you," Kagome screamed at him.
"Is that a threat, my bride," Naraku laughed.
"No I'll never marry you Naraku," Kagome cried.
"Get your filthy hands off of Kagome or I'll slice you in half," Inuyasha snarled, then all of a sudden Naraku died because Kikyou was dead.
He has saved Kagome and she was still very mad at him.
"Thank you Inuyasha and I'm going haome," Kagome yelled. "For good."
"Kagome I'm so sorry what I said to you in the forest last week can you ever forgive me," Inuyasha softly said to Kagome. "I love you Kagome and I will always love you even if you hate me."
"Inuyasha do you really mean it?" Kagome asked.
"Yes," Inuyasha replied and then grabbed her in his arms.
"I love you too Inuyasha," answering back with a kiss.
"Kagome will you be my mate for life?" Inuyasha asked.
"Are you asking me to marry you Inuyasha?" Kagome asked.
"Yes I am asking you to marry me because I love you," Inuyasha replied.
Inuyasha has made Kagome happy for asking her to marry him. She loved him so very much. Inuyasha was also very happy because she has said yes to him.
"Inuyasha and Kagome are getting married," Shippo told Miroku and Sango.
"Really how do you know this Shippo?" Sango asked.
"I heard them talking," he replied.
"No no no you no should'tshouldn't spy on people Shippo." Miroku yelled.
"Miroku can you come here and Shippo stay here," Sango asked.
"ok" he replied
"Ok so I wanted to tell you something......" Sango said.
Before she could finish he grabbed her and kissed her.
"finish," he told her.
"I have to leave to find Kohaku," Sango replied.
"Sango come with me please," Miroku asked.
"Ok but why?" she asked.
She followed him into a forest and a cave.
"Why did you take me here?" Sango asked.
Miroku grabbed Sango in his arms and kissed her.
"I love you Sango and I'm serious will you bare my children?" he asked.
But before she could answer he kissed her again.
"yes I will bare your children," Sango replied.
"I love you Sango."
"I love you too Miroku."
After they talked for a little while Miroku grabbed and kissed her for a long time. then Sango walked away then came back and took off her clothes in front of Miroku, and made his way with her. He went with her.
"Miroku be careful I've never done this before," Sango warned him.
"ok," he replied.
He kissed her lips and then went lower to her left breast and then lower and lower. He looked at her beautiful face.
"Your so beautiful Sango," Miroku told her.