Chapter 1

The door to the house slammed, causing Haley James and Peyton Sawyer to jump.

Brooke Davis threw her keys down onto the table, and made her way into the kitchen. Sitting at the kitchen table, she crossed her arms over her chest and pouted.

Peyton laughed. "What today, Brooke?"

Brooke looked up, a smile curving on her perfectly shaped lips. "You actually want to hear?"

Haley shrugged, "Ah, what the hell?"

The three girls had grown up best friends. Peyton was the artist, Haley the brain, and Brooke the bad girl. They were all so different, but yet, they were still best friends. Brooke had given her father the best pout, and had gotten him to purchase her a large house, which she shared with Peyton and Haley. The two girls hadn't wanted to move into Brooke's house without paying some sort of fee. So the girls evenly went shopping for grocery's, etc. Life was good.

Brooke worked as a fashion designer. A small one, of course. She designed clothing mostly for boutiques, and smaller shops. But she was waiting for her big break.

Haley was still in college and was studying to get her master's degree in Psychology. She wanted to be a psychologist when she graduated. Her aunt had also been one, and the thought of helping people had been fresh in her mind since the tender age of 11.

Peyton was an illustrator. Many authors requested her drawings for book covers, and children's books. Peyton also worked to make book covers. Most famous books, the covers, had been designed by her.

"Well Margot," Brooke began, causing Haley and Peyton to roll their eyes, "Says that if I want to do any more designing for her, I have to lower my prices. I mean, who does she think she is? I am Brooke Davis, my prices will be as high as I say they will be!"

Peyton nodded.

Haley blinked.

Brooke continued.

Oh, what a long night it would be.