Kira Yamato sat in his small room quietly awaiting someone else to come in. He turned his head towards the door as it opened. "W-who's there?"

"It's me, Flay." came the sweet voice. "How are you doing, Kira?"

He turned his head back to where he was staring at before. "I'm just the same as the last time you came in, Flay. I still can't see."

"Oh.." she said sadly.

He placed the palm of his hand against the window, "How can I help protect this ship like this?" he asked in a soft voice. "I want to fight still, but I can't. Not until I can see again."

"What happened in there?"

He turned back to her voice. "I was making an upgrade to the Strike when an alarm went off, and something exploded..."

Kira turned away from her, but he still felt her gaze on him. "Could you please leave? I want to be alone right now."

The room seemed to shift as she got up and left silently.

A sigh of relief escaped his lips when he felt himself alone again. This is how it was meant to be, this was how he felt with the others.


Kira faced the window again, trying to see what was outside of it. But to no avail, everything in his world was black.

And it would stay that way for a while. At least that's what the doctors had said when they examined his face that day.

Kira ran a hand absently over the bird that his best friend had given him so long ago.

Birdy chirped happily when it felt it's master's hand caress it's head.


Kira smiled, "It's been a while since you've seen Athrun, isn't it?" he asked the small robotic creature.


The bird flew to his shoulder as he stood up from the bed. With his hands outstretched, he slowly made his way to the door. "I will make do with what I have now, Birdy." he said softly to the bird. "But, will you be my eyes?"


Kira smiled wider. "Thank you, Birdy."

The brown haired boy opened the door slowly, unsure of what was on the other side of it. "Do you see anything, Birdy?"


Kira nodded and continued to walk, he turned left when he felt the wall against his fingertips. "Is anything coming?"


The small bird rubbed it's head against Kira's cheek. Kira smiled and petted it's head. "Thanks, let's keep going. Okay?" he asked.


Kira kept walking aimlessly. That is, until Birdy squawked loudly, causing Kira to lose his balance and fall over. "W-whoa!"

A strong hand had grabbed his upper arm and pulled him to a standing position. "Easy there, Kid. You might hurt yourself..." the voice paused, "You doing okay?"

"Yes," Kira hesitated.

"It's me, Mu." the man said with a small laugh. "Don't you recognize my voice?"

"I did... I just had to make sure it was you..." Kira said, looking down as Birdy squawked unhappily at the blonde man for scaring it.

"Shush, Birdy... Let's keep going." Kira said, taking a small step forward with his hands outstretched. A hand grabbed his and pulled him along.

"Where're you heading?" Mu asked the small boy with the bird on his shoulder. "Bridge, Health Ward, what?"

"Oh... I don't know." Kira mumbled. "I was just kinda going along..." he said still looking down at the floor as the man pulled him along.

"Well, let's go show everyone that you can still walk." Mu said with a longer laugh. "This'll be fun." He said walking a bit faster and pushing off from the ground. "Come on!"

"A-ah... okay!" Kira said, being pulled along by the man. It was easier than going anywhere by himself. But, it was a little degrading. "I.."

"You what?" Mu asked him.

"Oh.. it's nothing important." Kira mumbled softly.

"You can tell me."

"I just want to see my friend again. I..." Kira hesitated again.

"Okay, now. You what?" Mu asked with another laugh.

"I can still see his face.... I miss him.." Kira said, blushing slightly. "It's been a... ah... a while since I last heard from him.."

"What's his name?"

"Athrun...." Kira mumbled.

"Does Athrun have a last name?"

"Zala... Athrun Zala."

Mu stopped them both, "Wait... are you talking about Patrick Zala's son, Athrun?" he asked Kira, taking him by the shoulders.

"Y-yes.." Kira muttered. He could feel tears starting to well up in his eyes. "He's my best friend." He added with a scared laugh. "It's funny that we'd end up on opposite sides like we are now, but I still consider him to be my best friend."

"Isn't he the pilot of the Aegis Gundam that was stolen?" Mu asked, pulling Kira along again.

When Kira nodded and mumbled a small, "Yes." he stayed silent til they made it to the bridge of the ship.

"Hello, Lieutenant Ramius. Look who came to visit you all."

"Kira!" the children shouted happily, abandoning their posts to come and hug him tightly.

Birdy squawked agrilly that every one was getting more time with Kira than it was.

"How've you been? Are you okay??" asked Miriallia and Tollie together. "Do you want anything??"

It took Kira a minute to recognize all of their different voices. "I-I'm fine.... thanks for asking." he added, remembering the manners his mother had taught him. "How are you all?"

"It doesn't matter how WE are, Kira!" Miriallia said quickly.

"She's right, you know." came Murrue Ramius' steady and strong voice. "We want to know how you are doing, Kira."

"I told you... I'm fine." he muttered. "Really! I'm fine."

"He's just a bit.. bored staying in his cabin all this time." Mu said with a smile. "But, what I really want to know is... why are you all not at your stations?"

Kira could practically just tell that he was grinning like a madman. But, he chose to push off from everyone and go out of the door. Cries of : "Kira? Where are you going?" could be heard after he left the bridge in search of a quieter place.

He went floating around the ship, occasionally talking to people. But, he mainly kept to himself and Birdy, who was back on his shoulder.

"Hey, Birdy...." Kira paused, "I was wondering if you remember the way back to our cabin."


"Okay, could you help me get back?" Kira asked.


So, the small bird showed the brown haired boy how to get back to his room.

"Kira's best friends with Patrick Zala's son?" Ramius asked Mu in the small room that they kept for interogations. "Are you positive?"

"Yes..." Mu said, looking at the woman in front of him solemnly. He looked back at the table once before looking back up at her. "Have you ever just wandered the halls?" he asked her.

"Yes.. but, not recently." she answered.

"I did the day of the accident," he stated calmly. Mu raised a hand to his forehead. "I wanted some fresh air, my cabin was kind of stuffy, so I went for a walk." he paused.

"I know that feeling. Continue."

"I went walking by Kira's room," he said, "and I heard some noises but I ignored them.. until I heard a scream. So, I just poked my head inside. Normally Kira would wake up when I did that. But, I guess he was having a nightmare."

"Go on."

"He was calling out for Athrun Zala..."

"Do you know why?" she asked.

"For help."


"Yes, today he told me that Athrun was his best friend. But, it didn't conect until just now. He wants Athrun to help him through this time." Mu said, "To help him get through his temporary blindness."

"So it is just temporary?" she asked him, "I haven't checked in with the doctors since it happened."

"Yes, the head nurse told me himself." Mu said.

"Well.. there is still some light to be shed in a dark storm." she said softly. "Let's get this Athrun Zala to help Kira. He should know what to do..."

Mu nodded before heading back to his cabin.