Title: The Chased Series

Author: Gomey

Archive: Anywhere, just let me know so I can brag...hehe.

Rating: G (though it might vary)

Spoilers: Lady Heather's Box (3-15)

Disclaimer: All known characters and premises belong to their respective owners. So there.

Summary: Mind's hate and heart's love battle...

Notes: A series of POVs – of which I am not well versed in, so please bear with me. Angst runs rampant, frolicking with feelings of longing, dreams and despair. Enjoy.


"Catherine's Unmarked Box"


I sit here and wait, voyeurism in its cheapest form. His car parked, footsteps are imagined heading up the path to her house: demon in a dress. Was it lust? Intrigue? Despair? I can accept either, I can – we all have needs that we answer to, such feelings are what make us human. To ignore should cause alarm, to indulge should result in understanding.

Just don't...

I sit here and every cell of my mind hates him, loathes him for shattering chances that could have been, but my heart doesn't mirror those feelings. My heart refuses to follow the lead of common sense. My heart loves him, plain and simple.

Please don't...

It adores his lopsided grins when amused; it fawns over the crinkles that appear near his eyes when he smiles; it cherishes his pout whenever in deep contemplation; it desires his voice always so full of passion; it only has eyes for his - deep soulful blues that calm and protect.

Say you don't...

My heart has a mind of its own and seeks only this man, this man who saved me countless of times...saved me from them and from myself : physically degraded, addicted, abused - he was always there, never judging - never once doubting the roller-coaster of my tribulations, just making sure the cart stayed on the tracks.

Tell me you don't...

My heart yearns for his - desire in it's cruellest form as I realise that his being has always been but a whisper away...but today, as I watch my 'David', him of statuesque beauty, appear in the doorway, I know that I've been chasing an echo.

...promise me that you don't love her.