A/n (I got an idea after watching ER and seeing Abby in the psyche ward.) I do not own Van Helsing or any characters related with the movie Van Helsing.

Michelle Englehart was hurrying from her diagnosis for a preteen girl in the E.R. The girl was suicidal, and she would have to be admitted so she could be watched. That was an easy assignment for Michelle because she'd seen tons of suicide attempt victims in the E.R. She was getting good at which ones were serious or joking around because of drugs. But, she wanted a case that was out of the ordinary. Like Dr. Daul--which he pronounced Dale-- Dragulia. Dr. Dragulia got the cases like a man who swordfights with no one but his imaginary nemesis, or the woman who believed his was Poison Ivy from the Batman comics, she even wished she had the man who thought he was a fish.
Michelle's beeper went off, and she checked it. Her heart skipped a beat. "Finally," she breathed. "I get a worth while patient!" She ran for the psychiatric ward on the top floor of the Marina Hospital in a city in the state of New York. She nearly knocked over a nurse carrying medical supplies, a medical intern carrying urine samples, and a doctor studying a chart. She apologized to all but never stopped running.
Dr. Dragulia was waiting for her on the top floor. He had a very sexy presence that even Michelle, who was happily involved with her boyfriend of nine years, had to admit to. His coal black hair was cut short, but a few strands always found their way onto his forehead. His eyes were so blue, like the sky, that women gazed into them instead of listen to what he had to say. Some even said that was why he had such a good record for patients, most of them were mesmerized by his eyes and would agree to anything. He held his hand out to Michelle because it was his first time actually meeting her. "Hello, Dr. Englehart," he said to her with a charming smile.
She took his hand. "Hello, Dr. Dragulia." She couldn't hide her giddy laugh, which embarrassed her as soon as it escaped her mouth.
"Dr. Englehart, you haven't gotten to see a patient such as this one, yet have your?" Dr. Dragulia asked as he went over the chart.
Michelle shook her head. "Oh, no. I'm the girl they call to fetch the suicidals from E.R." Michelle informed him. "Not that I'm complaining, I mean, I--"
Dr. Dragulia cut her off. "Yes, yes, Michelle, I know. I've been there once myself." He flashed that smile again. "How about you take this one?"
Michelle's eyes lit up. "I would be happy to."
Dr. Dragulia nodded. "Good. I haven't seen him yet, but the doctor from E.R. said he was brought in and is schizophrenic. You up to the challenge?"
Michelle nodded confidently. "Oh, yes, I'm up for the challenge."
Dr. Dragulia nodded and handed the chart over. "Good luck, Dr. Englehart," he told her as he walked away.
"Thank you, Dr. Dragulia!" Michelle called back.
Michelle clutched the chart, unable to believe she finally had a patient of a different mental status to add to her list. She smiled and raced for the room where there were keeping patient 1889. She slowed her pace down to a dignified walk as she neared the room. E.R. Dr. Bob McCall met her. "You here to take the patient," he asked. Michelle nodded. "Good because I can't stay here all day."
"Could you tell me about him?"
Dr. McCall gestured towards the man in the room surrounded by plexiglass windows. He was wild looking. Long, messy brunette hair, stubble growing on his face, weathered leather duster and antique looking outfit. Michelle's attention was brought back to Dr. McCall as he said, "He claims his name is Gabriel Van Helsing, Knight of the Holy Order."
Michelle shot him a look of bewilderment. Dr. McCall nodded at her look. "He's a grade-A nutcase, Englehart."
"It's a bit harsh to say that, Dr. McCall." Michelle replied.
Dr. McCall shook his head. "No, this man is truly schizophrenic. I've never seen anyone more screwed up. All he remembers is his supposed name and occupation. Both signs of delusions, and symptoms of schizophrenia."
"All right, thank you, Dr. McCall. I will carry on from here." Michelle told him.
"Thank God." Dr. McCall said as he rushed from sight. Michelle shook her head. 'How unprofessional,' she thought. She took a deep breath and entered the room of patient 1889.