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Chapter Twelve

Brooke slid her foot underneath the table, across from her, allowing it to graze over her boyfriend's pant leg. He fidgeted, giving her a look that told her to keep her body parts to herself, at least right then.

She pouted, leaning backward in her seat, watching as the older woman at the table spoke to her, and her friends.

She was a strange woman named Martha, had taken a seat at the occupied table, explaining that she was new in the city and looking for friends.

Friends with twenty-two and twenty-three year olds? That barely made sense! But Brooke had smiled warmly, and offered her a drink, allowing the elder person to feel more comfortable with the small group.

Now, Martha was telling them a story about how she'd gotten lost at the airport or whatever, and had been famished, deciding she would go to the nearest café for lunch. And what do you know? Karen's Café happened to be the closest.

When she had finished her story, she sighed contently, looking at the group of young people. Noticing the large rock on Haley's finger, she grinned. "So, which one's yours, Doll?"

Haley smiled softly, adjusting the baseball cap on her head, gesturing towards the dark haired boy across from her.

"Are you already married?" She was like an overly peppy cheerleader, clapping her hands delightedly at a girl she barely knew.

"Next month." He answered for her, mouthing an 'I Love You' towards her a moment after.

"Oh that is just adorable. And what about you, Dear? Do you have a boyfriend or husband?"

Peyton frowned slightly at the woman's directness, but after receiving a kick from Haley, she smiled sweetly, nudging the boy next to her.

And last but not least, the older woman looked towards Brooke, a large smile on her face. Brooke looked somewhat the opposite, with her face in an attempted smile. "And you, Honey. Which of these two is yours?" She looked towards the two boys who had yet to be picked by any of the other girls.

Brooke smiled as she looked at him. "The blonde one, Lucas."

"That's an amazing name!" Martha pinched Lucas's cheeks, and Tim pushed his out as well, so she'd pinch his.

She smiled, pinching his cheeks. He'd never looked so horny in his life.

She looked towards the group of young people, once again clapping her hands excitedly.

"So, how'd ya'll meet?" She gestured towards the group of people.

Lucas blinked, Nathan sighed, Tim shuddered, Jake smiled nervously, Peyton coughed, Haley chewed on her lip, and Brooke smiled fakely. "It's a funny, but long story."

Martha nodded. "Okay."

She leaned over grabbing a piece of food off of Brooke's plate. Brooke clenched her fist, opening her mouth to rip Martha a new assh-anyway, she didn't, because Haley coughed, indicating that it was a waste of time, and Martha would be gone soon enough.

"Well, I must be getting to my new house, I should go see what it looks like. Check you all later!" She stood up, without leaving any money, which meant the people behind would be paying for the large amount of food she'd eaten.

"Check you all later?" Brooke asked after she'd left, "Who says that?"

Nathan smirked. "She was weird."

"But kind of sexy." All eyes were now on Tim, who'd made the strange comment.

"And just when I thought he couldn't get any weirder..." Peyton shook her head, laughing.

"He did." Haley and Brooke said in unision, laughing.

"Okay, I think we should go now before some other weirdo plops down next to us." Brooke said, eyeing Martha's used plate in disgust.

"I agree." Jake stood, and Brooke tossed a bill onto the table, walking towards Lucas, and interlacing their hands.

Tim stood as well, putting his hands in his pocket, desperately trying to act sexy.

Peyton nuzzled into Jake's neck, smiling softly as he kissed her forehead. Nathan and Haley were the last to stand up, grabbing each other's hands, and following their friends.

Deciding they would take a drive to the beach, the seven hopped into two separate cars, heading towards the beach.

Once they got there, they brought towels, and laid themselves on the ground, beside each other.

"Who knew we'd be here today?" Lucas asked as he slung an arm around Brooke.

"I don't know. Does anyone else?" Tim looked around, expecting an answer.

Haley looked up at her fiancé. "Why do we hang out with him again?"

He shrugged. "Because he's been my best friend for my entire life."

"And that's a great reason." Peyton rolled her eyes, flipping through a magazine.
"No but seriously," Lucas smiled, "If we hadn't robbed you all those years ago, none of us would have been here with each other."

"Yeah, I'm glad I picked the house." Nathan smirked proudly, accepting a kiss from his fiancé.

"What the hell are you talking about? I picked it." Jake frowned, looking at Nathan.

"No way, Man. I totally picked that house." Tim leaned closer to Peyton, so she'd kiss him like Haley had Nathan, but received a playful slap in the face instead."

"You all picked it," Lucas rolled his eyes, looking down at his girlfriend. "Immature Bastards." He mumbled to her, kissing her lips softly.

"Hey, I heard that Luke!" His brother shouted, tossing sand at him.

"Maybe you were supposed to." Lucas shrugged, throwing some back.

What the two didn't realize, is that all the people between them had gotten covered in the sand they'd thrown. Groans and gasps echoed throughout, as the group began to have a sand war.

Sand was throw into people's eyes, mouths, ears, and down their shirts and pants. Each person getting the person that gotten them first back better and better.

But as this all happened, Haley could only sigh contently, thankful for that one day, just a year and a half ago, when her friends and herself, had met the men of their dreams.

Their robbers.

The End

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