The Next Night:

She greeted him at the door, she'd been cleaning like a maniac since getting back from overseeing the construction at the inn. She didn't really know why, after all Luke had seen her room after she'd spent2 hours in it trying to get ready for the baptism, how they'd even found her bed underneath all of her clothes was still beyond her. "You brought a book bag?" she asked noticing the black bag in his hand, "What are we like 12?"

He looked down at the bag in his hand and then up at her "What were you doing at 12? I was definitely not having that much fun."

"Don't change the subject from the book bag"

"What exactly were you expecting me to sleep in?" he said basically ignoring her tirade as he walked past her.

"I'd like to point out the town was expected you to sleep in nothing. Do you have any idea what you're going to do to my reputation?"

"You know what if you're pregnant your reputation is going to be just fine."

"Low blow Luke Danes"

"I'm sorry. I'll leave my pajamas here, how's that? They'll think I was just moving in some clothes." he said turning to face her again.

She raised a hand to her chest and with serious eyes she said, "I'm only doing this for your sake Luke, you wanted to keep up the pretense of us dating."

He shook his head as he dropped the bag down on her couch.

"I'm buying that kid a new bed." Lorelei said grumbling walking into the diner the next morning.

"What happens if someone had been here?"

"Luke the diner is packed full of windows, I can see every seat from outside; anyway, no one is here but you at this time ever."

"You know who's here at 10:45 am?"

"I know everyone's shifts, I know who from the town is normally in here and when. Luke I spend more time here than I do at my own house." she reminded him.

"Good point. Back to that bed, I did offer to sleep there or on the couch."

"Rory thinks you're sleeping in my bed, what kind of a mother would I be if I let her down."

He shook his head as he poured her coffee.