Okay so I had the first line written to this story a couple months ago (before Luke thought he and Lorelei would be a good match), but it just kinda stayed there. I've read a few stories about L&L having a baby (there's a really great one on this site, can't remember what it's called). I don't know if this is going to be a L&L having a baby story or not, but it's a thinking of having a baby. It's my, 'why aren't we together story' for them. It's going to be really short, most of it's already written and it just needs filler parts. Please reply. I hope you enjoy.

Setting Things In Motion

Chapter One

There's Something Magical About Newborns

Luke's Dinner:

"Oh I want one"

It started off as simple as that….A normal saying, a normal reaction to holding a newborn in one's arms. Luke was next to Lorelei though as she held the baby, Michael was his name. He was a week old today, the son of Julia, a regular at Luke's.

"Me too"

Lorelei turned her head in shock to look at Luke, she was surprised to see his own startled reaction to his words.

His hands dropped away from the baby and he stood up and looked at the two women with their mouths agape, "If you ever repeat that I'll deny it."

Julia laughed

Lorelei frowned, "The worst thing is even if I did repeat it everyone would think I was lying. Even if I got Julia into it with me, they'd all still believe we made it up. Hell, I could have you on videotape and they'd think I'd drugged you into saying that or had Rory do some Mission Impossible thing."

Julia laughed again as she leaned in to take the baby, "It's newborns, there's something about a baby who's so new to the world." She leaned into the baby in her arms, "You seem like magic, you're just so perfectly amazing because you haven't been tainted yet."

"This is reminding me, I came in for coffee."

Luke furrowed his brow and gave a slight eye roll as he moved behind the counter.

"I'll see you guys later." Julia said laughing at them

"Bye" they called out in unison.

She leaned onto the counter, "You're a big old softie"

He stepped back, "Think that'll get you coffee?"

She leaned over the counter and made a frantic grab at her precious coffee, the high of holding little Michael was wearing off and she needed her artificial fix.


"I'm sorry, you're a big old tough man."

"Much better" he said placing the coffee on the counter

She sighed as she finished taking a sip and looked up at him leaning back with his arms crossed watching her. She started to think of Luke as a dad and she wondered why he wasn't one. Lord knew he did enough with raising Rory and herself.


"You want a baby"

"No I don't, it's one of those automatic responses."

"You're lying."

He stared at her for a moment, wondering if he would be lying to her or telling the truth. Yea lying was winning out "No I'm not"

"Liar liar pants on fire, you, Lucas Danes want a baby."

"This is not the place for that discussion."

Lorelei frowned and took a look around the diner, it was empty, no one had magically appeared in the last 30 seconds, "Ummm, you're aware we're alone right?"

"That's not the point

She was just about to open her mouth, when the door opened and dammit Luke would probably ban her from coffee for a month if she said anything in front of anyone!