b Nightmare? /b

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry or any other characters from Harry Potter.

A/N: This is a one shot. It was inspired by a poem a friend wrote. So thanks

Shawn for the rights to us the poem. (I put the duck in)

I walked within a moon lite path inside an empty park,

Looking on in fear of unknown danger in the dark.

It was to quiet; no owls or crickets, not a soul in sight,

And yet my heart beat quickened, somehow something wasn't right.

The I heard a piercing screech and my face turn white,

My eyes grew wide at horrid shadows moving in the light,

Each one bared jagged teeth and eyes bright as the sun.

Quickly they surrounded me, I had nowhere to run,

All the death eaters moved around, smiling with sadistic glee.

I had no doubt their twisted minds were full of thoughts of killing me.

Before I could react one cast a curse on me and my scare burst open wide,

I yelled my loudest, no one heard me, surly I would soon be dead,

When my eyes opened all was gone; the park, the death eaters, and certain doom,

Soaked in sweet I looked around my room.

I smiled and laughed aloud to see an image of Kevin and a duck,

a bad dream all that had been my fear.

Yet terro soon replaced the smile as blood ran down my face,

and my eyes turned to see a smile apuon the snakeface and heard

The words "Avada Kedavra"

A/N: there are a few changes in this. And if anyone asks me in a reveiw Who's speaking I'll cry. Well I'll try to get some of the others updated it just depends on how the musses are working.