As always, this features the "movie version" turtles.

Ex Posers

Splinter turned his attention from the late night news to Leonardo's closed bedroom door, wondering once more what his four sons were up to in there, and being so quiet about it too. It was highly unusual for them to go so long without even a minor disagreement, but the rat chose to leave them to their privacy for now.


"You guys, this is so ridiculous!," Donny said, sitting next to Mikey on Leo's bed, "Not to mention embarrassing!"

"Aw c'mon Donny, we're brothers! And it's not like we haven't seen it before, we used to compare them all the time, remember?" Leo coaxed from his spot on the floor next to Raph.

"You go first then!"

"Ok, I will" Leo stood up, turned his back, controlled his body, and then faced the other three.

"Geez Leo, I didn't think ya had it inya! I figured only a good workout woulda done that for ya", Raph said, impressed.

Leo sat back down as Mikey piped up, "Ok dudes, prepare to be dazzled! Mine's the cutest in the room!"

Raph raised an eye-ridge. "Oh? And what's ya big secret, lover boy?"

Mike tossed his head, "All I need to do is think of April and it happens, bro", he said coyly, amid his brothers groans. "See?"

Donny shook his head and saw that they were staring at him now.

"Go genius.Your turn!" Raph said with an evil grin.

"I can't just force it! It has to come naturally!" Donny floundered.

Raph snorted, and straightened up. "It's easy! Look..."

Mike, Don and Leo all glanced at one another.

"That's not very convincing, Raph," Donny said carefully, "Maybe you should try to do it more often..."

Raph glared at him. "You oughtn't talk, Brainiac! Show us what you can do if ya so good!"

"I can't just flash it wherever, whenever. There has to be a reason!"

"Think of somethin that makes ya feel good," Raph said, winking.

"How about a hug!" Mikey offered helpfully.

"Pretend no one's here," Leo suggested.

Donny sighed, closed his eyes and concentrated.

"Aw nice bro!" Mikey cheered, and Leo and Raph clapped cheekily.

"Right, you've seen it. Happy now?" Donny muttered, shifting positions.

"So guys, whose is the best? Wait, what about Splinter's?" Mikey said, bouncing slightly on his knees.

"It's kinda hard to tell with a rat, dontcha think?" Raph said, questioningly.

"Well, what about ours? I guess everyone thinks their own is," Leo sighed.

"We could vote!" Mike offered.

Don rolled his eyes "We'd just end up in a four way tie, Mikey".

"Well, as the eldest I think-"Leo was interrupted by a light tap on the door.

"My sons, it grows late. Time for sleep", Splinter called.

Leo opened the door, and Don, Raph and Mike filed out, thinking.

Splinter gazed questioningly at his sons.

"Is there a problem, my sons? Perhaps I can help?"

The turtles glanced at each other. Leo spoke up.

"It's not important, Sensei. We've just been trying to decide who has the best smile".