Michelle got up off of the floor and walked over to Gabriel and Anna. She was afraid when she found the chief resident there questioning the two. The chief resident was knelt over Dracula's dead body, and he examined the fangs. He glanced up at Gabriel and Anna then down at Dracula. He saw Michelle come closer, and he looked over at her. "Were you present for this?"
Michelle shook her head. "No, I was making sure that the security cameras in here had not been disconnected."
The chief resident nodded. "Destroy that tape," he told her.
"What?" Michelle asked. "We'll need it as evidence when the police show up."
The chief resident shook his head. "No, we won't because the police aren't coming. We are going to keep this all a secret. We will have to get rid of this body and get these two out of here. None of this ever happened."
Michelle was stunned, but she realized it was just easier to wipe the slate clean when it came to all that had happened. There was no way they could explain that Dr. Dragulia had transformed into Dracula to the police, even with the security tape, because it was a situation that was abnormal. They didn't want a widespread panic on their hands when people discovered that vampires were very real, so Michelle agreed with the chief resident's decision.
The chief resident left to get some help in discarding the body of Dracula, and Michelle walked up to Gabriel and Anna. "Looks like you get to go and live somewhere away from here. At least we all know you weren't crazy."
Gabriel and Anna nodded. Michelle sighed. "This has all been to sci- fi for me." She saw that Gabriel and Anna hadn't understood what she had told them, so she shrugged it off. "I guess this is goodbye." Michelle held out her hand.
Anna shook Michelle's hand and told her, "You were very helpful, and I thank you for that." Michelle nodded in return.
Anna moved aside so Gabriel could shake Michelle's hand. "You'll make sure Carl's okay, right?" Michelle nodded in return, and Gabriel gave her a bit of a smile. "Thank you for your help, Dr. Englehart."
"You can call me Michelle."
Gabriel nodded. "Thank you, Michelle."
Michelle laughed. "It seems we all should be thanking the both of you. Perhaps we shall listen to what the patients tell us and evaluate their mental status on more than stories we believe are delusions. But, the both of you take care and don't get in any more trouble."
Gabriel laughed, and Anna smiled. "We never get into trouble." Gabriel assured her, but Michelle knew better because of what she had witnessed. "Goodbye, Michelle." Gabriel told her.
"Goodbye, Gabriel and Anna." Michelle replied.
"Goodbye, Michelle." Anna told her as she and Gabriel headed out of the psychiatric ward.
Michelle was saddened for a moment when she realized that since the whole case with Gabriel was never to be spoke of, she was without a major case once more. Michelle sighed then headed down to the E.R. to check on Cameron. There was a lot that the hospital--and even the world--owed to Cameron. If he hadn't left the crossbow in his locker, Gabriel would have been dead and Dracula would have wreaked havoc on the world.
Michelle found Cameron was resting easy, with Jessica at his side. Jessica was a natural blonde girl, taller than Michelle, with dark blue eyes. She was in a heated conversation with Cameron when they both noticed Michelle walk up. "Hey, Michelle." Cameron told her.
"Gabriel and Anna have left. We're going to go on as if the case never happened. Of course someone will have to explain why Dr. Dragulia is gone." Michelle stated.
Cameron shook his head. "Nah, everyone can just assume that he left town with nothing from his house just so he could start fresh somewhere else. Or, they could assume something else, their choice. But, no one has to know who Dr. Dragulia really was."
Michelle looked down at Cameron. "We all owe you a lot, Cameron. You very well saved us from Dracula."
Cameron raised an eyebrow. "I thought Anna did that," he said inquisitively.
"She killed him, but with the crossbow you left here. We would have had no way to kill him without it." Michelle told him.
"Sure you would, but you didn't have enough time to think of one." Cameron said.
Michelle noticed the thick bandage they had applied to Cameron's wound. "He got you pretty bad."
Cameron shrugged. "A little battle scar won't hurt if I know I saved the world."
Jessica pushed his arm. She looked over at Michelle and told her jokingly, "See what you've done? All he needed was a big head."
Michelle laughed. "As if he didn't have one from his past life."
Jessica and Cameron looked up at Michelle with a touch of bewilderment. Michelle held up her hands. "Hey, I read the journal. You were quite an inventive guy as Carl. It would be hard not to have a big head after some of the inventions you made, like that crossbow that saved the world for a count of two times now."
Cameron shrugged like he didn't care, but he did. Even Michelle knew what she said meant a lot to him when she saw Jessica's sweet smile at her. "Hey, I'd better go check on the patients in psych. I have a few that I've sadly missed appointments with, which can be very bad for suicidal patients."
Michelle began to walk away when Cameron said, "Michelle."
Michelle stopped and turned around. "Yea," she replied.
Cameron smiled sweetly. "Thanks for being so cooperative. It helps in saving the world if you have help. Oh, and I hope the next patient 1889 is your patient. You deserve it."
Michelle smiled. "Thanks, Cameron. But, I'm hoping I get to be promoted to the head of the psychiatric ward with Dr. Dragulia gone." She crossed her fingers. "At least its worth hoping for."
Cameron laughed. "Well if you get the job, I'll see you on my psych rotations."
Michelle nodded. "And, don't think I'll be easy on you just because you've saved the world," she joked.
"Wasn't counting on it," he joked back.
Michelle laughed then said to Jessica, "It was nice meeting you, and be sure to take care of our personal hero."
Jessica laughed. "I will."
Michelle walked over to the elevator to find the chief of staff waiting for her. "Dr. Englehart," he said matter-of-factly.
"Yes," she replied.
"I overhear that you want the head of psych?"
All Michelle could do was nod furiously, and the chief of staff nodded with her. "Consider it done."
"Really?" Michelle asked happily.
"Yes, be sure to be in early tomorrow because you have med students to show around."
Michelle smiled and said, "I will be here early."
The chief of staff nodded and said, "Good," then walked away. Michelle waited for him to walk out of earshot before she shouted, "Yes!" Then she jumped up and down like a giddy teenager, and she looked over at Jessica and Cameron and gave them a thumbs up. They smiled at her and were happy for her, and Michelle went into the elevator with an outburst of energy. The elevator doors closed, and Michelle stood smiling uncontrollably. 'Wait until Car hears about this,' she thought. 'Finally, I won't feel that I'm being overlooked.' Michelle's smile changed to a sincere smile. 'All thanks to Gabriel Van Helsing, patient 1889.'

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